Thursday, April 3, 2008

Review - Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream

The intense hydration of a cream. The high definition technology of Definity. Olay Definity Intense Hydrating Cream creates a powerful yet luxurious experience you'll indulge day and night.
Glucosamine Complex helps repair the appearance of past damage.
Hydrates deeply to allow the natural regeneration of collagen over time to refine its texture for lasting results. Immediately boosts skin's luminosity and helps control the appearance of brown spots. Contains the highest levels of glycerin in the Definity line for maximum hydration.


I benefit from working with a few women who do not like cosmetics. (Who would have thought there are people who don't like them at all!!!) They bring me any free samples that they get and I am only too glad to help them out by taking them. I actually got a very generous sample of this cream. I had recently read an article that Olay products fared better in consumer tests than did some of the highest end products available. Well, to be honest I am too cheap to buy the really highest end products to compare. I do love Avon Anew products and find them to work well. This product definitely is in that league. It seems to diminish the appearance of small lines, etc. I found it to hydrate the skin while it felt very soft and smooth. The sample is still being used and is now into the third week so I do have a pretty good grip on how it is working for me. I would spend the money to buy some when the sample is used. However, I would look around as this is a product line with a price difference from store to store. There are always coupons and sales. I did see a little blub on this web site that I should check out -- there is a place to check for free samples. So you may want to take a peek before investing in a full price item.

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