Saturday, December 29, 2007

Review - CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner

Smooth blendable color in a self-sharpening liner with blender tip.
* Water Resistant
* Ophthalmologist tested
* Lasting Liner

Although this isn't the longest lasting eyeliner on the market, for under $5 and for as easy it is to use for even the most novice of make up users, you can't go wrong with cover girl. This stuff sharpens itself and goes on in one smooth line no matter how jerky handed you might be, because it is a softer pencil tip than your usual eyeliner, and by that i don't mean liquid (which let's face it... can go horribly wrong and we've all seen the evidence of that...), i mean rather that it's just a super soft tip. It's pretty cool, you just turn the pencil and more of the tip comes out perfectly sharpened, and there's a neat little smudger thing on the other end for the smokey smoldering eye'd look. I prefer jet black to go with my hair, but they have all the standard colors. for a drug store purchase, this is always the one to get.

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