Monday, August 31, 2009

Review - Stockholm Face Creme Lipstick in New Rose

A "face lift" in a tube! Perfect rich creme coverage in a multitude of delectable sheer, shimmer and non-shimmer shades, for everyday, evening or a special event. Wear one at a time or couple to create a shade that is uniquely you. Pair with FACE Stockholm Lip Pencil or Lip Gloss to intensify color or add high-voltage shine. With over 100 colors to choose from, the possibilities seem endless.

This tube of lipstick is wonderful. It's all metal and shiny and just feels expensive, I feel like I spent way more than $22 to hold this beautiful little tube of lipstick! Inside the tube is even better yet, the creamy lipstick sticks around for hours, it feels wonderful, and really moisturizes. My only problem is the color just isn't exactly what works on me. I think I have this odd idea in my brain that super light shiny lipstick works on me, when in all actuality a rose might be better with my skin tone! If I wear it with a little colored gloss over it the affect is dramatically improved, and I find it is just lovely. It increases the length of every gloss I've tried it with by a few hours. I would definitely repurchase this product, though perhaps in a different color.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review- Obliphica Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream

Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream maximizes nutrition for your hair, combining styling features that help sculpt your hair, without it feeling greasy or sticky. Made from unique, natural ingredients, minerals and a range of moisturizers, the cream improves the look and styling of your hair, while nurturing and strengthening it. Especially developed to combat harsh sun, hard water and rough weather conditions, it is a versatile product that adds sheen, texture, and control to all hair types. 5 oz, $17.95.

An obliphica is a rare fruit found in the Himalayas and Siberia, known for its natural healing powers and nutrient rich properties. If you're not exactly up for a trek through Siberia to hunt for a mysterious fruit, take comfort in Obliphica's line of beauty products, all touting the benefits of the super-fruit without the hassle of trying to find one. Obliphica's Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream is a rich hair cream that is perfect for dry, damaged, frizzy hair. It leaves hair smooth, shiny, and conditioned, without weighing down your style or looking greasy. If you don't wash your hair daily, like many of us damaged hair girls, the product is amazing in that it won't build up and look gross after skipping a few shampoos, and it leaves your hair smelling absolutely divine. I would highly recommend this product to anyone concerned about dry damaged hair, as it really works wonders!

Review- M2 Body Refinish

Embarrassed by blotchy skin or rough patches on your body? M2 Body Refinish 15% is a complete body treatment solution for all your skin care dilemmas. It exfoliates dulling dead skin cells and eliminates the look of damage and discoloration through the use of Mandelic and Malic Acids. The addition of protective antioxidants and humectants transforms the skin from lackluster to luminous. 5.07 fl. oz. $45.

I've got a few yucky patches of skin - elbows, knees, and underneath my arms, and a few dark spots here and there. M2 Body Refinish is supposed to help improve discoloration through its powerful blend of antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids. They say you can use it once daily, unless it irritates your skin (some people are sensitive to the acids). Unfortunately this product didn't work out too well for me. M2 claims that within a month of use you will see a significant improvement in the condition of your skin; I used it daily for about 6 weeks and saw absolutely no results. I may keep using it for a few more weeks, just in case my skin is having a delayed response, but so far its not looking promising.
Deedlejuse says: I cannot rave enough about this Skin Refinish 15%!! You might have seen an earlier post about Skin Refinish where the reviewer was slightly irritated by how potent the solution is. When I read this I was absolutely dumbfounded. I LOVE my Skin Recharge and haven't found it irritating in the slightest. So naturally I was a bit confused by their post. Then it donned on me that I have the much less potent 15% variety, which I would definitely recommend for those of us who aren't completely leathery and wizened. I am 25 and have slightly less sun damage than I could have at my age, so it doesn't have too much work to do. This summer, however, I have gotten a bit more sun than I might have wanted to. This Skin Refinish just sort of burns the damaged skin away without you noticing it! I will give you one heads-up though: Your skin peels off slightly, I thought at first it was just the lotion beading up from humidity, but eventually I realized it is actually dead skin coming off your body. So if your going on a date (or anywhere else really!) with lots of skin showing I recommend "missing" the spots you leave bare for the day! It will leave you super soft, it worked absolute miracles on my hands and feet! Lastly, I will say that I adore the packaging, and I am excited every time I see it on my dresser. Great product, you will definitely see results.

