Friday, March 18, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Sally Knows nails are the best accessory. Now, Sally makes it easy to get a salon effect anytime, any place. It wears like nail polish because it IS nail polish. No dry time, so you’re ready to go.

You guys.
I think I'm in love.
I saw these nail strips on some beauty blog and knew I must have them, immediately. I ran directly to the drugstore and found...that they were out of stock of ALL the prints. That was about a month ago, and between then and now I have found them in a few places, but almost every store I go to has been ransacked (again, just for the prints; the solids don't seem to move as fast). But check it: Ulta has them online! Finally, I got Kitty Kitty (the leopard-print one), which I have STILL NEVER FOUND in a drugstore.

So what these things are is like a thin strip of nail polish - sort of like a bandaid or a piece of tape, but made of nail polish - that you stick to your nail just like a sticker, then trim off. They look and feel like real polish because they are real polish. They are so, so easy to use and look SO good once you get them on. I had the houndstooth ones on last week and I literally had a conversation about them every single day, with friends, with strangers, etc. I actually found the glitter ones (I wore the gold) to be more durable than the prints (of which I tried the houndstooth, the zebra, and the fishnet), but all of them lasted far longer than my home manicures ever do. The gold looked amazing for a week and a half and I only finally took them off because my nails were growing out.

Tips for use:
- the package says to discard any unused strips in the little sealed packet (each box comes with two sealed packets). This is because the strips will dry out otherwise (which I learned the hard way). I've started keeping my extras in a little tupperware thing, so we shall see how they hold up.
- if your nails are short like mine, you can probably cut the strips in half and use one strip per two nails! Double fun!!
- the package suggests that you can "gently stretch" the strips to fit your nails. Don't bother with this. I would recommend picking a strip slightly larger than you need and trimming it, rather than attempting to stretch the things.
- although there is theoretically no wait time for them to dry, don't do anything super-strenuous to them for a couple hours after putting the strips on - I took a shower a couple hours later and one of them got chipped off a little.
- when I bought them the first time, the girl at Duane Reade was like, "ohhhhh I love these, but just put them on like one or two nails and then do the rest in black." I took that one step further and did zebra + hot pink and houndstooth + electric blue. Both were very well-received.

Yes, they are more expensive than regular nail polish, but they're about the same as a salon manicure, and they are fun and easy to use! Plus, most of the prints are too intense to wear on ALL your nails (all ten in houndstooth might be overkill), so you get plenty of uses out of one box. I love them. I even paid for them myself!

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