Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review Lip Ink Shine

Shine Vial Lip Gloss.25 fl.oz.- Acts a base conditioner when applied under Lip-Ink Lip Color. A light layer of Shine on top creates a moist silky feeling. A more generous application transforms matte $18.95

I am amazed with this product. It goes on feeling light and moisturizing but delivers a tremendous amount of shine. I use this alone on my lips or with just liner. My lips remain shiny for a couple of hours then I just reapply. There is no tackiness or stickiness what so ever, just smooth shiny lips with no drying. I swear that I love gloss but I have to load up on balm at night to be able to pull it off daily, with this shine I take it off at night and can go to be with nothing on my lips. This is a great product! You can’t believe it till you try it, it’s that good... Glossiness without any ramifications on the lippies... WOW

Deedlejuse Says:

I totally agree with Cityslicker on this lip gloss. The search for a really long lasting, but not sticky lip gloss is finally over! The Lip Ink Shine is so light, and really moisturizing. I usually apply mine over the first step Lip Ink but I have used it solo on more than one occasion, when I really just needed some moisture. My favorite part is that it doesn't taste good, I find that tasty lip glosses last all of two seconds and just chap my lips more. This is a really amazing product, I definitely recommend it.

Sheba says: You cannot go wrong with this product line. Their 'Shine' is simply one of the best glosses I have used and I have used MANY. It shines for a much longer period than I have run into with other products. It is a real shine - it makes a big difference. You can use it alone or with the other Lip Ink products or even with another line of lip product. It will do the job -- the name says it all -- this 'shines' above others that claim to do that!!

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