Review - Curlisto Botanical Shampoo

A gentle shampoo for all curl types. This cleanser removes build-up and balances pH without stripping the natural moisture of your hair. Aloe, chamomile, cherry bark, henna and calendula help add moisture and shine. This shampoo is color safe.

If you look at my profile picture, you will see that my hair is about as far from curly as hair can get. My sister once accused me of using a straight iron when I had done was blown my hair dry. Still, I liked the Curlisto Botanical Shampoo enough that it didn't really matter that it's intended for curly hair - because it's formulated to remove build-up, that also meant it did a great job as removing the greasiness from my hair at the end of a long, hot day. I can see how this would be particularly helpful for my curly-headed sisters in arms, since all my friends with curls use a LOT of product and would definitely need something targeted at getting their locks totally clean. As far as scent goes (because you know you want your hair to smell nice), this shampoo is light and herbal, nothing special, but definitely likable. Curly girls should check it out!

Trish says: I'm a straight hair girl myself, but this shampoo was extra soft and delicate on my hair. I agree with Movie Maven, after using this shampoo I noticed that my hair felt much lighter and smoother and that any residual build-up was gently removed. A very clean and nice shampoo - nothing heavy here- but a soft and subtle botanical scent coupled with a clean wash that leaves your hair feeling lighter and softer all around!

Deedlejuse Says: I feel like the posts above are not quite as enthusiastic as I feel about the entire Curlisto line. Basically, I love everything I've tried, and I'm angry that I only received travel size portions of this Shampoo and the Botanical Rinse! Generally speaking I need to use very generous portions of HUGELY fortifying hair care. The stuff like Garnier Fructise, John Freida, Pantiene. You know the ones that you don't feel too bad about literally filling your entire hand with conditioner, because I need sooooo much moisture. I have chemically processed blond hair, which is not necessarily all that healthy all the time. It is also not curly at all so if your super curly listen to someone else! This Curlisto Shampoo is wonderful. You need about the size of a dime in your palm for your head to explode into wild lather. It is really gentle, and really cleans without leaving any residue. I can't say enough about this line, I want to try every product!

Hillary says: I found this shampoo to be very cleansing without stripping. I thought it was the perfect companion piece to the conditioner. I didn't feel at all that this was your typical "clarifying" shampoo because I usually equate that word w/ stripping-as-anything. I really liked the shampoo when used w/ the conditioner. However, don't get me started on the Masque (another review)!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review - John Frieda Ease Night Cream Serum

  • Transform.
  • Lightweight hair treatment.
  • Mends dry, damaged, frizzy hair for a visibly smooth, silky-soft texture.
  • This lightweight midnight-mender leaves no residue on the pillow.
  • Restores hair health.
  • Repairs damage overnight. 1.69 oz $9.99

  • I've been using John Frieda's line since I was in high school. I always look forward to his new products. My hair can be down right unruly & very frizzy. Cremes don't usually work for me, I usually have to use serums. This is a combination of serum & cream. I was very surprised. I put this on my hair at night while my hair is wet. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is soft and so smooth.
    It is definitely true to its description of being light weight and not leaving behind any residue. The bottle is small but all you need is a dime sized amount each night. I love this so much I even use it in the day time!

    Malikah says: I love this stuff! I'm pretty much a John Freida newbie, except for the classic Frizz Ease Serum. The Cream Serum formula is a lightweight moisturizer that calms frizzies, and prevents breakage. I've been using it nightly for 3 weeks, and my hair is crazy soft and smooth and my style stays frizz free throughout the day, without having to load up on other products. I've even noticed less hair coming out of my comb since I've been using it, so its definitely been helping me manage my breakage.

    Deedlejuse says: I have to agree with all the above. John Freida is basically the go-to pharmacy grade product out there, in my book. It is always a great quality, sometimes it even works better than the same type of product only much more expensive. The same goes for this Ease Night Cream Serum. I have very long blond hair, which is chemically processed. That generally means that the ends of my hair are almost always fried. Blond hair just needs soooo much moisture. This serum makes the ends look like they were just cut! all over night, and it doesn't stain my sheets! As with all John Freida products, I had high expectations, and this product lived up to my demands!

