Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review - Canus Goat's Milk Moisturizing Lotion

Goat's milk contains a high percentage of natural ingredients which act as a moisturizer for the skin. Its naturally moisturizing properties will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Not tested on animals.

Natural in a lotion is really hard to pull off. Either it is wonderful and it smells great, or it is thick and sticky and greasy. Luckily, Canus Goats Milk Moisturizing Lotion is part of the first category. I love the way it smells, sort of like fresh linen. It smells the way that a lot of other goats milk products smell, but much fresher and cleaner. The texture is really nice and light, not greasy at all and rubs in really quickly. I would definitely get this lotion again, for 12 bucks for 33.6 oz how could you not!

Hillary Says:
I would go so far as to say there is a slight musky scent about this product which I love. It is a very rich moisturizer without feeling like it's smothering your skin. I've been using it on my dry legs for about two weeks now with great results. Plus it's such a generously sized bottle I'm sure it's going to last me a long time. One of the best things about this lotion is the fact that the scent is totally unisex. I can see men wearing it as easily as women (not many moisturizers can say that).

City Slicker Says:
I too think this smells like fresh linen, like when you hang sheets out in the fresh spring air. I have teamed up the soap and lotion. I am loving both and find that my entire body is smooth and soft. The lotion does take a moment to absorb after showering. Once it does the scent is light on my body but my skin is moisturized throughout the day. The container is a full 16 oz so it will last for quite some time. I also want to mention that once it is absorbed it feels completely dry to the touch. I don’t feel like I am encapsulated within a barrier of moisturizer!

Sheba says:
This is one excellent bargain. It has the freshest scent to it. . . like fresh linen as others have mentioned or just plain fresh and clean. I found it is absorbed by my skin rather quickly upon application. That might very well be that my skin is very dry to start out. It does NOT feel greasy or oily or even as though you put moisturizer on. It just feels like very smooth, soft skin once it has been absorbed. It has lasting power and does not need to be reapplied every so often. As pointed out earlier you cannot go wrong with the 16 oz. size. It will last forever.

Amanda S. Says:
I really love the natural scent of this body lotion. I used it after my shower tonight and it absorbed a little slowly but my skin feels really soft and there's not a perfumey after smell to compete with whatever other scent I'm wearing. I love that they do not test on animals and strive to use such natural and healthy ingredients.

Maria says:
Well, guess what made its way to my nightstand. Move over Gold Bond (which I do still love, but...). This has a fresh natural scent - feels really nice and silky too. Agree with Amanda above that it does absorb a little slowly, but the end result is worth the wait. Ingredients are nice and natural. Love the pump - not perfumey. Good stuff!

Joyce says:
You might think other aspects should be mentioned first, but this handy plastic pump bottle is one reason why it gets tapped often during the day. It does a good job of moisturizing; and after it sits on the skin a while (well, my skin, that is), there’s almost a soft spice scent that comes out…I’m tempted to say it’s a blend of cinnamon and something else, but I’m just not sure. All I know is I like it.

Review- Lip Ink

Patented Technology for Your Lips! The only Patented Wax-Free Semi-Permanent Cosmetics on the market today. Lip Ink International is the only sheer, natural, herbal formulas that can be layered--making over 1 million personalized colors. Our healthy herbal botanical color blends are naturally antiseptic and preservative-free.

How do you spell Lip Ink? L-O-V-E-I-T! I discovered right away that the usual way to apply lipsticks and glosses doesn’t work for this product (and, there’s a tingling sensation when you apply it that goes away almost immediately). As is my nature, I played with the application process. You must follow the directions, but you can modify a wee bit to figure out how to make this product work best for you. For example: I don’t line my lips because I don’t like the look. And, I sometimes use my finger to smooth the color on, especially at the lip line. I’ve learned how to “work” the wonderful Plum shade I tried so that it’s not too dark on me (you can increase the intensity of the colors by reapplying the ink and they offer shades to lighten or wear alone). The day I got it, I decided to try it that night so I could experiment with the application process (rather than use it prior to going somewhere). I put it on at 9p.m. It was still there when I woke, after my morning coffee, after eating breakfast, and after I brushed my teeth. I’ve eaten grapefruit wearing it and it stayed on. Know that the intensity may change a bit if you eat and drink, but the stain stays on! The only thing I do is apply the gloss called Shine a few times. My only complaint is about the tinted Shine called Coffee Vanilla. It smells so much like fresh-baked cinnamon rolls that every time I wear it, I crave…yup. Visit the website when you have time because it’s immense with all kinds of wonderful information about how to use the products, select colors, etc. I was so impressed with this product, I ordered another color, Champagne. It’s the color or milk chocolate in the tube, but when it goes onto my lips, it’s the best muted red I’ve ever used. I Love This Shade! One more thing…the directions say to blot the ink onto a tissue each time before you apply it. Ever the experimenter, I gently press the applicator tip against the inside of the tube to lessen the amount of ink; this way, it goes back into the tube. And, don’t pull the wand out the way you do mascara or lip gloss. It really is a liquid and will fly. They warn you about this, but you have to be a person who’s Ready-Aim-Fire instead of Ready-Fire-Aim to read them.

Amanda S. Says:
I was *so* incredibly intimidated by this stuff, seriously. I am a lipstick idiot who can't seem to get the stuff to stay on or look right now matter how hard i try. But I followed the directions carefully and gave myself the time and I really love it for all the reasons Joyce said above. I love all the colors and honestly, for the first time in my life I feel actually comfortable wearing lip color without having to constantly keep it in check or worry that it's going haywire on me. I LOVE IT!

Deedlejuse Says:
Your Just going to hear more of the same. This Lip Ink is seriously like nothing else you've ever tried, unless of course you used to wear nail polish on your lips when you were a kid! I joke, but that is kind of how you might think of it, except take away everything bad about the idea. I have the pink shade, as well as two other colors that they give you. I LOVE the pink, it is the prettiest pink I have ever seen on me. It would probably wear well on anyone too. I like really light colors, like transparent, and I could achieve this affect by just putting one layer on. Joyce mentioned that she re-applied the gloss a few times, and so did I, but still it stays on forever. Actually my only problem with the Lip Ink system is it won't come off, they give you a special "off" tube, which is kind of confusing. I left it at home by a mistake so I had to go to the gym wearing pink lipstick, I felt a little strange about that. There really isn't any way to get it off unless you use the off.

Movie Maven says:
I'm not a lipstick wearer most of the time - balm, sure, and gloss, lots, but I don't wear lipstick for a couple of reasons: the fact that I always feel like a clown while I'm wearing it, and the fact that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to reapplying. Lip Ink should have, in theory, solved at least one of these problems. Interestingly, it was not the problem I anticipated. The color I had, Cherry, is a cool, bright red, the kind of lipstick I like to wear when I actually wear it. Applying the stuff is intimidating - there are, like, a million steps to the application process. But once you get it on, the color looks more like a stain (good) than a layer of greasepaint on your lips (bad). I used the included Shine (in Pineapple Mint, which is surprisingly not disgusting at all) throughout the day to counteract the slightly dry appearance of wearing the Lip Ink alone.
However: it didn't stay on all day. I wore it for a couple of days, and both times it stayed on for a long time, about 7 hours, but I got the impression that this lipstick will last an entire day without reapplying. I don't know how long your day is, but mine are usually at least twice that. This is not to say that I didn't like it while it stayed on - it looks better than most lipsticks, and you can apply up to three coats to vary the intensity of the color. But if you're looking for a morning-to-night color without any reapplication, this isn't it. If you're a die-hard lipstick wearer who is used to having to reapply every couple of hours, definitely give this a try, but do expect to reapply before happy hour.

