Thursday, April 17, 2008

Review - Nexxus Styling Gel

This alcohol-free, ultrafine mist provides lasting structural support for styling control and texture. For best results:
STYLING & DESIGNING: Spray on clean, towel-dried hair. Comb through to distribute evenly. Proceed with styling.
EXTRA VOLUME: Spray at base of hair, lift hair while blow-drying.Wet Look: Spray damp hair, style
Price can range from low to high - depending on where you buy this product.

I was introduced to the Nexxus line of hair products by a friend who is a hair stylist. She would pick it up for me with her discount and I fell in love with all the products she got for my hair. She did tell me that I could save some $ by switching to Pantene or even Suave (specifically the Suave that says to compare it to Nexxus) when she moved out of state. I went through withdrawal for a while as I refused to pay the high costs without her discount. I had stocked up in advance. I have used the Pantene and Suave and have to admit they are comparable. But when I get a chance I always revert back to Nexxus. I love the body this gel adds to my hair. It is an excellent styling tool also. I get both benefits from this gel -- body and style. You do not need a lot to get excellent results. If you do want to add the appearance of more volume to you hair -- this is one of their many products which will amplify that look of more body. It is very gentle and good for your hair. You can find Nexxus almost anywhere where hair products are sold. Beware, hair salons are usually the highest priced. Look around -- Target carries it and has specials regularly. However, I actually got my last fix of this addictive gel from Ebay at a ridiculously low price, even including the s + h.

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