    Review- Smashbox eye shadow Quad

    Create Beautiful eyes effortlessly with this AWARD WINNING Eye Shadow Quad. Each container has four perfectly coordinated hues to take the guesswork out of choosing what shades to wear together.

    This thing is BIG. I have a feeling it's going to last forever, it's a little bigger than the palm of my hand! So if anyone has been apprehensive about buying one, rest assured, there's a lot of shadow in here and it's going to last you a very long time! On first use, I decided to just try the shades out in stripes on my lids to see how it went with my eyes. I cannot begin to explain the texture of this shadow. It's like the softest, finest, most silky powder I've ever used. I know it's not exactly sanitary, but I had to have friends touch it to believe it! Everyone agrees it's silky smooth. I'm wearing it as I type this, and have been religiously using it as my shadow of choice for over two weeks. It has extremely reliable staying power and can go on VERY bold *or* very soft, whichever you'd like. I highly recommend this to someone who wants ONE quad to carry around with them that will last forever. As an added bonus, it has not flaked, chipped or fallen to pieces knocking around in my make up bag all this time.

    Trish says: This really really is one of the softest, silkiest, easiest eye shadows ever! I was surprised at how smooth it glided on and how sophisticated all the pigments looked! I tried the GlamourEyesBrown quad - which consisted of a charcoal gray, deep brown, nude beige, and soft tan shade. The beautiful part being that if you're anything like me, matching single shades can be a bit tricky sometimes, but with this quad everything is meant to blend perfectly together- so that you can build each shade on top of the other and look as if you know exactly what you're doing! No more guessing work and trying to figure out what shade goes where and how well it will match. Plus, as an added bonus, this quad in particular makes the ever elusive smokey eyes a simple breeze! Instant sexiness in one simple package! If you're at all short on time, space, and skill - this is the best quad ever for an all-in-one easy look!

    Hillary says: Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am a huge Smashbox fan. This eyeshadow quad has done nothing to dampen my "rah-rah" spirit. This is a quad for hazel eyes and it brings them out beautifully. Honestly, looking at the four colors together you sort of scratch your head and think "How is this going to work?". But on, they are gorgeous. I read somewhere that Smashbox eyeshadows don't offer a full "color payoff" meaning they are more of a medium coverage, but I tend to disagree. I feel that you can apply their eyeshadows for anything from sheer to full coverage, which is one of the things I love about them.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    Review- Priori Smooth Lines

    The focused, high-performance anti-aging treatment. PRIORI Smooth Lines with 0.5% Idebenone excels at helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles as it protects skin from environmental oxidative stress. 1 fl. oz. $95 (price taken from an online discount site)

    This is one of the oddest product recommendations you’re likely to read, but the truth is important. I’d been testing this product for four days when I received word my father had passed away. This product was the correct size for travel, so I took it with me. We’re looking at a high-level stress event, lack of sleep, and one other key matter: effects of travel. Any time I’ve ever flown, it didn’t matter how much I hydrated or if I used heavy grease on my skin . . . when I arrived at my destination, my skin was seriously lined and stayed that way for one or two days. So, when I went to the restroom immediately after landing, I was astonished to see in the mirror that my skin was unlined. And, despite more stress and lack of sleep during the week I was home for my father’s funeral, my skin was perfect. This Smooth Lines product even defeated the change of climate effects. All I can say is if a product can have this kind of effect against these odds on a woman in her fifties, that’s Skin Care in the truest context. Priori, you created something remarkable. Thank you.

    Sunday, August 23, 2009

    Review- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

    Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer creates the perfect canvas for eyeshadow application. Wear this universal shade under shadow to increase longevity, or create the perfect nude eye by applying over the lid for an even tone. Size: 0.1 oz. $20

    Oh, this is the exact beauty product missing from my essential makeup kit! Usually, I do wear some kind base for my eyeshadow, but I had been skipping that step lately when my old one ran out. So, no wonder my eyeshadow hasn't looked so great lately or the inevitable crease shows up no matter how many hours I sleep. I know a great product really really works when I can see a noticeable difference right away, recognizing how much better my eye makeup looks! This Smashbox Lid Primer did it. No more creases, the pigment in my eyeshadow looks smoother and richer than before, and I'm really digging the disappearance of fine lines! Plus, the eyeshadow lasts all day too. With such a smooth and pearl-like finish, this Smashbox Primer delivers a nice cream base that elevates our beloved eyeshadow to a higher level, while erasing a few lines here and there at the same time! For those reasons alone, I'm completely smitten! A definite try and a worthwhile choice indeed!

