Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review - Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, with a refreshing fragrance, revitalizes greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Instantly leaves your hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful. Quick and convenient to use wherever you are.

When I am faced with the decision to wash my hair or do just about anything else, I tend to go with the anything-else. I don't know why I drag my feet when it's time to wash my hair, because I have such a greasy head that it's basically a daily necessity, but I do. And then I go to work and I feel dirty because of my greasy head. It's a bad scene.

This morning when I arose, I was faced with a decision. Of three possible activities - washing my hair, being on time to work, and making out with a cute boy - I had time to do only two. I picked the latter two. So my hair was dirty. BUT! I had this Batiste Dry Shampoo!

Now, I think the intended use of this shampoo is more of a "I've been at work all day and now I'm going out to dinner and I don't want my head to look all greasy" situation, but using it in the morning pretty effectively dialed down the greasiness of my head-suit, enough for me to put on a scarf and not look like a total hobo. You spray it on, massage it in, and brush it out. Simple. I've tried it a few times before today, and each time, my hair stays less greasy all day until I have a chance to wash it.

The main issue I have with this dry shampoo is that the scent skews a little to the "manly" side of things, which I think can be sexy on some girls, but I don't know how well I can pull that off. It also comes in a scent called "Blush," which I guess was Julia Roberts' wedding scent in Steel Magnolias. The can of the "Blush" scent is pink and flowery, while the can of the Original scent is charmingly retro, like a motorcycle jacket Ewan McGregor might have worn in Down with Love. This ends my tribute to gay, gay movie references in this review.

Overall, I would say this is a good idea for:
- people with brushable hair (my curly-topped friends, maybe not so much)
- people with less-greasy hair than me (would be super-effective)
- people who think the can is cute (it looks really cute on my shelf)

It comes in a little can so you can try it without much commitment. I would recommend you give it a shot, even if you're skeptical.

Sultana says: I have this in Blush which is in fact very flowery. Its almost too flowery! I have gotten into the habit of using dry shampoos recently. I've been told that over-washing your hair is never a good thing. I recently had a Brazilian Blowout which lasts longer if you don't wash your hair too often.
This one is better than others I have used because it doesn't leave a powdery residue behind.
I concur with my fellow blogger that the size of the bottle is small enough that you don't have too commit too much. I definitely say give it a shot as well!

Hillary says: I am the perfect consumer for this product! I use dry shampoo all of the time some good, some eh, but if I have to recommend one that gives the most bang for your buck it's Batiste! I have this in Blush & in Regular (I got one free with a rebate). I like both scents, but they are not so overpowering that the scent alone would make or break this product for me. I love the fact that it doesn't leave a white residue on my head (oh yes, some do) & it really does make my hair look clean. I have long, vaguely dry hair & this works perfectly on a 2nd or 3rd day after washing. Before I found Batiste I was buying my dry shampoo at Sephora. Who knew that at $5-$6 a can this stuff can compete with the big boys?

Trish says: To be honest, I'm pretty hooked on this Batiste Dry Shampoo too!! Especially on the weekends, when I need to run errands and don't have time or (energy) to wash and style my hair just to go to the post-office, this has been reliably my go-to rescue. I admit, I'm terrified of looking as if I have dirty hair - even from just wearing too many hair products - so a dry shampoo that works- and is easy to use- is simply a beauty must! This Batiste Dry Shampoo does the job, makes my hair look cleaner and fuller (sometimes even more so than after a shower) and is so handy and convenient as well as affordable! I really can't think of any reason not to want to have one around. It's that charming, really! Also, I tried the Original Scent which was good enough for me. Not too overpowering nor wimpy!

Review - NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder

NYC New York Color Mosaic Face Powders are ultra sheer soft, natural pressed powders. Made up of four harmonizing hues in the right combination of colors to enhance skin tone. When the four neutral colors are blended together, they create a perfect single shade that balances and enhances all skin undertones. Choose from six great palettes for every skin brightening need.

I never really understood the purpose of a mosaic pressed powder or loose powder. Like - if you're going to blend all those pigments anyway, what is the benefit of leaving them separate? Why not just blend them to begin with? I couldn't find an answer in my research, so I'm going to say it's because it looks pretty. Because it does!

I tried this NYC New York Color Mosaic Face Powder in the Pink Cheek Glow hue, and I think I've found my new favorite cheek color. It's a great blue-pink for those with cool undertones (that would be me), but olive-skinned or darker ladies may want to try the peach or the mocha versions.

