Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review - adesign Finishing Crease Brush

Finish: Grade 'A' goat hair & high grade synthetic
Shape: Elongated finely tapered point
Use: To blend & contour the crease of the lid.

I will never know why there are so many different kinds of makeup brushes. Some of the distinctions make sense to me - you cannot use a blush brush on your eye, of course, and a lip brush and an eyeshadow brush are very different. But this brush, the Finishing Crease brush by adesign, seems SUPER SPECIFIC. "I only use this brush on my eye crease and NOWHERE ELSE." 
That said, it's quite useful to have a brush shaped in this manner - it's longer than your average eyeshadow brush, and more tapered, to really get into the crease of your eye. I liked using it with a dark shadow on the outer part of my lid to create a glamorous cat-eye effect. Also useful is the fact that it's a combination of natural and synthetic hairs, so you get the durability of a synthetic with the softness of a natural.

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