Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - Linden Leaves Footspa Minikit

Containing an exfoliating stone, foot scrub and foot massage cream this minikit is the perfect gift to give or take away with you for a relaxing and indulgent pedicure experience.

Mama's got some hard-worked feet, y'all. These puppies walk around a lot. Yesterday I walked from 53rd and Park to 7th and 1st. (Google Map it if you're confused by those numbers.) And since I do love me a cute shoe with a high heel, the feet inside can get a little gnarly. Enter the Linden Leaves Footspa Minikit. Comprised of a small jar of their pumice scrub, a small jar of the massage cream, and a pumice stone to rub away the rough spots, the kit makes a great gift for someone you can write a stupid card to that says something punny like "You've been running through my head all day...take a load off with this."

I liked the scrub; it's basic and it works fine. You can probably find something similar at your local drugstore, though, for a lot cheaper. And the pumice stone was a nice touch (though it was insanely difficult to extract it from the vacuum-sealed package in which it came). The real standout in the little kit is the massage cream - it's thick and rich, and smells like cucumbers. Get your sweetie to do the massaging for you and his or her hands will be soft to the touch for hours! Each component of the minikit can be purchased separately on their website, so if you're gifting, get the set, but if it's just for you, I'd recommend just getting the massage cream.

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