Hillary Says:
I love me some Lip Ink! Other than the fact that I skipped a step today by accident and had quite a time getting it off, it works wonders for me. It comes in a dazzling array of 55 colors, all of which can be used together for a third effect. I love putting on my lipstick in the morning & not thinking about it (except to gloss) all day. I'm not one of those women who makes a big fuss about having to re-apply cosmetics, but one you have something that eliminates the need to re-apply, you see how much simpler it can be. I'll warn you now, the lip ink does have a strong chemical odor at first, but it dissipates as it dries. I plan on buying more of these super- long wearing lipsticks as well as trying the eyeliner. I highly recommend this for ladies on the go. No more walking by a mirror noticing your lips have no color whatsoever, and I wear bright red, so when it goes, the rest of my make-up looks out of whack. They've made a customer out of me.

Sheba says: I really do like this Lip Ink. However, it only lasted on me for maybe 2 - 3 hours. I should not say 'only' as that is a LONG time for me. I go through lipstick faster than anyone I know. I don't know how I do it, but I have to reapply FREQUENTLY. Therefore 2 - 3 hours is almost like eternity to me. I am thrilled to find something that lasts that long. I have tried a few color combinations and I love the incredible color selection. It must be impossible for anyone to say they could not find a color they like. If there were such a person they can mix colors to one that fits them perfectly. I do agree that it looks more like a stain when you put it on without the shine. That gives you two possible looks. Wear it as a stain or top it off with some shine for a lipstick look. That appeals to me. Choice is good and this gives you a choice of colors and looks. I think I am going to see what other colors I want to add to my stash. You cannot have too many. I guess you can say I am a repeat customer!

Review - Lady Primrose Body Creams

The delight of every Queen Bee, Royal Extract delivers a sweet blend of golden honey and Royal Jelly.

I actually have two of these lovely body creams: Royal Extracts with Royal Jelly, and the soft smelling Ambience. The royal extracts is amazing really, it's so thick and luxurious and goes on cool and softly, absorbs quickly and instantly stopped the evil dryness on my elbows (YES! my elbows, which are so dry it's a total embarrassment.) If you have really dry skin that is aged, super dry, sun damaged or rough, the royal extracts would be just amazing to give a try. The Ambience smells delicious too, like a hint of peonies (one of my favorite scents and flowers) and also is super softening, although much lighter. I love to use the Ambience cream on my hands actually, although it's a body cream, because it smells so softly and absorbs so fast without looking greasy at all.

Joyce says:

I tried two scents: Ambience, a light floral; and Royal Extract, a light rose scent. As I type this, it’s been several hours since I used each on the back of my hands and my skin is still pleasantly scented and not only feels smooth, but looks actually appears smoother as well.

Deedlejuse says:

I got the same two scents, Ambience and Royal Extract. I agree with Amanda S, the Royal Extract is super thick and creamy, and really does an amazing job at relieving even the most irritating dry skin. My legs are really just out-of-control dry this winter, and even though some lotions helped nothing was as nourishing as this Royal Extract. My only complaint about the Royal Extract is the smell. Perhaps it is just my finicky nose but some florals do not make me happy at all, and this one is definitely one of those. Unfortunately for me (but great for someone who likes the smell) the scent lingers for hours and I thought it was pretty strong. The Ambience on the other hand is light and a little thinner, but still an awesome lotion, and the smell was to-die-for. Love it, I would wear this instead of perfume because it is just so lovely. It does smell a little bit like peony's, or some other wonderfully pink luxurious flower.

Sheba says:

I tried the Royal Extract and found that it is all that it promises. It works wonders on exceptionally dry areas of skin and moisturizes the rest just right. I am very aware of scents for some reason. This does have that very nice fragrance that everyone mentioned. However, it is overpowering for me. Why do scents I do not want to linger -- always linger??? It seemed to clash with my cologne even after several hours. It is not that I do not like the scent -- actually it is a very nice fragrance but it is just a bit too strong for me. I cannot argue with the excellent results with my skin. I will continue to use it but will not put any competing cologne or perfume on when I use it. That will keep my nose happy as well as my skin.

Movie Maven says:

I, too, got two scents of this body cream, the Ambience and the Royal Extract. I, too, am a woman who notices scents. But: I actually really liked the Royal Extract scent, while the Ambience (really descriptive name, I know) left me wishing I'd used something else. The thing about the Royal Extract is that it's floral without being froufrou, which I like, while I found the Ambience to be cloying and old-ladyish. Looks like I'm in the minority here, so I think the key with this lotion is to try it before you buy it (or buy a small tube so you're not stuck with something you don't like). But I heartily agree with everyone else's assement of the lotion's effectiveness - it's thick and creamy and you need just a tad to make dry skin disappear!

CitySlicker Says:

I have the Ambiance body cream. I was able to use it only once. I got a small tube that I stretched to cover the entire body after a shower. The scent is amazing. Two of my favorite flowers are in this blend, peony and lily of the valley. Anyone who knows lily of the valley knows it’s a tiny delicate flower but has a very powerful fragrance. It’s great to see how they blended them together. I can smell the lily of the valley but it doesn’t overpower the other notes... The day I used this, I didn’t need to apply any perfume this cream absorbs lightning fast, the results were super soft skin. My body was totally hydrated throughout the entire day and the scent stayed with me even through my workout... This is a really nice product. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Maria says:

Of the two received, I'm going to have to go with the Ambience of my favorite of the two (Royal Extract being the other). Ambience was more my "style" of scent while the Royal Extract was a little much for me - too overpowering. The moisturizing was very nice on both- I too have been in dry-skin overdrive this winter with patches everywhere on my legs and arms. Yuk. I find that these soothe those areas and take that scaly appearance away. I used the entire tube of the Ambience, and will finish using the Royal Extract at night on my elbows and knees -- it's just a little too strong for me for day use.

Review - The Balm Plump your Pucker Tinted Gloss

Here's a pretty cool lip gloss, rather than just being pretty and pink (I have here the Strawberry my Shortcake color) it also has ingredients which plump up the size of your lips. I have used a few other plumpers before (Like Dr. Copeland's brand), and The Balm version is pretty good. I have to say I prefer Dr. Copeland's a little more, probably because it smooths on a lot easier and is less sparkly, but this stuff will definitely do on a night out or on a cute weekend outing. I definitely notice a fuller feeling and look to my lips after using it a few times a day for a week, and the color looks great. In fact I think the color would look great on almost any complexion. Sephora also offers every color available (I believe there are almost 20 colors) and for $14 it's a bargain compared to some other plumping lip treatments. Really my only beef is how hard it is to apply, it's a bit thick, but that's barely a complaint at all, and really it's working great.

