Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Review - Lady Primrose Body Creams

The delight of every Queen Bee, Royal Extract delivers a sweet blend of golden honey and Royal Jelly.

I actually have two of these lovely body creams: Royal Extracts with Royal Jelly, and the soft smelling Ambience. The royal extracts is amazing really, it's so thick and luxurious and goes on cool and softly, absorbs quickly and instantly stopped the evil dryness on my elbows (YES! my elbows, which are so dry it's a total embarrassment.) If you have really dry skin that is aged, super dry, sun damaged or rough, the royal extracts would be just amazing to give a try. The Ambience smells delicious too, like a hint of peonies (one of my favorite scents and flowers) and also is super softening, although much lighter. I love to use the Ambience cream on my hands actually, although it's a body cream, because it smells so softly and absorbs so fast without looking greasy at all.

Joyce says:

I tried two scents: Ambience, a light floral; and Royal Extract, a light rose scent. As I type this, it’s been several hours since I used each on the back of my hands and my skin is still pleasantly scented and not only feels smooth, but looks actually appears smoother as well.

Deedlejuse says:

I got the same two scents, Ambience and Royal Extract. I agree with Amanda S, the Royal Extract is super thick and creamy, and really does an amazing job at relieving even the most irritating dry skin. My legs are really just out-of-control dry this winter, and even though some lotions helped nothing was as nourishing as this Royal Extract. My only complaint about the Royal Extract is the smell. Perhaps it is just my finicky nose but some florals do not make me happy at all, and this one is definitely one of those. Unfortunately for me (but great for someone who likes the smell) the scent lingers for hours and I thought it was pretty strong. The Ambience on the other hand is light and a little thinner, but still an awesome lotion, and the smell was to-die-for. Love it, I would wear this instead of perfume because it is just so lovely. It does smell a little bit like peony's, or some other wonderfully pink luxurious flower.

Sheba says:

I tried the Royal Extract and found that it is all that it promises. It works wonders on exceptionally dry areas of skin and moisturizes the rest just right. I am very aware of scents for some reason. This does have that very nice fragrance that everyone mentioned. However, it is overpowering for me. Why do scents I do not want to linger -- always linger??? It seemed to clash with my cologne even after several hours. It is not that I do not like the scent -- actually it is a very nice fragrance but it is just a bit too strong for me. I cannot argue with the excellent results with my skin. I will continue to use it but will not put any competing cologne or perfume on when I use it. That will keep my nose happy as well as my skin.

Movie Maven says:

I, too, got two scents of this body cream, the Ambience and the Royal Extract. I, too, am a woman who notices scents. But: I actually really liked the Royal Extract scent, while the Ambience (really descriptive name, I know) left me wishing I'd used something else. The thing about the Royal Extract is that it's floral without being froufrou, which I like, while I found the Ambience to be cloying and old-ladyish. Looks like I'm in the minority here, so I think the key with this lotion is to try it before you buy it (or buy a small tube so you're not stuck with something you don't like). But I heartily agree with everyone else's assement of the lotion's effectiveness - it's thick and creamy and you need just a tad to make dry skin disappear!

CitySlicker Says:

I have the Ambiance body cream. I was able to use it only once. I got a small tube that I stretched to cover the entire body after a shower. The scent is amazing. Two of my favorite flowers are in this blend, peony and lily of the valley. Anyone who knows lily of the valley knows it’s a tiny delicate flower but has a very powerful fragrance. It’s great to see how they blended them together. I can smell the lily of the valley but it doesn’t overpower the other notes... The day I used this, I didn’t need to apply any perfume this cream absorbs lightning fast, the results were super soft skin. My body was totally hydrated throughout the entire day and the scent stayed with me even through my workout... This is a really nice product. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Maria says:

Of the two received, I'm going to have to go with the Ambience of my favorite of the two (Royal Extract being the other). Ambience was more my "style" of scent while the Royal Extract was a little much for me - too overpowering. The moisturizing was very nice on both- I too have been in dry-skin overdrive this winter with patches everywhere on my legs and arms. Yuk. I find that these soothe those areas and take that scaly appearance away. I used the entire tube of the Ambience, and will finish using the Royal Extract at night on my elbows and knees -- it's just a little too strong for me for day use.

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