    Movie Maven says: "I'm lazy," I whine. "I have too much to do in the morning, like roll out of bed and hit the snooze button 47 times. I can't be bothered to put on primer. It's not even a color." My common sense, however, fights back: "Do you want your eyeshadow to run out halfway through the day? Do you like looking like you rubbed all your eye makeup off? No? THEN PUT ON THE PRIMER." So I do, and inevitably I'm happy I took the extra - what - 30 seconds? 35, maybe, if I have trouble picking up the brush? Primer is key for me, as products - even powder ones - do not like to stay on my face for very long, and this Smashbox primer is a great one. Goes on smooth, doesn't affect the shade of your shadow too much, keeps the stuff in place all day. Try it!

    Hillary says: Smashbox Lid Primer- Where have you been all my life?! I am a total Smashbox cheerleader, but I really do love this primer. I've used it on myself as well as several other people whose makeup I've done lately and it is just the trick to get perfect, long-lasting eyeshadow application. One caveat, I would say this is for light to medium tones only as it is the color of light caucasian flesh. I could be wrong, but I don't think it would work on women with darker toned skin. I think that Smashbox should come out with a second, darker formula for those of you who aren't as white as Casper like myself. I would buy it for my kit in a heartbeat! Still, anything that can make even cheap eyeshadow stay on for hours and hours gets a thumbs up from me. P.S. Smashbox- if I'm wrong about the color thing, please correct me.

    Review- Curlisto Structura Lotion

    This alcohol-free lotion defines curls and fights humidity without stiffness or frizz. Improves hair strength and pliability. Can be mixed with Control I Gel or Control II Gel for extra hold. Perfect styling tool to soothe all curl types. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein soothes, conditions and strengthens hair, and panthenol prevents breakage and encourages flexibility and elasticity. 8 oz for $12.

    My hair naturally is really wild and curly, so of course I spend most of my life trying to figure out how to get and keep it straight. I've always loved the look of those soft romantic mermaid-esque waves in the summer, but with the texture of my hair that look has been impossible to achieve. My shoulder length locks are too short to get the look using a curling iron, so I usually tried scrunching my damp hair with a mixture of products, hoping they will help maintain and control the way my hair naturally coils. Most products I've used have utterly failed me, but Curlisto's Structura Lotion left me with amazing results. The softly scented serum glided through my hair smoothly, and while I normally would have a huge Afro within an hour of it drying, my hair air dried to a mass of beautifully defined, soft waves. There was still a good amount of volume, but it was definitely not out of control. The style lasted all day, and my hair stayed soft, not stiff like some gels or hairsprays can leave it. If you're looking for a product to highlight your natural waves look no further than Curlisto's Structura Lotion.

    Josephine says: I concur completely with Malikah. This lotion, which is clear BTW, but is brilliantly capitalizing on the old school styling lotion of yesteryear, reminds me of a Paul Mitchell product from back in the day that was crafted to use before you set your hair with hot rollers. Who doesn't love hot rollers?! Anyway, every time I have used this, I have gotten full round curls that are tame and for lack of a better term joyful. BTW, the salon included a how-to instructional sheet for each bag they gave us to guide us through using their products to the fullest efficacy which I mention now because it's really smart and classy. Well done!

    Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Review- M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer

    Soothe and repair your stressed, dehydrated skin with this oil-free, antioxidant-rich moisturizer. Formulated to comfort and protect the skin from moisture loss throughout the day while improving the appearance of aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. $30.50 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    Compared to the M2 cleanser and serum, this stuff is the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down. It's lush, thick, slippery and so comforting amidst the badass regime. It's also the brightest most fluffy color yellow which makes me smile every time I pop off the top. When there is a lull in my skincare testing, I will definitely go back to using M2 quite possibly because of this moisturizer.

    Hillary Says: Although I really like this moisturizer and it's stay-fresh delivery system, I don't think it's quite moisturizing enough for my terminally dry skin. It's got so many good-for-your-skin ingredients in it that I will continue using it with the aid of my new secret weapon- Boske Dermaceuticals Hydra-Boost Gel. I put the gel under the moisturizer and I get all the moisture I need plus all the added benefits of the many types of exfoliating acids found in the M2 moisturizer. It's a match made in heaven. Now if I had the serum, it may have performed the same service, but I really like the way my skin looks lately using this combination. The M2 Line is really worth investigating as it's affordable and effective.