Joyce says:

Berry My Cola is the shade I tried, but it’s a beautiful soft raspberry/strawberry color on me; and, smells like a cherry cola. Big Yum Factor! I have small lips (not thin, but not full), so am always interested in seeing what lip plumpers are going to do. Short of injections, lip plumpers can only do so much. However, I’m pleased with how my lips look and feel when I wear this product. They do seem to fill out a bit, which is remarkable since it doesn’t have the “sting” of similar products I’ve tried…and even a $50 product I tried once didn’t make my lips look as good as Balm does.

Deedlejuse says:

The shade I tried was "My Grapefruit" and honestly, I'm in love. It is a very neutral shade, almost transparent really, but there is a lot of shine. I am 23, and I don't really have any complaints with the way my lips look fullness-wise, and I don't have too many small lines for it to tackle. Even so, I think my lips look killer when I wear this balm. It makes you more aware of your pout because of the consistency and it tingles just a little , so you sort of hold your lips in a different way than if you have nothing or even regular lip gloss on. Really my favorite part of this balm is the smoothness to it. Amanda S mentioned that her complaint was the thickness, and I'm really really surprised. The color I have is not sticky or thick at all! I actually keep wanting to put it on, even when my lips are just dry and I need some moisture. I really like my color, and I might try some of the other ones, but I'm pretty sold on My Grapefruit!

Sheba says:

'Passion My Fruit' is my selection and I really like it. I don't think it does a lot of lip plumping - some, but not a lot. Your lips appear to be a bit plumper and that is nice. I have to be honest -- I did not expect a big difference as I have tried some of the more expensive ones with less results. However, the color and smoothness to this brand makes it much better suited for me. I found it very easy to apply and it went on very smoothly. The color I selected is very flattering and I do believe it would be on just about anyone. I did not see a color I would not want to try. It seems to last a little longer than usual for me. I wear through all lip products pretty fast. I am very happy with this and will definitely be getting some more of the many colors available. Actually the $14 price is a little higher than I usually go but this does have the color and it feels good. It doesn't take a lot to give you the coverage you want so I am betting I will get my money's worth.

Movie Maven says:

First of all: what's with these names? Are they supposed to be innuendos? The one I have is called "Ruby my Grapefruit." Is that supposed to be sexy? Whatever the case, I thoroughly enjoyed this gloss, weirdo names or not. At first, I thought the name was an allusion to the color, but it turns out it's talking about flavor too! And the flavor was actually good! Hooray! So be forewarned if you're shy about the flavored stuff. Sparkly and delicious, and without the stinging action of some lip plumping products, the gloss shines up your lips and doesn't get sticky. I didn't notice a huge difference in the size of my pucker, but I'm pretty okay with my lips as it is. Definitely worth a try, though, for the shine and flavor alone.

CitySlicker Says:

In all honesty, I would have never given this color or gloss a second look. I have had bad experiences with lip plumping glosses; they are overpriced and fall short of my expectations. When I got this one I was thinking... I am going to put my lips through being completely dried out, stinging and then getting really red and raw looking... I am so happy share that this gloss is the exception. I found that upon application, it reminds me of the old York Peppermint patty commercials... My lips felt transported to a cool mountaintop full of minty freshness and slight tingle... The shade I have is called “Root Beer My Float” it’s a shimmery gold with flecks of gold within. I wear it alone and it really enhances my natural lip color with a pretty put together look. I also layer over my lipstick to create a more glossy shine look... The plumping is minimal but I do see a tiny difference. I will use this till the last swab and I will be checking out the other colors when I head to Sephora... I am really shocked at how much I like this gloss; it’s got just the right amount of light stickiness!

Hillary says:

I was with Cityslicker in my initial lack of excitement to try another plumping lipgloss. I haven't had the best of luck with these things and they usually feel more like Chinese Water Torture than something meant to beautify my lips. But I was pleasantly surprized with Plump Your Pucker. I didn't see a huge "size" difference in my lips, but I really enjoy the cooling sensation of the gloss. My color "Spike My Punch" is the perfect light alternative to red lipstick. It's a red gloss that goes where red lipstick can't (or at least shouldn't) when you've done a heavy eye and cheek. The color looks pure cherry red in the tube, but comes out a nice cool mixture between cherry and blue red. This one is certainly worth it's more than affordable price!

Maria says:

Well, "Hottie my Toddie" and call me happy. As a few of the others attested to above - I too was of the "yea, yea, another lip plumper, ho hum" . Having tried many others only to either be horrified by a red rim around my lips or a holy cow burning sensation and no plumping...I was skeptical. Also, the color I received is not one I'd go for normally as it is a gold-ish, brown-ish color and I'm a coral, pinky, plummy kinda gal. However....this is nice and sheer on me, more of a balm feeling than a shiny gloss feeling. It does evoke a pepperminty feel on your lips, but nothing that hurts or dries. It's quite moisturizing actually. I don't see any difference in the size of my lips so I can't attest its plumping capabilities, but as a lip balm/gloss it is quite nice. Oh, and the color is surprisingly okay for me! Who'd a thunk?

Review - Laura Geller Eyeshadow

Baked Marble Eyeshadow - Baked powders for the eyes that feature multiple infusions of color. $22.00

The color I have is called Moonstone. I would describe it as a medium purple with flecks of copper & gold throughout. My initial thought was “How Cool”. I have been wearing this for a week now. It’s got really nice pigment and stays on through the day with minimal feathering. I have been wearing it on my lips as well as in the crease. The color is amplified by the copper & gold. It looks a lot more reflective. It’s a super smooth shadow that is velvety to the touch. I have hazel eyes and it really pulls the green out of them. This is a really big shadow for $22; it’s deep and will last forever! One more thing, it works really well with a damp brush, I have used it as a liner too, and I would recommend putting some on a brush then your hand then apply with a damp brush. I got a little hard spot on mine from directly picking up the shadow with the damp brush...

Movie Maven says:

Dude. You guys. This eyeshadow. Is. The bomb. I lucked out with the "Blue Heaven" color, with a variety of blues and some silver swirled around. Now, if the thought of blue eyeshadow leaves you shrieking and having some sort of 80s flashback, worry not. This blue is NOT the one from your electric youth. I've been using the darker tones - so navy they're almost black - as liner, and it works better than any shadow-as-liner attempts I've tried in the past. If you sweep a larger brush across the whole palette, you get a metallic, greyish blue that would be great on someone with brown or grey eyes (sadly, not me). But the lighter tones, if you can isolate them, are shimmery, silver blue that looks good on just about anyone! It's a splurge purchase for sure, but worth it if you're going to drop the cash.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review - Canus Goat's Milk Lip Balm

Canus has developed a lip balm which combines the moisturizing properties of goat's milk with the sun protection provided by one of the best known skin protectants. This lip balm is make with the highest percentage organic and natural ingredients that we could find.

