Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review- Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner

This innovative gel-based waterproof liner stays blendable for 60 seconds then dries to a smudge-proof, budge-proof finish that lasts all day. JET SET is perfect for lining the inner rim of the eye or as a stay-put traditional liner. Glides on effortlessly with ARCED LINER BRUSH #21. $22

I am feeling this eye liner in a major way!! I tried it in navy blue and am loving just how sexy it looks! It seems to bring out a super cool and chic downtown edge to it (if that's the look you're going for) which adds that extra bit of fun and fashion to any style. I found this silky eyeliner to glide on very smoothly and was able to create a super thin line, although it did take me a couple of practice tries to perfect it. Eventually, I learned that to maximize the use of the eyeliner brush, I had to press the brush firmly into the pot and make sure all sides of it were equally covered. That way your first application is your best, and ideally, only application. Once you create the perfect line, it doesn't take long to set (about 60 seconds or less) you're pretty much done for the rest of the day! I didn't experience any smudging, although my line was pretty thin to begin with, and noticed it lasted a long time. The best part is how cool the midnight blue looks and how little it budged! As well as being overall very easy to use with a nice eyeliner brush. I can imagine this being a great navy eyeliner that works for all skin tones and eye colors, as well as an excellent choice for the stylish fashionista in all of us!

Hillary says: This is the waterproof eyeliner you want to use if you are just starting with waterproof eyeliner because as it says in the description, it gives you 60 seconds to blend, but those seconds can be used to correct as well. Believe me, I'm an old hand with an eyeliner brush but even I make mistakes now and then, which is why I love this eyeliner. I have it in Dark Brown and Midnight Purple and both colors have an amazing amount of pigment and stay on until you want them gone. I must admit, the first time I used one in my waterline (rim of lower lid) I used too much and it was totally uncomfortable, but I've since learned my lesson and it wears comfortably and beautifully. These liners are "must-haves" when creating a smokey eye (yes, smokey eyes can be any color you want). As an added bonus, if you think your eyes might tear, in the wind for example, this gel stays put.

Movie Maven says: Yeah, yeah, I know the whole Mad Men look is kind of played out at this point - fashion has moved on to being inspired by Black Swan instead, replacing pencil skirts with chiffon layers and clean lines with feathery details. But I know what looks good on me, and it's a 60s-inspired thick black line. This is partially due to the fact that I find it incredibly difficult to do a thin, thin line, and partially because like every other woman with a substantial rack in America, I want to look just like Christina Hendricks. This gel eyeliner is perfect for completing this look, since with the use of an appropriate brush, you can create a great, solid line that stays in place like a dream. Thanks, Smashbox, for making my life a little more Mad Men.

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