    Review- M2 HP Skin Refinish

    Eliminate all your skin care woes with one easy-to-use serum. This multi-purpose facial treatment uses a high-potency combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids to rapidly even skin tone, reduce breakouts, and soften wrinkles. (Previously known as MaMa Lotion) $44.50 for 1.7 fl. oz.

    If you have seen my previous post about M2, you know that I love it and it was hell getting there. The refinisheris probably the source, cause and origin for my discomfort since it is so hardcore that the directions suggest that you use it every 'other' day (at best) in the first two months and if there's 'any irritation' then you should just stop using it altogether. I can't say I looked forward to the nights I was supposed to use it, partially because you leave it on for 10-15 minutes before following up with moisturizer and it's really sticky but since I have been so impressed with what M2 can do, I rightly owe an acknowledgment to this serum as much as the other two products. It sounds so cheesy but this cliche has never been more true: No pain, no gain.

    Sultana says: This is the most unique product I have ever tried. Is it possible to love & hate it at the same time? Its sticky, smells funny & tastes yucky! Don't ask how I know what it tastes like! Lets just say I let some get on my mouth by accident and it wasn't pretty! OK, so there is a lot of bad. Lets talk about the good. Smooth, refined & ceramic-like skin.
    When you think about all the things we do to make ourselves beautiful, this isn't that bad. I sucked it up and the results were totally worth it.

    Review- M2 Exfoliating Cleanser

    Instantly refine your skin every time you wash. This gel cleanser combines Mandelic and Malic Acids to gently exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. Natural antibacterial, antioxidant, and humectant properties restore balance, clarity, and tone. Soap-free and SLS-free. $22.50 for 6.76 oz.

    Using M2 for the last three weeks kind of reminds me of field hockey camp circa 1988. It was a grueling week-long test of one's mettle and every successive day my alarm went off at 5am and I crawled out of bed, I was quite literally closer to the floor, doubled over with so much deep muscle soreness and fatigue that I frequently joked I needed a walker at the tender age of sixteen. But I kept going back every summer because at the end of the week I was in killer physical form and my offering to our field hockey team was totally elite. Get where I am going with this? The physical discomfort of the first week of this line (I had three products to use in conjunction) has been completely worth it--and the website claims that real results start two months into usage! The directions on the back of the bottle offer the possibility of leaving the product on for 30 seconds before rinsing. I found that to be too tall an order, particularly when there was a vulnerability to my face by the end of the first week where I was painfully aware of every minuscule abrasion that didn't even know I had. Finally, in case it wasn't clear, I have seen remarkable results from the M2 line that substantiate every claim they make: clearer, more refined, more even-toned, softer and smoother skin.
    Hillary says: This is so weird because Josephine & I agree on practically everything, but on this product (or should I say line of products) we are in total discord. Not that I don't love the products, because I do, but because I've had no discomfort whatsoever from the cleanser or the moisturizer! I hadn't used the products yet when Josephine told me what killers they were but it was worth it because they worked. So I really psyched myself out for that first face wash. I felt nothing! Barely a tingle! I left it on for an additional 30 seconds like the directions say, and still nothing. I rinsed to reveal a glowing, radiant, freshly exfoliated face and I didn't have to go through any discomfort for it. Now mind you, when I went for a photo-facial the other day, the woman kept turning the machine up and asking me if I was ok. Eventually I stopped her. When I was done she was acting all giddy and I asked her "What's up?" she said she'd never used the machine that high before. So I guess my face is pretty tough. What I really like about this cleanser is that I can use it along with my prescription Tazorac with no ill effects.

