Friday, December 14, 2007

Review - Comme de Garcon Series 5: Sherbert Scents

Rhubarb is the tart one in the Sherbet series, perfectly capturing the sourness of a rhubarb stalk with a tiny dash of sweet. A beautifully fresh, green stem scent runs throughout the evolution, and it dries down to a creamier version--like an icy rhubarb sorbet mixed with a non-sweet (or overtly feminine) vanilla. We pick up a bit of wood (wenge) in there, too. Completely unique and unisex (go on, show us someone you know who wears a rhubarb scent), the tart green of Rhubarb is a study in converting taste into an exhilarating and crisp bottled scent. Extremely addictive, you just may drool a little when you smell this.

This is my favorite perfume of all time, hands down. I've had this stuff for over a year and i wear it at least twice a week. It smells like candy and vanilla and incense all mixed together, it's never too strong, goes with any occasion, and I find that all of the scents available from this series work well for almost everyone I know that's tried them. It smells like the most delicious food you've ever tasted/smelled, and I almost want to lick it off every time I apply it. Although I primarily wear the rhubarb because I find it's my favorite and goes best with my skin, all the scents/flavors are amazing. I would *highly* recommend this for people that love wearing non-traditional perfumes and cosmetics and love trying something truly new and different, this stuff is fantastic.

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