Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review - The Balm Plump your Pucker Tinted Gloss

Here's a pretty cool lip gloss, rather than just being pretty and pink (I have here the Strawberry my Shortcake color) it also has ingredients which plump up the size of your lips. I have used a few other plumpers before (Like Dr. Copeland's brand), and The Balm version is pretty good. I have to say I prefer Dr. Copeland's a little more, probably because it smooths on a lot easier and is less sparkly, but this stuff will definitely do on a night out or on a cute weekend outing. I definitely notice a fuller feeling and look to my lips after using it a few times a day for a week, and the color looks great. In fact I think the color would look great on almost any complexion. Sephora also offers every color available (I believe there are almost 20 colors) and for $14 it's a bargain compared to some other plumping lip treatments. Really my only beef is how hard it is to apply, it's a bit thick, but that's barely a complaint at all, and really it's working great.

Joyce says:

Berry My Cola is the shade I tried, but it’s a beautiful soft raspberry/strawberry color on me; and, smells like a cherry cola. Big Yum Factor! I have small lips (not thin, but not full), so am always interested in seeing what lip plumpers are going to do. Short of injections, lip plumpers can only do so much. However, I’m pleased with how my lips look and feel when I wear this product. They do seem to fill out a bit, which is remarkable since it doesn’t have the “sting” of similar products I’ve tried…and even a $50 product I tried once didn’t make my lips look as good as Balm does.

Deedlejuse says:

The shade I tried was "My Grapefruit" and honestly, I'm in love. It is a very neutral shade, almost transparent really, but there is a lot of shine. I am 23, and I don't really have any complaints with the way my lips look fullness-wise, and I don't have too many small lines for it to tackle. Even so, I think my lips look killer when I wear this balm. It makes you more aware of your pout because of the consistency and it tingles just a little , so you sort of hold your lips in a different way than if you have nothing or even regular lip gloss on. Really my favorite part of this balm is the smoothness to it. Amanda S mentioned that her complaint was the thickness, and I'm really really surprised. The color I have is not sticky or thick at all! I actually keep wanting to put it on, even when my lips are just dry and I need some moisture. I really like my color, and I might try some of the other ones, but I'm pretty sold on My Grapefruit!

Sheba says:

'Passion My Fruit' is my selection and I really like it. I don't think it does a lot of lip plumping - some, but not a lot. Your lips appear to be a bit plumper and that is nice. I have to be honest -- I did not expect a big difference as I have tried some of the more expensive ones with less results. However, the color and smoothness to this brand makes it much better suited for me. I found it very easy to apply and it went on very smoothly. The color I selected is very flattering and I do believe it would be on just about anyone. I did not see a color I would not want to try. It seems to last a little longer than usual for me. I wear through all lip products pretty fast. I am very happy with this and will definitely be getting some more of the many colors available. Actually the $14 price is a little higher than I usually go but this does have the color and it feels good. It doesn't take a lot to give you the coverage you want so I am betting I will get my money's worth.

Movie Maven says:

First of all: what's with these names? Are they supposed to be innuendos? The one I have is called "Ruby my Grapefruit." Is that supposed to be sexy? Whatever the case, I thoroughly enjoyed this gloss, weirdo names or not. At first, I thought the name was an allusion to the color, but it turns out it's talking about flavor too! And the flavor was actually good! Hooray! So be forewarned if you're shy about the flavored stuff. Sparkly and delicious, and without the stinging action of some lip plumping products, the gloss shines up your lips and doesn't get sticky. I didn't notice a huge difference in the size of my pucker, but I'm pretty okay with my lips as it is. Definitely worth a try, though, for the shine and flavor alone.

CitySlicker Says:

In all honesty, I would have never given this color or gloss a second look. I have had bad experiences with lip plumping glosses; they are overpriced and fall short of my expectations. When I got this one I was thinking... I am going to put my lips through being completely dried out, stinging and then getting really red and raw looking... I am so happy share that this gloss is the exception. I found that upon application, it reminds me of the old York Peppermint patty commercials... My lips felt transported to a cool mountaintop full of minty freshness and slight tingle... The shade I have is called “Root Beer My Float” it’s a shimmery gold with flecks of gold within. I wear it alone and it really enhances my natural lip color with a pretty put together look. I also layer over my lipstick to create a more glossy shine look... The plumping is minimal but I do see a tiny difference. I will use this till the last swab and I will be checking out the other colors when I head to Sephora... I am really shocked at how much I like this gloss; it’s got just the right amount of light stickiness!

Hillary says:

I was with Cityslicker in my initial lack of excitement to try another plumping lipgloss. I haven't had the best of luck with these things and they usually feel more like Chinese Water Torture than something meant to beautify my lips. But I was pleasantly surprized with Plump Your Pucker. I didn't see a huge "size" difference in my lips, but I really enjoy the cooling sensation of the gloss. My color "Spike My Punch" is the perfect light alternative to red lipstick. It's a red gloss that goes where red lipstick can't (or at least shouldn't) when you've done a heavy eye and cheek. The color looks pure cherry red in the tube, but comes out a nice cool mixture between cherry and blue red. This one is certainly worth it's more than affordable price!

Maria says:

Well, "Hottie my Toddie" and call me happy. As a few of the others attested to above - I too was of the "yea, yea, another lip plumper, ho hum" . Having tried many others only to either be horrified by a red rim around my lips or a holy cow burning sensation and no plumping...I was skeptical. Also, the color I received is not one I'd go for normally as it is a gold-ish, brown-ish color and I'm a coral, pinky, plummy kinda gal. However....this is nice and sheer on me, more of a balm feeling than a shiny gloss feeling. It does evoke a pepperminty feel on your lips, but nothing that hurts or dries. It's quite moisturizing actually. I don't see any difference in the size of my lips so I can't attest its plumping capabilities, but as a lip balm/gloss it is quite nice. Oh, and the color is surprisingly okay for me! Who'd a thunk?

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