    Review - Pevonia Dry Skin Travel Kit

    Dry skin is often dehydrated, lacking luster and vitality. Revitalize what the passing of time and the environment quickly strip away. Complete with Dry Skin Cleanser, Lotion, Cream, and Eye Make-Up Remover, this TSA-approved travel kit (sizes comply with air travel 3-1-1 carry-on rule) contains all of the essentials for treating dry skin and is perfect on the go. Hydrate and age-defy with Pear Seed Extract, Royal Jelly, Microemulsified Vitamin A, E & C, and Hyaluronic Acid. Your complexion is rendered visibly rejuvenated, firmer with increased suppleness and elasticity

    Deedlejuse Says: I'm not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't classify myself as "dry." Or perhaps "sometimes dry, but not terribly so in the summer." I don't know, it really is difficult to box yourself in, but luckily that doesn't really matter with this travel kit! I tend to be a bit sensitive, and this didn't irritate one bit. So I feel like it is just so versatile. You can have pretty much any kind of skin, but oily, and be very happy with this combo of products. The cleanser is, like I said, non-irritating but effective. The eye make up remover is ver good, and again not irritating. The lotion is baisically like an astringent, wich isn't irritating in the least, or drying. So I guess nothing like a normal astringent except that it is liquid. It really fortifies the moisture level, and works really well, all while removing the residue from the cleanser. The Cream really is the best part. It is thick and creamy, but not overly so. It sucks in instantly, and doesn't over-perfom (which can be an issue for me in the humid summer months). Aaannndd the whole thing comes in this lovely little travel case! I would say that this is great for traveling, but also if you want to get 4 amazing products for around $45 you are in the right place!

    Review- Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

    Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 contains light-diffusing mineral pigments that help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while providing protection against UVA/UVB rays. This products is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and suitable for all skin types. $30 for 1.25 oz.

    There's a little letter from Laura inside the packaging for the "tinty," as my son calls it. In it, she extols the virtues of this "lightweight wash of color with sunscreen" with simple and effective composition. The letter mirrors this product perfectly. I wouldn't say it's your run-of-the-mill tinted moisturizer though. It's a lot more soft, blendable and lush. There is more coverage per pump than I have seen in some department store liquid foundations. Plus, if you apply with a sponge and spackle where you need a little more cover, you are now working with an elite formulation capable of much more than its competition. She also suggest using it over foundation for another layer of spf which is genius. There are a half dozen anti-oxidants in it, too. And now for the cool factor: I remember hearing the Laura Geller name associated with Madonna back when Madonna started elevating hair and makeup people to rockstar status, which just plain rules, in my book.

    Trish says: I'm a hard sell when it comes to tinted moisturizers. I like my moisturizers to moisturize, and my coverage to, well, cover! Having said that, I'm 100% sold on this Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer! I tried it in "Medium" tone, which was completely perfect for me! I was surprised at how well it blended and how natural it looked on my skin - it matched my skin tone so well that I couldn't see, or feel, any difference between the tinted shading and my own skin. As a result, I had the most natural looking glow ever! Plus major points for the SPF 20 protection, antioxidants, and overall minimal, yet amazing coverage. I did apply just a little bit of powder to even out my skin tone in some areas, but then again, I would have been just as fine without it. I can imagine this being the perfect tinted moisturizer for those with nice and clear skin already - and if not, it still works just as wonderfully as well- especially on those lazy hot days, when you want to run out the door with the least amount of work required, this tinted moisturizer delivers all the goods in one easy step. Two thumbs up from a picky consumer like me - my skin looked so radiant that I didn't want to apply anything else on top of it. Who knew that looking this minimal and bare could feel so sexy!

    Movie Maven says: I love tinted moisturizers, especially in the summer, because I always feel like wearing a lot of makeup in the summer is not only uncomfortable, but a futile effort - it's all just going to slide off eventually anyway. This tinted moisturizer is great, because it truly is a moisturizer, and a good one at that. Too many tinted moisturizers I've tried don't actually give my skin the right amount of moisture - it's either too greasy, or doesn't moisturize at all. The Laura Geller Barely There was, in the words of Goldilocks, just right. It provided just enough coverage for a day when I was feeling good about my skin (or, like Trish points out, when I'm feeling lazy), and was completed with a touch of powder. Plus, hello SPF 20! Nice.

    Deedlejuse Says: So I guess I have to just agree with all above! I am a Tinted Moisturizer girl, I prefer it to foundation 100%. I'm young and don't really need too much covering, because I don't have too many problems with my skin. However, I did have one pimple, and it was a doosey, when this product arrived. It really did not do anything to the discoloration. If you have issues like acne you might need to invest in a bit more fire-power, but for a light covering I think this might have been my favorite one I've tried so far. It is a wonderful consistency, as stated above, and really applies like a dream. The color will add a bit of a bronze to your skin, which on me was really lovely. In the winter, when I'm not a bit tan it might be too much, but for now I'll take it! Really I must give this product my full endorsement, I really really liked it!