I love all things natural and especially those not tested on animals. So receiving this made me excited to give their products a try (more to come later on other Canus products once I have a go at them). I love this lip balm, and I will admit it, more than I love burt's bees. Someone will probably want to beat me up for saying that, it seems famous with all my friends when they're not using a gloss or their lips are chapped, but this is hands down the nicest, smoothest lip balm I've ever used. It doesn't go on too thick or feel heavy and has a nice tingle too it (but not too strong!). The best part about it is, it has staying power, I put it on over an hour ago and I can still feel it. And the price! it's less than $3 at (click the header above).

Sheba says: This is a very smooth and gentle lip balm. I do have to say it is very comparable to Burt's Bees. . . but I like them equally. This is definitely not waxy as many balms are. It goes on very smoothly and it does seem to have the staying power. It definitely benefits my lips as they do feel much better from using it. I like using it at night so it can do some of its healing then and during the day I use it alone as a gloss or under a color I am using for the day. The price is definitely reasonable and you can find this in local department stores or pharmacies which will save you the shipping and handling costs. I actually picked some up at .99 on sale and I should have stocked up but I had not tried it at that point -- or I would have stocked up. Great investment for your lips.

Movie Maven says: Agreement all around from this girl - love the smoothness, love the healing properties, love the natural...ness. When I first used this balm, I sensed a flavor in it where I thought there would be none - after a look at the ingredients, I saw that there is spearmint essential oil in it. Now, spearmint is one of those flavors I just can't stand. Like, fire-of-a-thousand-suns style hatred. If someone offers me gum, and it's spearmint, I will refuse (in much the same way I ensure that Coke products are being served as opposed to Pepsi, but that's another story). However: the spearmint flavor is so light and unimposing that even I, the avowed spearmint-hater, like this lip balm. Hooray!

CitySlicker Says: I use lip balms all the time. This is a great lip balm, it doesn’t go on heavy or make my lips stiff, and some of them with a lot of wax in them totally make my lips feel like I have rigor mortis... Enough about that! I am using this before applying my lipstick or gloss as well as in the evening before bed. I like the light spearmint scent. I do find that some minty balms can be very drying this is not the case. It’s just light enough to smell upon application then pouf it’s gone for me. I find that when I wake in the morning I can still feel a tiny bit on my lips so it does last throughout the evening.. I will continue to use and really enjoyed all 3 products that I tried from this line... Great stuff that is super affordable in the ever so expensive economy!

Maria says:

This little balm traveled with me to California and Vegas recently and I must say I grew quite fond of it. Being in a plane (especially for long trips) dries out everything on my body from face to eyes to lips - and the balm was always either in my jacket pocket or in the front flap of my pocketbook - always at the ready. It does not feel waxy and give me those white nasty lip thingys that tend to form on my lips if a product has too much wax in it - you know what I mean? The kind you have to sort of wipe off with a kleenex? Well, this product doesn't do that. It just keeps you lips moisturized and smooth. I too have enjoyed all three products received from the Canus line. I love what they stand for and their effectiveness is just great. I am hoping that someone tells me they are expecting a baby so I can order a bunch of stuff from their baby line to give as a gift. I have a feeling it will be exquisite.

Deedlejuse says:

I, also, really love my Canus Lip Balm. I agree with everyone on the light wonderful feeling that it gives your lips. Although I disagree with Movie Maven's spearmint hatred (spearmint is my favorite!) I have to say I agree with her opinion of the light wonderfulness of the flavor. This is definitely the lip balm I go for when I need some tender loving care for my pout, sometimes they just hurt and need a little love. I find that this lip balm is just what I want when I feel like I just need to indulge myself. Thats sort of funny isn't it, when the indulgence costs under $3. Simply wonderful!

Joyce says:

This tube stays on my desk and is used often. I work at home, so getting up to moisturize my lips after sipping water or another beverage would be a time-waster. Maybe using it so often is the reason my lips have been looking and feeling a lot smoother. Hmm…hadn’t thought of this until just now as I write this.

Review- Archipelago Botanicals African Freesia Candle

Archipelago African Freesia candle is the exotic scent of the African freesia. Hand poured, using only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils available.
50 hours burn time
Essential oils and natural frangrances
Premium wax blend (contains more than 50% natural soy wax)

First thing I noticed, obviously is the packaging, understated, simple and elegant. Definitely, good looking and very gift worthy... Secondly, the scent billows through the box... The light & sweet scent of freesia filled the room when I opened it. I lit this at work in the office I share with 4 other people & asked their thoughts. Honestly, every single person loved it. The scent filled the room very quickly; it’s not overwhelming or perfumy. I found this to be a calming, delightful scent. I brought it home after burning it for almost 3 hours and I can attest that this candle lasts; it didn’t make much of a dent in it. This is a nice sturdy, heavy container that I don’t have to worry about the cat knocking over... I am a freesia lover now! It’s lit now and filling my home with the sweet floral scent!

Hillary Says:

If I were blindfolded right now I would not be able to tell you whether someone had just brought in fresh flowers or had lit my Archipelago Botanicals African Freesia candle. It just smells that good! It's one of the strongest candles I've ever owned and I LOVE it. It's a soy blend and it burns very cleanly. From what I've seen so far, this candle is going to last a long time. I'm now anxious to try other Archipelago Botanicals candles. I highly recommend this candle.

Deedlejuse Says

I definitely agree with the above posts. This candle is wonderful, and beautiful both visually and sensory. I really don't think I could have found a better flower smell if I tried. It is just so light and bright, but not strong and perfumy, like you are in a garden. This is the first soy candle I have ever had, and I cannot even articulate the difference. Some candles make my throat scratchy, and my eyes water. I figured it was just something about the fragrance, but in retrospect it must have been whatever was burning off. This one just felt cleaner. Sort of like you were refreshing the air, as opposed to filling it with smell. I will never get another regular candle again, even if they are less expensive. This candle is certainly worth $22, and in fact I would probably pay more. I love it.

Sheba says:
After the positive reviews I just had to try this candle. Believe the reviews!! This is one of the few candles I have used with a 'true' or 'real' scent. Most fragrance candles have a scent which gives off a 'fake' aroma that copies the original. This surrounds you with the original scent -- nothing artificial about it. Being a soy candle it burns cleaner so everything about it just refreshes the air leaving it a bit more pleasant than when it started. I do have to admit that I am one to look around for bargains but this is worth the cost. I will not find a better candle than this for any less. I know -- I have tried. So I don't mind spending the money on a product that works perfectly.

Amanda S: I'd just like to reiterate what everyone else above has said, what beautiful packaging, and the smell just enveloped the apartment, not in an overwhelming way, but in a really peaceful and subtle way. My boyfriend and roommate both really love the scent and, in confess, I've had this candle on my "" wishlist for over 6 months. Lucky me!

