Thursday, April 3, 2008

Review- Christian Dior Model Lift Nuit Enriched Firming Night Creme

Description: 3-in-1 firming night cream: deep-down relaxation; firmer skin; visibly tightened contours. It acts night after night while you sleep, so you awaken to a well-rested, younger look. And you'll enjoy the rich, comfortable texture, the sense-soothing aroma.
Approximately $65.00

This was a pretty generous sample which did a good moisturizing job but I really did not see any "Lift and Firm". I have better results with Olay and Avon Anew. I am not saying this does not work for everyone. It simply did not do as good a job as the other less costly products that I use. To be quite honestbecause this is Dior I thought it would have very noticeable results. Did I really think I would awake to a face that appeared a little younger after several weeks use? I guess I did. (I believe in Santa Claus too.) It didn't and I am disappointed -- but not as upset as I would be if I had paid $65 to discover this. The sense-soothing aroma they mention is simply a very mild fragrance that does not overpower you which I do like. It is not greasy and it is absorbed very easily. You may find that it works for you and if you have paid the price for it I do hope it does. I just feel it is too much money to get the moisture that I can get from almost any good cream.

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