Thursday, April 3, 2008

Review- Mario Badescu Seaweed Soap

Mild and gently exfoliating, this thick and creamy cleanser contains mineral-rich, anti-inflammatory Seaweed. Great for all skin types, even sensitive, for daily cleansing and light make-up removal. Non-soap, easy rinsing formula.

When I looked at the packing slip which came with the Mario Badescu products, I saw the word "soap". Soap is a dirty word in my book. I associate it with dry, tight skin. Calling this cleanser a soap does it a disservice. It is an incredibly mild, moisturizing and effective cleanser. It even removes all traces of eye make-up without having to use a seperate an eye make-up remover. It has a fresh clean scent (without smelling soapy). This cleanser actually has little bits of seaweed in it which act as an exfoliant. In addition to the seaweed, there is a high content of mineralsto nourish the skin. After using this cleanser just once I returned the cleanser I had just bought at twice the price. I've found my new cleanser!

CitySlicker Says: I have been using this for a week, as any product junkie knows a week is a good time frame for one to decide whether they love/hate a product.. The results are in.. First of all, this is a giant sized container and the price is so low. I am amazed that Mario is charged only $12 for 8 ounces.. OMG, and $20 for 16 ounces.. This is like giving it away.. I have been a fan of Mario's from an early age, I remember hearing that Naomi Campbell used his drying lotion, this meant I needed it to.. She is my absolute favorite model so I have been buying that product off and on for a long time.. It's wonderful also! This cleanser is very gentle and non drying.. My concerns are that I am sensitive and am getting older, so I do everything within reason to keep my skin fresh, youthful and healthy..
This cleanser really works, it's a non-foaming cleanser that is easy to apply, I would love to see a pump on the bottle so I could dispense only what I need for control of usage. I agree with Hillary, it's got a fresh clean scent, it's lovely and non-irritating on my face.. It’s does a great job of removing the makeup, dirt and oil also. I have used this morning and night.. When I sweep toner over my skin after cleansing there is very little to no residue or oil picked up.. My face isn’t dry or feel tight.. This doesn’t deliver that squeaky clean feeling but a smooth soft clean skin, I’ll take this over squeaky clean any day.. I will be contining usage.. I have a couple other products I am using right now and will be reporting soon on those results.. I say dollar for dollar, hands down this is a great boutique cleanser for drug store prices, not harsh in the least and works wonders on my face.. One word FABULOUS!

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