Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review- Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment

"Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is an advanced anti-aging treatment cream designed to diminish visible signs of aging while protecting against environmental damage. Because the hands are regularly exposed to the sun, harsh weather, chemicals, and more, they are often the first area of the body to give way to visible signs of aging. Moisturizing Hand Treatment works to combat common aging signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, leaving the hands looking younger and more beautiful."

First of all, notice that this is called a hand "treatment", not a cream because although it moisturizes it treats at the same time.  If this stuff had a decent SPF rating it would literally be everything I've ever wanted in a hand cream!  But some people are sensitive to sunscreens and Atopalm products are meant for us sensitive types.  The thing that really amazes me about this product (besides how well it moisturizes) is how little an amount one needs to moisturize both hands.  We're talking minuscule amounts compared to my other hand creams.  I don't think I've ever gotten better value from a hand cream because at $18 a tube it's a bit pricey, but it will last you a while.  It's so moisturizing that my hands still feel soft after washing them, yet it soaks in nicely and you won't have any trouble turning doorknobs (that always happens to me with hand cream- put it on, stuck in the house.  Also there's a bonus for us techies, it doesn't affect the use of my touchpad on my computer or my phone.  This is going to be the savior of my hands this winter and I'll bet you a tube that it will last me until Spring!  I'm calling this one a "must buy" for hand cream aficionados and techies alike.  Oh, and the cherry on top?  Free shipping from the Atopalm store (see link above).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cat-Eye Tutorial


Guys, I tried this and it worked HELLA GOOD. Definitely use 1/2" tape, not any wider, and if you have deeper-set eyes than Jane, which I think I must, try keeping your eyes sort of half-closed and looking down your nose at the mirror, but seriously, TRY IT. Here's how it turned out on me...I even already had the liner Jane recommends using:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review- Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

This is the original complete brow stencil kit that remains a best seller over the years. Its classic brow stencil shapes work for virtually all brows and define the face beautifully, based on the professional 3-point brow shaping technique taught in the finest beauty schools. In this one compact, you’ll have the best of Eugenia’s expertise and brow artistry in your home to use daily.

There's no doubt that nice eyebrows can truly shape and frame your face. Sometimes finding the right brow specialist or even the right shape can cause more heartache and headache than help. The cool part about this Senna Form-A-Brow kit is that it allows you to find the right stencil that closely matches your natural shape. For me that was pretty easy to recognize. The kit also comes with 3 powder colors, and a grooming and coloring brush. Even though I leaned on the clumsy side when trying to hold the stencil and fill in my brows simultaneously, the result comes out much nicer than I had expected each time. It does take a little skill to maneuver this kit, but with practice, this is the closest I've ever been to when it comes to nice at-home brows! I tried the "Neutral" shade, which is a trio of light, medium and dark browns and they blended very naturally and looked evenly on. For anyone who's brow-obsessed, this Senna Kit could easily fill in as the perfect tool to create, maintain and manage difficult brows that need some proper shaping and direction. For me, it took a little practice to master the stencil kit, but once I did, my eyebrows were much better off for it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review - Nutra Nail Flexshield Hardener

Nutra Nail® Flex-Shield Hardener
Hard and flexible invisible shield protects nails instantly
Helps stop breaking, tearing & peeling
Absorbs everyday nail trauma to protect longer

I used this product along with the Green Tea & Acai Berry growth formula. I have very brittle nails that chip and break easily. I used it just as a clear polish and its also suitable as a top coat.

My nails are much less brittle after using this now for three months. They used to grow out quickly but break easily. Since I have been using these two products together, I am having less breakage and more growth.

Nutra Nail is one of those brands that have been out forever and you can always count on them to provide new innovative products at affordable prices.

Review - Nutra Nail Growth Treatment With Green Tea & Acai Berry

Nutra Nail® Growth Treatmentwith Green Tea & Acai Berry Antioxidants
Helps stop brittle nails breaking, peeling and chipping
Helps fortify keratin
Results in just 5 days
Instantly replenishes dehydrated, weak nails
Also contains Green Tea & Acai Berry antioxidants
Just massage in this water based formula

I love Nutra Nail products. Whenever I want to grow my nails out, I go to my local pharmacy and purchase one of their growth products. The Green Tea and Acai Berry is a new one that I have never tried before.

I cut my nails down super short and I used this twice per day. I saw new nail growth in literally 2-3 days. It made me nails nice and long in about 3 weeks and they were super healthy! Its a very inexpensive alternative to acrylic nails.

Why use false nails when you can grow out your own? Its so simple to use and it works fast. Not to mention, its very affordable and you can find it at almost any pharmacy or beauty supply.