Maria says: What an awesome candle. It looks classy and elegant and smells lovely. I actually had (yes, HAD - it's gone - I couldn't help myself - had it lit all the time) this burning in my bedroom and not only did I love the smell while burning, it kept lingering in the room afterwards and it was so pretty - it went great with the great weather we were having at the time - just made it feel like a perfect spring day. Very nice - A+ for packaging and quality.
Joyce Says:
I loved my African Freesia candle. I’ve used other soy candles before that even if pleasantly scented, also provided an “extra” scent I didn’t enjoy. I wished I’d tracked how many hours it lasted, because it was a lot of them. As Maria did, once I lit it, I put it out only if I had to leave or when I went to bed.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Review- Lady Primrose Royal Extract Bee Restored Serum

Royal Extract Bee Restored Serum softens and hydrates the skin with an enticing blend of golden honey, Royal jelly, Vitamin E and orange blossom. Lighter in feel than lotion, this serum delivers moisture with every drop. Apply over the body and gently massage into the skin for an immediate silky-smooth feel and a hint of golden shimmer. 4 oz. $20.00

Let me just start out with a super-cool fact about Lady Primrose products- They are the brand of toiletries supplied in the bathroom of the world's only 7 star hotel in Dubai. So For less than the price of getting on Greyhound you can pamper yourself like the ultra rich. And this moisturizer is definitely worthy of it's pedigree. I am in love with the convenient spray-on-moisture format. It sinks in almost instantly and keeps your skin from getting dry all day & night. It smells like perfume, as a matter of fact, when I wear it, I skip the perfume entirely. I don't know if I've hyped myself into this or not, but this spray leaves me feeling as if I've pampered myself. And for $20, this is a luxury even I can afford.

Review- Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Facial Masque

Formulated with a blend of witch hazel to cool and tone, green tea extract for its anti-oxidant properties, chamomile extract to soothe and reduce puffiness, comfrey extract to promote cell regeneration, fennel oil to rejuvenate, anise oil to prohibit bacteria and to calm the nervous system and manuka oil to aid healing and normalise the skin condition. 5.4 oz. $29.95

This is a unique mask in that it doesn't dry on your skin. It stays in a gel form while it's doing it's moisturizing. It smells like black licorice due to the anise oil in it. The ingredient list is chock full of things things that are naturally good for your skin like witch hazel, green tea, comfrey & chamomile. As far as the degree of moisturization goes, this is an excellent mask for normal-to-dry skin. It won't get rid of flakey skin on the first try, but it will on repeated use. After using this mask, my face feels fresh and hydrated. What more can a girl ask for?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Review - Aromafloria Green Tea Bamboo Crème Glow Polish

Green Tea Bamboo Crème Glow Polish

Our refreshing Crème Glow Polish uses bamboo pumice to polish away dryness and refine rough areas. Crisp bamboo cleanses while green tea antioxidants protect the skin. Light, creamy texture is gentle enough to slough away those rough areas.

I know that Cityslicker recently posted about a similar product, but I think they are different enough to warrant a second post. Like the mango exfoliant this body polish is light and gentle, but it also has the antioxidant protection of green tea. I tend to use products infused with green tea a lot, because they are so beneficial to sun damaged skin. I'm 23, so there aren't lots of visible signs of sun damage, but I'm protecting for the future.
This body polish is not really an exfoliant, it really is more like a polish. It is like a face mask only slightly more granular. Things like sugar scrubs can be irritating for me, so I'm psyched that I found this product. It doesn't really have any smell, which is sort of disappointing since I'm a perfume hound. On the flip side though you don't have to worry about getting out of the shower smelling like a bunch of different things...
I really like the way that the polish works though, it gently takes off dry skin, and even off of really rough patches. I'm a fan.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review Lip Ink Shine

Shine Vial Lip Gloss.25 fl.oz.- Acts a base conditioner when applied under Lip-Ink Lip Color. A light layer of Shine on top creates a moist silky feeling. A more generous application transforms matte $18.95

I am amazed with this product. It goes on feeling light and moisturizing but delivers a tremendous amount of shine. I use this alone on my lips or with just liner. My lips remain shiny for a couple of hours then I just reapply. There is no tackiness or stickiness what so ever, just smooth shiny lips with no drying. I swear that I love gloss but I have to load up on balm at night to be able to pull it off daily, with this shine I take it off at night and can go to be with nothing on my lips. This is a great product! You can’t believe it till you try it, it’s that good... Glossiness without any ramifications on the lippies... WOW

Deedlejuse Says:

I totally agree with Cityslicker on this lip gloss. The search for a really long lasting, but not sticky lip gloss is finally over! The Lip Ink Shine is so light, and really moisturizing. I usually apply mine over the first step Lip Ink but I have used it solo on more than one occasion, when I really just needed some moisture. My favorite part is that it doesn't taste good, I find that tasty lip glosses last all of two seconds and just chap my lips more. This is a really amazing product, I definitely recommend it.

Sheba says: You cannot go wrong with this product line. Their 'Shine' is simply one of the best glosses I have used and I have used MANY. It shines for a much longer period than I have run into with other products. It is a real shine - it makes a big difference. You can use it alone or with the other Lip Ink products or even with another line of lip product. It will do the job -- the name says it all -- this 'shines' above others that claim to do that!!

Review - Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hairspray

Formulated with Alterna's Age-Control Complex, CAVIAR ANTI-AGING WORKING $23.99 HAIRSPRAY : Features/Benefits Restores both vibrancy and elasticity to the hair Targets the aging process Contains three super charged, key ingredients Safeguards chemically-treated hair.

This is an amazing hairspray... I know the price is high but I was able to pick it up at 50% off at a local salon. I have color treated hair, use a flat iron and try to take good care of the locks. I can’t get over the flexibility of the spray. I literally could douse the doo and still brush through it. It really holds well without ever being stiff. I swear that a spritz is enough to flat iron with and keep control of all of the flyways for the entire day. My hair never looks like it is coated, it doesn’t flake or my make my hair dry, if anything it’s shinier. I will choke when I have to pay full price for it but I will have to re-buy!

Review - Canus Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's milk has long been known as a rejuvenator and a moisturizer of human skin. Goat's milk is the only milk containing capric-capryllic triglyceride which helps moisturize the skin, contributing to its softness. Our goat's milk soap is extra gentle, bringing this ancient legacy to life. $2.49

This soap lathers up into a nice rich froth and is very creamy. The scent matches their body lotion so it’s nice to use them together. I don’t use bar soap often. I am a big bath gel person. I have to admit it was really nice to use a bath soap that offers such a nice moisturizing effect. It also doesn’t just melt away in the shower. It’s pretty hard and lasts. What am I most shocked about? It’s only $2.49. This is SO worth the money. It does a great job in cleaning the body; it’s gentle and easy to use to shave with, in lieu of shaving cream...

Sheba says:

City Slicker is right -- this is an incredible product for the price. One thing I have discovered about soap in the shower is to hide it away from the shower water when you are not using it. It will be disintergrating each time your husband or whoever uses the shower and does not even use the soap. Further, it leaves that darn soapy residue down the wall of the shower. So protect your investment -- even if it is reasonable. This creates a luxurious lather as it gently cleanses. It does not leave your skin feeling dry -- in fact, it is just the opposite. Your skin is left with a soft silky feel to it -- and it feels nice and hydrated. The scent is a clean one and not strong so it is hard to think anyone might dislike it. It dissipates quickly after the shower so that there are only the lightest traces left. I am also a shower gel person but I toss soaps into the mix every so often. This is one that will remain in the mix for me.

Deedlejuse Says:

You are just going to hear more of the same. Tell me, if you could either buy a wonderfully gentle goats milk moisturizing soap or Dial, why would you choose the super-fragranced moisture sucking soap that is on the general market today? I don't think it is really even a question, and if you try this soap I think you'll agree with me.

