Monday, April 28, 2008

Review- Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Facial Masque

Formulated with a blend of witch hazel to cool and tone, green tea extract for its anti-oxidant properties, chamomile extract to soothe and reduce puffiness, comfrey extract to promote cell regeneration, fennel oil to rejuvenate, anise oil to prohibit bacteria and to calm the nervous system and manuka oil to aid healing and normalise the skin condition. 5.4 oz. $29.95

This is a unique mask in that it doesn't dry on your skin. It stays in a gel form while it's doing it's moisturizing. It smells like black licorice due to the anise oil in it. The ingredient list is chock full of things things that are naturally good for your skin like witch hazel, green tea, comfrey & chamomile. As far as the degree of moisturization goes, this is an excellent mask for normal-to-dry skin. It won't get rid of flakey skin on the first try, but it will on repeated use. After using this mask, my face feels fresh and hydrated. What more can a girl ask for?

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