Sunday, April 20, 2008

Review - The Balm Shady Lady Eyeshadow

These va-va-voom shadows are designed to illuminate your eyecolor, putting you in the spotlight! Whether you're feeling the innocent ingenue or the femme fatale, there's a shadyLady calling your name!

With cheeky names like "Luscious Lana" and "Risque Renee" (though I think "Caught in the Act Courtney" might be pushing it past being cute and into being cumbersome), the Balm's shadyLady line of shadow/liners evokes pin-up girls in two-piece bathing suits that don't show even a hint of navel. I tried "Jealous Jordana," a deep, shimmering green that can easily be used as both a shadow or a liner. I particularly liked using it to line my lower lids with a liner brush, since I could put it on pretty close to my eye without it irritating the sensitive skin of my lids. The color is great, and the shadow comes in a magnetic compact with a tiny magnifying mirror inside. It comes in a ton of colors, and works well to give you that smoky-eye look for hours and hours! I should know - I just woke up with it still on my face.

Hillary says:

From your first swipe of the brush on this eyeshadow you can tell it's good quality. It's very pigment dense. To that fact, it also doubles as a powder eyeliner. My color is Jealous Jordana which is a dark, shimmery green which looks good on it's own or with a lighter color on top. It seems to have some flicks of bronze in it. I've mostly been using it as a liner with a lighter color of green. It has great staying power and stays where it's put. What more could you want in a shadow?

Sheba says: I am thinking I just might get the 'Jealous Jordana' as it sounds like it would be ideal with hazel eyes. Meanwhile, I tried the 'Sexy Stacey' which is a luminous pewter as they describe it. Let me say this particular shade would enhance just about any eye color. It is pewter but with wonderful silver-like undertones or highlights. You can use it as a liner and a shadow. It applies very smoothly. I like the liner a little darker than the shadow and you accomplish that with a second coat of liner. You can apply the shadow as light or as dark as you like -- depending on the results you are looking for. Is it for the day or are you preparing for a night out? I love the fact that this does not cake when used as a shadow. I did not find lines in the creases of my eyelids either. The smokey eye look is easily attainable with this particular shade and probably with all the others (but I haven't tried them all YET). The cost is reasonable and notice that shipping is free - for standard delivery. That factor is a pretty decent savings when you look at the shipping costs for other cosmetics.

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