Hillary says:

Goat's milk tastes great in coffee. It also makes for a great line of skin care. I really like the Canus Goat's milk lotion & soap. The scent is great: musky and clean at the same time. The bar rinses completely clean without drying. The best part about it is it's readily available at my local pharmacy (not all pharmacies carry it). This bar will be going in my shower from now on.

Amanda S. Says: This product really is great, and worth the money as said above. I love the lather and the gentleness of the soap on my skin (which has been even inexplicably more dry than usual for the past week. As repeated in my post about the lotion, I love the natural feel and smell of the soap and everyone in the household is excited about using it. Also noted by the males: it works great to wash short hair also!

Joyce says:

If you imagine that soap made with pure vegetable oil and fresh goat’s milk is going to feel creamy on your skin, you’re right. The scent is deliciously pleasant and delicate. Skin is smoothed and soothed. They have a children’s line and I can only believe the kiddies who get treated to being bathed with their version must feel and smell just plain good.

Review - Aromafloria's Honey Papaye Nut Meal Exfoliant

Our unique Nut Meal Exfoliant uses crushed almonds, rice and oatmeal to reveal healthier looking skin. Manuka honey softens as papaya gently exfoliates. Its light, creamy texture is perfect for sensitive skin. $25.00

I have had this for a couple of weeks and used it about 6 times. It’s really different from others scrubs I have used. It’s like applying a whipped body cream over your skin then finding that encapsulated within the cream are exfoliants . It’s really gentle but the power of the papaya helps aid in exfoliation naturally without any harsh scrubbing. I found the best way to really get the most out of this product is to rinse in the shower then apply. I know you can stand around freezing but when the shower is on this is easily rinsed away. The scent is light and once rinsed off I don’t notice it at all. It’s gentle enough to shave then use and that is my favorite way... The results are legs that are so soft.

Review - Dermaliquid Lip Smoothe Scrub

Combined with natural sea salt to exfoliate, natural essential oils give you silky smooth renewed lips, plant protein peptides build collagen tissue for fuller, more defined lips and banana flavored extracts soothe your soul. $29.95

This is my first run with a lip scrub. I am so elated to share my thoughts. OMG, I love this! My lips can be dry and flake so I desperately hydrate with balms. I think my lippies have been a missing the soft subtle smoothness that comes from a freshly scrubbed pout! This is so easy to use, apply buff and rinse then voila my lips feel plump smooth and fresh looking... Ladies, you don’t have to over scrub or use a lot of pressure. I can’t taste or really smell the banana but it does taste salty. I couldn’t help but lick a little, gross I know! I am a diehard fan now and will always use this. I recommend a couple of times a week. I use it at night and follow up with some heavy balm. I wish I found this sooner... I love it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Review - Kaponga Nuts Créme de Parfum

nuts créme de parfum No.8
A delightful cream perfume with notes of orange, cassis, jasmine, mango, candy sugar accord, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. Long lasting and lightly moisturizing. 10g / .35oz
Price (US): $19.95

This unique créme de parfum is alcohol free and comes in many delightful scents. They come packaged in little jars encased in wood which fit the jar perfectly. The top of the jar is black and indicates your selected No. It is an adorable presentation -- it looks like a little nut holding your scent. I have both No. 8 and No. 9 and I am sure I will be purchasing more of these little treasures. The frangrance is accurately described yet it is hard to describe the softness to the scents. They are not overpowering and they do last and last. Another bonus to these little creams is that they actually do moisturize ever so slightly. Many other scented cream products can be a bit drying. I really enjoy using these fun scents. This site also offers free shipping.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - Nantucket Natural Oils -Natural Perfume

Perfume & Cologne "fragrances" get a bad name for smelling "too strong". What most people don't understand is that ALCOHOL is the "too strong" ingredient in perfume & cologne which causes your scent to go from "too strong to gone". We source fine natural oils from around the world and use them to recreate your alcohol diluted designer perfume WITHOUT THE ALCOHOL. The purity of scent in NATURAL OIL is clean & long lasting. It is wonderfully light and richly fragrant.
.25 oz -- $ 45.00
.50 oz -- $ 75.00
1.oo oz --$130.00

I was taken to one of these Perfumeries (in Newburyport, MA) where I was determined to duplicate a fragrance I fell in love with in the Bahamas. I met Deedlejuse, the first fragrance expert I have encountered. She mixed oils for me to try and as we talked she mixed other combinations that I mentioned liking. Before I knew it she had conjured up some of the most beautiful aromas I have ever inhaled. I do not pretend to know what majical oils or percentages of each she used but I now had a difficult choice. She had made up 3 completely different scents and I had to select one. Also, when you make one up (or let the person with the knowledge and background assist you in mixing one up) you get to name it. Your own Personal Perfume. I felt a little like Estee Lauder, Jr. -- naming my own scent. Well, mine has a strong Mandarin scent to it and I have received complements galore on it. I think I owe a lot of those complements to her for combining the perfect ingredients for me. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a return customer. Once you have visited one of their locations and had some expert assistance in developing your own scent -- or buying a designer resemblance you will agree that the cost is more than reasonable. You can go to any Department store and buy a Designer scent which will have the alcohol in it for about the same price or more. It will fade a lot sooner than this will. Try this -- you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Sheba says: I guess I just can't say enough -- I have been using another of their perfume oils. I am addicted to 'Clean' perfume and all of the similar ones. Well, I got my hands on the oil that resembles 'Fresh Laundry'. If you can tell the difference between this oil and the original perfume you must have a perfumer's nose. The one difference I found is that this oil lasts a bit longer and does not have to be refreshed as often. You definitely get your money's worth with these oils. These make an excellent gift -- I know -- I got one as a present! That was my first step into the addiction I have now have for them. This is a good addiction!!!

Review - Elizabeth W Body Cream

Smell incredible, feel fresh, and look fabulous. Richly thick and intensely hydrating, elizabeth W creams absorb well to leave a silky, not greasy sensation. Perfect for hand or body, they are nourishing when rubbed into skin.

I tried the Lilac body cream from Elizabeth W. The scent is the one thing about this body cream that really sets it apart from others. Lilac is a really hard smell to get right. They can either be over the top sweet, or way too acidic. This body cream really hit the spot though, really just beautiful, soft, yet lasting scent. The cream itself is nice, it leaves your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. It has some good natural ingredients like algae extract and Shea Butter. The packaging is also very attractive, a great gift idea!

Sheba says: I decided to try a very different scent for me -- 'Leaves'. I have never tried anything like this before. I don't know how to describe it other than it smells exactly like fresh leaves to a plant. It is a very clean and fresh scent and it is not a heavy scent. The cream, itself, contains shea butter and vitamin e-- two of the best things for skin. It absorbs very quickly into your skin -- no need to wipe off excess. Your skin is left with a very fresh, silky feel to it. There is no residue if you happen to lean against something. The scent does last a while so I use it when I do not intend to put on another fragrance that just might fight this pleasant one. $28.00 for 5 oz. might seem a bit high, but this size will last you for quite a while. It works out to be quite reasonable when you consider its benefits and how long this will last in your bag of tricks. I might add that my next purchase will be more in my one of my usual fragrance areas, citrus. 'Leaves' is fresh and clean smelling but I do wish I had selected 'Citrus Vervain'.