Like most of the rest of the NYC line, the main draw here is the price. I found it online for as low as $3.60, and it's a fair bit larger than most blush compacts you'll find. It's serviceable and stays on admirably, and it's a good value, which I like, since I'm cheap. (Or maybe just Midwestern.)

Note: when I was searching for this on Google Shopping, this happened:

I...don't know what this means. But I do think it's hilarious that the movie is cheaper than the powder.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Review - Mehron LIP Color Cream in Bubble Gum

The intensely rich colors of L.I.P. Cream are on the cutting edge of extreme fashion Makeup. The lavishly exciting colors of L.I.P. Cream offers full long lasting coverage with a built in hydrating cream to keep your lips smooth and supple. L.I.P. Cream is made using a creamy conditioning formula developed specially by Mehron.

Dang, y'all. I mean...DANG. Mehron is NOT KIDDING AROUND with this stuff. When they say "lavishly exciting," they mean LAVISHLY EXCITING. So this is some lip color from Mehron, a brand of which I've heard because I have bought my share of stage makeup (what what Mallatt's in Madison, WI), but many laypeople have not.

Because this is stage makeup, this is typically a) thick and b) highly pigmented. This Bubble Gum LIP Color Cream is no exception. It. Looks. Bananas. This is the type of color you would see in a fashion editorial and be like "no one could ever wear that in real life" and then the next day you SEE a girl wearing it and you're like "maybe I could wear it" and then you get it and put it on and you're like "oh god what have I done, I look like a coatcheck girl at the Copacabana, but not the real Copacabana, the one in Wisconsin Dells* where you can get a Mai Tai for like $3."

What I'm saying is: you should probably not wear this color. I don't think there are any people that should. The lip cream itself is fine. The Bubble Gum color is crazy.

*two Wisco references!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bioré Skincare and Physique 57 Offer Free exercise Classes & More

WHO: Bioré Skincare and Physique 57

WHAT: Sign up to experience a dynamic exercise method designed to rapidly transform your body, learn how to reduce your chances of getting post-workout blemishes, and receive a free sample of Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes to use. All sessions are absolutely free.

HOW: To reserve your spot, please register for the class at www.biore.com/usa/physique57tour. Walk-ins will be welcome, if space allows. Attendees will receive a sample size of Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes and a coupon towards a future purchase.
If you’re unable to attend a class, you can sign up for the chance to be one of the lucky winners to receive a Workout Essentials Kit, including the Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes, a Bioré-branded exercise ball and mat, and a Physique 57 DVD.

WHEN: Biore will offer 3 classes in each of the below cities:
9/23 – Miami
9/28 – Seattle
9/30 – Portland
10/5 – Chicago
10/7 – Austin
10/13 – Philadelphia
10/14 – Washington, DC
10/19 – San Francisco
10/21 – San Diego

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review - Mehron Glosstone Lip Shine

Glosstone by Mehron is a proprietary blend of rich, healing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, infused with specially made color pigments for a sheer glow with vibrant shades. Glosstone adds a pure glossy glow to your lips which highlights the beauty of all skin tones. Glosstone is available in three sheer, vibrant shades to add a distinctive glow and shine to your lips. Mehron, the Leader in Theatrical Makeup, produces Glosstone with the same lasting durability as the Professional Theatrical Makeup. The current sheer Glosstone shades are: Pearl Frosted, Gold Frosted and Clear. Glosstone will also heal and protect your lips and skin from environmental and oxidation damage caused by pollution and the sun.

I will always be excited to try a new lip gloss! I was very intrigued with this since I have never heard of Mehron before. Basically, its professional theatrical makeup made in the USA. They have a lot of crazy costume makeup but they also have regular makeup. The glosstone lip shine only costs $5.95. The color I have is Gold Frosted. Its a pretty gilded color. One that would compliment any skin tone. I used it over a lip stain and it really made the color pop. Its a bit on the greasy side but it didn't make the stain itself come off any quicker. That was a big plus for me. I also wore it alone and the end result was a pretty gold glow.

Melissa says: This lipgloss is great. I'm not a girl that wears to much color but I like a little gloss to pep up my look. I have it in clear and I wear it alone or mix a little color in. The best part is that it doesn't try out my lips. It's been my go-to lip gloss for a few weeks now and I highly recommend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review- Alba Botanica Gentle Acai Renewal Scrub

Sometimes your skin needs a little wake-up call. Scrub gently with this fine blend of Açaí Nut Powder, emollient-rich Cupuaçu Butter and Andiroba Oil to effectively soften and rejuvenate dull skin.

