Monday, April 7, 2008

Review- Tassi Hairband

The Tassi goes on quickly and easily and gently holds and lifts all of a woman’s hair without leaving any stray hair. Unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up hair. $14.99

The Tassi Hairband is an invention that's long overdue. It's a super-soft headband you use to hold your hair back while you wash your face, apply make-up, get a massage, whatever. Sounds simple, but the unique thing about the Tassi is it's construction. It's made of a very soft terry cloth with elastic that is so supple it doesn't mess up your hair. It's shaped in a way that it's like a "bag" (think headband cum hairnet) for your hair; you can tuck all of your hair into the Tassi. No need for an additional ponytail holder to hold excess hair. I'm not doing it justice, but trust me, it's a very cool invention.

Deedlejuse Says:
I completely agree with Hillary, this thing is awesome! It looks a little funny, and when mine came in I thought "is this even going to fit on my head" because it is huge. But the hugeness is the best part of this super-comfortable hair holder. It is like the revamped and much much better third cousin to the old head bands that just keep the front back a little bit. I have to admit that I wore my Tassi Hairband around for a very large portion of last night because it is just so comfortable. I know that sounds a little weird, but you'll understand as soon as you try one. I definitely recommend it.

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