City Slicker Says: I have this cream in Vetiver.. I didn’t know what the heck vetiver was till a friend told me that is was a bush that is found on the island of Nantucket that spawns little white flowers, surely it is found elsewhere but this was my first time I had heard of it. This cream is very light and whipped feeling. It’s so easy to apply. I have been using it after showering when I am still a little damp. My hope is to lock in the moisture. The scent is really nice; it’s very green and fresh. I really enjoy it. I am delighted that it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave my body feeling greasy at all. I have noticed that the soft smooth skin is there all day till I undress and pop into bed so it totally lasts throughout... The container is a tad bit small for the $$ is my only gripe...

Review - Linden Leaves Foot Massage Cream

A nourishing, restorative blend of shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter blended for optimum richness, to soften and improve skin condition, promote circulation and restore moisture balance to weary feet.
Description: Apply to exfoliated feet with your hands, massaging into the skin with your fingertips and focusing on dry areas. Allow several minutes to absorb.
Size 200g pot / 7.05 fl oz - $24.95

50g / 1.9 fl oz · - $13.95

I decided to try this massage cream as it is different from any other foot product I have tried. I like to try different products and am I glad I tried this one. I have to massage it into my feet myself (my feet are way too ticklish for anyone else to attempt to massage -- I might die laughing). Follow the directions and exfoliate your feet first. You can use their products or one of your own and then proceed with this massage cream. It does take several minutes to absorb as they say so do not be waiting for it to be absorbed right away. I gently massaged it over my total foot area -- both feet -- concentrating mostly on the tougher, drier skin areas. There was a slight difference - even after one use. That encouraged me to continue and I am seeing greater improvement in the rough skin actually starting to feel softer and more hydrated. This is unique as my feet are resistant to many of the foot products out there. I have some luck with a few and no luck with others. This definitely is staying on my foot necessities list. Notice the two sizes and compare the costs with what you get. You save substantially by spending the higher amount as you get more than double the product for less than double the price. You do not need a lot of the cream -- my skin was like sandpaper and absorbed what I thought was a lot when actually it was just a dollop of the cream. It will last you a while so the price is well worth it.

Review - Linden Leaves Footspa Minikit

Containing an exfoliating stone, foot scrub and foot massage cream this minikit is the perfect gift to give or take away with you for a relaxing and indulgent pedicure experience.

Mama's got some hard-worked feet, y'all. These puppies walk around a lot. Yesterday I walked from 53rd and Park to 7th and 1st. (Google Map it if you're confused by those numbers.) And since I do love me a cute shoe with a high heel, the feet inside can get a little gnarly. Enter the Linden Leaves Footspa Minikit. Comprised of a small jar of their pumice scrub, a small jar of the massage cream, and a pumice stone to rub away the rough spots, the kit makes a great gift for someone you can write a stupid card to that says something punny like "You've been running through my head all day...take a load off with this."

I liked the scrub; it's basic and it works fine. You can probably find something similar at your local drugstore, though, for a lot cheaper. And the pumice stone was a nice touch (though it was insanely difficult to extract it from the vacuum-sealed package in which it came). The real standout in the little kit is the massage cream - it's thick and rich, and smells like cucumbers. Get your sweetie to do the massaging for you and his or her hands will be soft to the touch for hours! Each component of the minikit can be purchased separately on their website, so if you're gifting, get the set, but if it's just for you, I'd recommend just getting the massage cream.

Review - The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow

These va-va-voom shadows are designed to illuminate your eyecolor, putting you in the spotlight! Whether you're feeling the innocent ingenue or the femme fatale, there's a shadyLady calling your name!

With cheeky names like "Luscious Lana" and "Risque Renee" (though I think "Caught in the Act Courtney" might be pushing it past being cute and into being cumbersome), the Balm's shadyLady line of shadow/liners evokes pin-up girls in two-piece bathing suits that don't show even a hint of navel. I tried "Jealous Jordana," a deep, shimmering green that can easily be used as both a shadow or a liner. I particularly liked using it to line my lower lids with a liner brush, since I could put it on pretty close to my eye without it irritating the sensitive skin of my lids. The color is great, and the shadow comes in a magnetic compact with a tiny magnifying mirror inside. It comes in a ton of colors, and works well to give you that smoky-eye look for hours and hours! I should know - I just woke up with it still on my face.

Hillary says:

From your first swipe of the brush on this eyeshadow you can tell it's good quality. It's very pigment dense. To that fact, it also doubles as a powder eyeliner. My color is Jealous Jordana which is a dark, shimmery green which looks good on it's own or with a lighter color on top. It seems to have some flicks of bronze in it. I've mostly been using it as a liner with a lighter color of green. It has great staying power and stays where it's put. What more could you want in a shadow?

Sheba says: I am thinking I just might get the 'Jealous Jordana' as it sounds like it would be ideal with hazel eyes. Meanwhile, I tried the 'Sexy Stacey' which is a luminous pewter as they describe it. Let me say this particular shade would enhance just about any eye color. It is pewter but with wonderful silver-like undertones or highlights. You can use it as a liner and a shadow. It applies very smoothly. I like the liner a little darker than the shadow and you accomplish that with a second coat of liner. You can apply the shadow as light or as dark as you like -- depending on the results you are looking for. Is it for the day or are you preparing for a night out? I love the fact that this does not cake when used as a shadow. I did not find lines in the creases of my eyelids either. The smokey eye look is easily attainable with this particular shade and probably with all the others (but I haven't tried them all YET). The cost is reasonable and notice that shipping is free - for standard delivery. That factor is a pretty decent savings when you look at the shipping costs for other cosmetics.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Review - Nexxus Styling Gel

This alcohol-free, ultrafine mist provides lasting structural support for styling control and texture. For best results:
STYLING & DESIGNING: Spray on clean, towel-dried hair. Comb through to distribute evenly. Proceed with styling.
EXTRA VOLUME: Spray at base of hair, lift hair while blow-drying.Wet Look: Spray damp hair, style
Price can range from low to high - depending on where you buy this product.

I was introduced to the Nexxus line of hair products by a friend who is a hair stylist. She would pick it up for me with her discount and I fell in love with all the products she got for my hair. She did tell me that I could save some $ by switching to Pantene or even Suave (specifically the Suave that says to compare it to Nexxus) when she moved out of state. I went through withdrawal for a while as I refused to pay the high costs without her discount. I had stocked up in advance. I have used the Pantene and Suave and have to admit they are comparable. But when I get a chance I always revert back to Nexxus. I love the body this gel adds to my hair. It is an excellent styling tool also. I get both benefits from this gel -- body and style. You do not need a lot to get excellent results. If you do want to add the appearance of more volume to you hair -- this is one of their many products which will amplify that look of more body. It is very gentle and good for your hair. You can find Nexxus almost anywhere where hair products are sold. Beware, hair salons are usually the highest priced. Look around -- Target carries it and has specials regularly. However, I actually got my last fix of this addictive gel from Ebay at a ridiculously low price, even including the s + h.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer

Honey Moisturizer $25.00

Gentle AHA and Vitamin moisturizer is greaseless and absorbent, and is suitable for almost all skin types. Botanical ingredients like antioxidant Peanut Oil, Orange and Honey Extract make this product nourishing and moisturizing, leaving skin soft and smooth.

