Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review- Lip Ink

Patented Technology for Your Lips! The only Patented Wax-Free Semi-Permanent Cosmetics on the market today. Lip Ink International is the only sheer, natural, herbal formulas that can be layered--making over 1 million personalized colors. Our healthy herbal botanical color blends are naturally antiseptic and preservative-free.

How do you spell Lip Ink? L-O-V-E-I-T! I discovered right away that the usual way to apply lipsticks and glosses doesn’t work for this product (and, there’s a tingling sensation when you apply it that goes away almost immediately). As is my nature, I played with the application process. You must follow the directions, but you can modify a wee bit to figure out how to make this product work best for you. For example: I don’t line my lips because I don’t like the look. And, I sometimes use my finger to smooth the color on, especially at the lip line. I’ve learned how to “work” the wonderful Plum shade I tried so that it’s not too dark on me (you can increase the intensity of the colors by reapplying the ink and they offer shades to lighten or wear alone). The day I got it, I decided to try it that night so I could experiment with the application process (rather than use it prior to going somewhere). I put it on at 9p.m. It was still there when I woke, after my morning coffee, after eating breakfast, and after I brushed my teeth. I’ve eaten grapefruit wearing it and it stayed on. Know that the intensity may change a bit if you eat and drink, but the stain stays on! The only thing I do is apply the gloss called Shine a few times. My only complaint is about the tinted Shine called Coffee Vanilla. It smells so much like fresh-baked cinnamon rolls that every time I wear it, I crave…yup. Visit the website when you have time because it’s immense with all kinds of wonderful information about how to use the products, select colors, etc. I was so impressed with this product, I ordered another color, Champagne. It’s the color or milk chocolate in the tube, but when it goes onto my lips, it’s the best muted red I’ve ever used. I Love This Shade! One more thing…the directions say to blot the ink onto a tissue each time before you apply it. Ever the experimenter, I gently press the applicator tip against the inside of the tube to lessen the amount of ink; this way, it goes back into the tube. And, don’t pull the wand out the way you do mascara or lip gloss. It really is a liquid and will fly. They warn you about this, but you have to be a person who’s Ready-Aim-Fire instead of Ready-Fire-Aim to read them.

Amanda S. Says:
I was *so* incredibly intimidated by this stuff, seriously. I am a lipstick idiot who can't seem to get the stuff to stay on or look right now matter how hard i try. But I followed the directions carefully and gave myself the time and I really love it for all the reasons Joyce said above. I love all the colors and honestly, for the first time in my life I feel actually comfortable wearing lip color without having to constantly keep it in check or worry that it's going haywire on me. I LOVE IT!

Deedlejuse Says:
Your Just going to hear more of the same. This Lip Ink is seriously like nothing else you've ever tried, unless of course you used to wear nail polish on your lips when you were a kid! I joke, but that is kind of how you might think of it, except take away everything bad about the idea. I have the pink shade, as well as two other colors that they give you. I LOVE the pink, it is the prettiest pink I have ever seen on me. It would probably wear well on anyone too. I like really light colors, like transparent, and I could achieve this affect by just putting one layer on. Joyce mentioned that she re-applied the gloss a few times, and so did I, but still it stays on forever. Actually my only problem with the Lip Ink system is it won't come off, they give you a special "off" tube, which is kind of confusing. I left it at home by a mistake so I had to go to the gym wearing pink lipstick, I felt a little strange about that. There really isn't any way to get it off unless you use the off.

Movie Maven says:
I'm not a lipstick wearer most of the time - balm, sure, and gloss, lots, but I don't wear lipstick for a couple of reasons: the fact that I always feel like a clown while I'm wearing it, and the fact that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to reapplying. Lip Ink should have, in theory, solved at least one of these problems. Interestingly, it was not the problem I anticipated. The color I had, Cherry, is a cool, bright red, the kind of lipstick I like to wear when I actually wear it. Applying the stuff is intimidating - there are, like, a million steps to the application process. But once you get it on, the color looks more like a stain (good) than a layer of greasepaint on your lips (bad). I used the included Shine (in Pineapple Mint, which is surprisingly not disgusting at all) throughout the day to counteract the slightly dry appearance of wearing the Lip Ink alone.
However: it didn't stay on all day. I wore it for a couple of days, and both times it stayed on for a long time, about 7 hours, but I got the impression that this lipstick will last an entire day without reapplying. I don't know how long your day is, but mine are usually at least twice that. This is not to say that I didn't like it while it stayed on - it looks better than most lipsticks, and you can apply up to three coats to vary the intensity of the color. But if you're looking for a morning-to-night color without any reapplication, this isn't it. If you're a die-hard lipstick wearer who is used to having to reapply every couple of hours, definitely give this a try, but do expect to reapply before happy hour.

Hillary Says:
I love me some Lip Ink! Other than the fact that I skipped a step today by accident and had quite a time getting it off, it works wonders for me. It comes in a dazzling array of 55 colors, all of which can be used together for a third effect. I love putting on my lipstick in the morning & not thinking about it (except to gloss) all day. I'm not one of those women who makes a big fuss about having to re-apply cosmetics, but one you have something that eliminates the need to re-apply, you see how much simpler it can be. I'll warn you now, the lip ink does have a strong chemical odor at first, but it dissipates as it dries. I plan on buying more of these super- long wearing lipsticks as well as trying the eyeliner. I highly recommend this for ladies on the go. No more walking by a mirror noticing your lips have no color whatsoever, and I wear bright red, so when it goes, the rest of my make-up looks out of whack. They've made a customer out of me.

Sheba says: I really do like this Lip Ink. However, it only lasted on me for maybe 2 - 3 hours. I should not say 'only' as that is a LONG time for me. I go through lipstick faster than anyone I know. I don't know how I do it, but I have to reapply FREQUENTLY. Therefore 2 - 3 hours is almost like eternity to me. I am thrilled to find something that lasts that long. I have tried a few color combinations and I love the incredible color selection. It must be impossible for anyone to say they could not find a color they like. If there were such a person they can mix colors to one that fits them perfectly. I do agree that it looks more like a stain when you put it on without the shine. That gives you two possible looks. Wear it as a stain or top it off with some shine for a lipstick look. That appeals to me. Choice is good and this gives you a choice of colors and looks. I think I am going to see what other colors I want to add to my stash. You cannot have too many. I guess you can say I am a repeat customer!

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