This scrub was exactly what my skin needed for summer. My normal-to-combination skin goes into oil overdrive in the warmer months, leaving my face looking like an oil slick. Its pretty much either walk around looking like a greaseball or over-cleanse and just have dry, blah looking skin. Luckily for me this amazing scrub gently sloughs off dead skin, deep cleans my pores and keeps it smooth and soft. I use it three times a week now, and will probably scale back ones the weather cools off. If your skin isn't as oily as mine, using it once or twice a week will definitely do the trick!

Trish says: This facial scrub rocks! For someone with combination/oily skin, I really love how well this cleanser exfoliates, leaving my skin brighter and clearer than before. Also, I noticed that not only were my pores much clearer, but my skin felt so much softer and smoother. I am definitely pleased with the results and feel this is a great choice for someone who wants an exfoliating scrub that truly works at an affordable price. A definite future purchase for me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review - NYC City Duet Eyeshadow (Island Sunset)

Put on your shades, guys, because these eyeshadow duets? ARE BRIGHT. I don't know how the pink and purple up there are showing up on your monitors, but on mine they are nowhere NEAR as bright and vivid as they are in person. For a budget-ish drugstore brand like NYC, these pigments are surprisingly bold and deep. The line comes in several other wowie-zowie color combinations with punny New York-y names (Upper Zest Side being my favorite, I think, both color-wise and name-wise).

I wore the fuchsia on my top lid and used the purple as more of a liner for the debut of these shadows. These are definitely cool colors, not for ladies with a lot of olive undertones. They stayed put admirably, though I only wore them out for the evening, not all day and into the night...I could see them just starting to rub off when I got home. The nice thing about them being so heavily pigmented was that it was easy to adjust the intensity of the color to suit my needs. Cheap, and available at your local drugstore? What's not to love?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Review - Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Forever Stay Pencil (Deep Jade)

I won't lie, y'all: I love Carmindy. I love her ever-cheerful disposition, her childlike belief that anyone can be beautiful, and her hair like yellow cornsilk. She is a delight on What Not to Wear, unlike Clinton and Stacy, who are occasionally just a little too shrill even for me. (Though Stacy knows her a silhouette. MORE BELTS, I SAY.)

In any event, Sally Hansen has a new line of products "inspired" by Carmindy, so I'm not sure if that means that Carmindy called them and was like "I just want everyone to be SO PRETTY!" and the Sally Hansen people were like "YES! We can make them pretty!" and Carmindy was like "Great! Bye!" and that was it, or if they actually worked to develop this line with her or what. But so far, I like what it's produced.

The Forever Stay Eye pencil does not stay on forever. But it stays on a good long time, to be sure, and I really like how smoothly it goes on. It's almost as good as my fancy-pants eyeliner pencil I want to keep forever and ever. This is just a good basic eyeliner from a trusted company with a spokesperson I like, in colors that work well for lots of people. The deep jade I tried was a nice, more-blue-than-yellow green that worked well for my hazel eyes, and I can see working well for green-eyed ladies or dark, dark brown-eyed ladies. Basically, if you're satisfied with the eyeliner you currently use, it's not worth switching to this one. But if you're looking for something new, give it a try!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review - Ultra Moist LipWear (Sheer Red)

I'm not much of a lipstick wearer, most of the time, though the other day I did say in my Facebook profile that I wanted to be the kind of girl who wears lipstick. A friend of mine - a lipstick wearer since, like, birth - commented that I just needed to find the right shade, and I'd be set. Well, this might just be that shade.

New York Color, or N.Y.C. for short (or NYC in this review, because I don't want to put periods between all the letters), is a drugstore brand that, as I see it, sits somewhere below your Cover Girls and Maybellines, but slightly above your Wet 'n' Wilds. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Wet 'n' Wild, but you know that stuff is cheap. NYC is slightly better on all fronts.

This lipstick feels less...coat-y than a lipstick normally does to me. It feels like, if it were a piece of fabric, it would be a gossamer chiffon scarf instead of the double-knit polyester feeling I normally get when I put on lipstick. This is not to say the coverage or color is less than a lipstick should have, just that it feels lighter. Of course, the trade-off is that you have to reapply fairly regularly, but it's cheap, pretty, and feels moisturizing. Not too shabby, NYC.

One caveat, however - on my monitor, the color looked NOTHING LIKE the actual lipstick - the real product was much brighter, bolder, and redder. But since you can only buy this at drugstores, you should be able to assess it better in person.