CitySlicker Says:

I am at the 2 week point with this moisturizer and all I can tell you is, it's great. It is scented with a delicious honey scent, warm and a little sweet. I use a small dime sized portion in the morning and my face really feels soft and plump. I swear this moisturizer adds a layer between my skin and the elements. It's working wonders with keeping my makeup in place, as well as offering my face no flaking or dry patches.. It's also only $25, in comparision to other boutique lines this is unheard of.. I will use this till the last honey scented drop comes out.. I have noticed that my skin is clear, no adverse reactions and the moisture lasts throughout the day.. Well worth a looksie! I love it! I am coupling it with the cellufirms drops for a face full of Mario!

Review - Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

This is a non-drying, non-alcohol toner that cleans and disinfects dry and sensitive skin. Mild Witch Hazel formula removes pore clogging debris and anti-inflammatory Seaweed and Aloe Extract soothes sensitive areas.

Here is one of the other Mario Badescu products I have been using for the past few weeks, and it's really great. Normally I would have a really tough time using an astringent or toner of ANY type without paying the price with super dry flaked out skin, but this stuff is super gentle. I'm not sure whether it's all the minerals and stuff found in seaweed that works so well to balance out my skin or NOT, but I like to think that's why. It's cool feeling and non-drying.

Sheba says:
This is opposite to most toners I have used. It does NOT leave your skin dry which is a blessing. It does appear to cleanse clogged pores as it claims – they seem under control. As Amanda noted it is gentle which contradicts what I have found in toners. I actually thought they wouldn’t work if they were not strong enough. This proves my theory wrong. This does have a soothing effect on my skin. That may well be due to the Aloe Extract, Witch Hazel, Anti Inflammatory Seaweed or something else. It is amazing whatever it is! My skin feels terrific when I finish with this. It is soft, smooth and supple rather than that tight dry feeling.

Review - Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel

This non-foaming, gel cleanser thoroughly removes the day’s make-up, dirt and oil without drying the skin. Papaya Extracts are exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help break down dulling build-up, leaving skin fresh and healthy.

I'm a girl who likes a lot of lather; I've never really been into the Cetaphil-type cleansers. I don't know, something about the action of scrubbing the cleanser into a bunch of foam really entertains me. But this one was the one that changed my mind about that. It doesn't foam, but my face feels - and this is the only word I can think of to describe it - fresh. My face definitely feels clean afterward. I have still broken out a couple times while using it, but fewer than usual. I'd definitely recommend this if you're looking for something to make your face feel fresh and clean and free of build-up! $15/8oz @

Sheba says:

I have experienced Movie Maven’s findings with this Cleansing Gel. I actually love the “fresh and healthy” feeling they promise in their description. That is exactly how my skin ended up after the cleansing. I have been using this for a while now and needless to say it leaves your skin CLEAN. The fresh and healthy part is a true bonus. I prefer this product to many that are much more costly and less effective. You are not left with dry skin which results with many other products. I am planning on continuing my Mario Badescu regime as I am more than satisfied with it.

Review- Mario Badescu Drying lotion

Our best selling Drying Lotion is an excellent spot treatment made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid to clear up and soothe unsightly whiteheads overnight. A dab of this lotion will heal and dry pimples quickly.

You've seen this cream advertised in the back of fashion magazines a thousand times. I'm not going to say this cream performs miracles, but in my book it comes pretty close. This isn't it's intended use (it is intended for whiteheads- don't pick, I know you want to) but I used this on a cystic pimple on my chin It took a few days, but it did disappear! Usually I go to the dermatologist and get a shot for these bad boys. (I'm not telling you not to do that. Remember they can leave scars.) I've also tested it on normal whiteheads and it works wonderfully on them too. I'm not painting a very attractive picture of myself, am I? If you have pimples at all, you should really give this stuff a try.

Movie Maven says:

I've been very pleased with the Mario Badescu line thus far, so I had high hopes for this drying lotion that claims to clear up your zits overnight. It fell short of my (admittedly high) expectations, but I was still fairly pleased with how it worked. I happened to have two whiteheads when I first tried this (thanks, genetics, for the acne), a larger one and a smaller one. I used as directed (even though there are two layers in there, you don't shake it) and dabbed a little on each blemish. The next morning, The smaller zit was dried out and I scrubbed it away accidentally when I washed off the drying lotion. You can still see a little something going on in that spot, but it's definitely better than it was and much easier to conceal. With the larger one, though, the lotion didn't dry it out enough for it to go away. Again, it's an improvement, but still there (and still difficult to cover up). Overall, I was mildly satisfied with the results. I'd recommend it for people who are prone to smaller whiteheads, or people who notice them right away, since it seems to be more effective on newer blemishes. If you get a lot of zits, though, or they are always fairly large, this might not be the best product for you (though I would recommend some of their other cleansing products for that type of acne).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Review - Linden Leaves Foot Scrub

Tiny exfoliating grains of natural pumice combined with moisture replensishing sweet almond oil make this foot scrub highly effective at removing dry skin, leaving your feet soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

This foot scrub is deceptively wonderful. When you first open it nothing special pops into your head. It smells natural, not particularly wonderful, but definitely not bad. The consistency is very nice, but it really doesn’t feel like you are doing any extra-ordinary exfoliating on you tootsies. It is so gentle and smooth, and fine that I didn’t really think I could possibly be doing those pesky calluses any damage at all. When I rinsed, however, I realized how nice my feet looked. Like even though I didn’t hurt myself (which I’m sure isn’t the point, but what I have always associated with “exfoliating foot scrub”) I could actually come out of the tub with smooth, almost shiny skin on my feet. My experience couldn’t have been better really. The dead skin is completely gone, and I have only used it twice. I’m a fan, and I love that it came from New Zealand, so exotic…..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Review - Motions Extra Firm Foaming Wrap Lotion

You asked for it! Here it is!!! A smooth, wonderful, foaming lotion now with even more hold! Can be used with your creative imagination and talent to wrap, "wetset", blowdry, or design any hairstyle. Hair stays in place while drying, and combouts are easier, with the hair bouncing and behaving! Can be used for longer lasting, silkier blowdry styles and smooth, even firmer, iron-curled styles! Keeps curls curlier and straight hair straighter days longer! Absolutely will not stick to your irons.
$3.00 and up depending on where you find it.

I found about this "Ethnic" product from one of my nieces. I admired her hair and she raved about this particular "wrap" lotion. It really seems to add noticeable texture to your hair without leaving your hair feely sticky or greasy as some texture lotions do. I use it as I would any hair "body" lotion and I am thrilled with the results. It does seem to help with the hair styling also. It is very reasonably priced in most local department stores as well as pharmacies. This has become a staple in my hair care. I use it frequently but not constantly. I switch off to other products every so often so that I won't loose that "more body and texture" feeling because I get too used to it.