    Melissa says: I love this product! I am a creature of habit and was perfectly fine with my powder until I tried this. I am not a big makeup user and always feel a bit self-conscious trying new foundation, crèmes or powders. I have Laura Geller’s Deep color and it blended in perfectly. It was enough to even out my skin tone and keep my skin looking natural and moisturized. I also love that it has spf 20. The funny thing is that the day I tried this moisturizer, I dropped my powder and because this is so great, I haven’t replaced it!

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Review- Cosmedicine Medi-Morphosis Self-Adjusting Exfoliator

    A highly effective exfoliator with special stop-action crystals that adjust to individual needs and pinpoint areas requiring more attention. Formulated to automatically eliminate the potential for overdoing the exfoliation process by shutting off when uniform smoothness, brightness, and luminosity are achieved. Accelerates the release of cellular debris, roughness, dullness, and skin damage without the risk of irritation, redness, and sensitivity. Helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fades pigmentation and age spots, refines pores, and perfects skin's appearance.

    This was the most gentle, yet effective exfoliator I've ever used. The crystals really smooth out your skin without feeling the least bit abrasive, and it leaves your skin feeling super smooth and radiant. The self-adjusting technology is really unique, and keeps you from overdoing it with the scrub. I've tried many exfoliating scrubs, and it takes a lot of guess work to figure out when to start scrubbing. I love that you don't have to worry about that with this product - the smart crystals do it for you! I've been using it twice a week since my skin is on the oily side, and the results are really amazing. My skin looks really healthy, with a nice natural glow. Don't confuse this product with some exfoliating cleansers on the market - it doesn't remove makeup so make sure you wash your face with a regular cleanser before using this exfoliator.

    Josephine says: Eh, I don't know. This scrub neither impressed or depressed me. It did what it set out to do, sure, and I like that the directions explicitly state that you can use this on your lips for the same smooth outcome, but other than that I am not ga-ga over it. As Malikah says, it is an added step to your routine since you wouldn't want to use it without taking off your makeup first and I'm just not that into another task in the morning or night. I also fully cop to that possibility that this is a case of "It's not you, it's me" and we can leave it at that.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Review - DDF Brightening Cleanser

    A blend of six natural skin brighteners in a foaming glycolic and salicylic gel to help noticeably minimize uneven skin tone and target age spots. Excellent for face and body as part of an overall hyperpigmentation program. Also effective in helping minimize post blemish discoloration. Licorice scent. 8.5 oz $35.00

    I was in desperate need of something like this! I had some ugly scars on my face. After a few uses, I noticed that my face was brighter and my acne scars were less noticeable. This also left my face very smooth. I am sure if I continue this as part my regular routine, I can kiss acne scarring goodbye permanently. This isn't just limited to your face ladies, you can use this on your entire body.
    One thing I've learned over the years, is that when you find a good product on the market you have to stick with it. Next on my list is the DDF Fade cream!

    Review- Obliphica Treatment Hair Mask

    Repair and nourishing for very dry and colored hair. $12.95 for 5.1 oz

    I touched up my roots one day recently and the instructions say to not shampoo or condition once you rinse out the color. I used the Obliphica mask in hopes to "lock in" the color for some unparalleled amount of time. I'll have to add an addedum to this review if it works. Anyway, I wasn't hugely impressed with the effects of the conditioner post-root color but I had a feeling that these products are really hardcore and work specifically with each other within the line so I saved some that I was going to use with my Oblphica shampoo sample. A couple of days later I used the rest of it in conjunction with the shampoo and I was pretty happy with the result. Said result was achieved, from what I can tell, from the proverbial hand of the shampoo washing the hand of the conditioner, if you will. Additionally, I have been rolling effortlessly through the stankiest weather in the history of NYC with straight hair.

    Sultana says: I am picky with deep conditioners. I've had the best and the worst. This one falls right in between. Its a good hair mask but it didn't do anything about the knots I get in my hair. Which surprised me because this is made for color treated and damaged hair. It did however, leave my hair softer and shinier so that is a plus.
    I think that if my hair was shorter, this would have worked better.

    Deedlejuse Says: Can I just start with how amazing the smell of this product is! It really is one of the best smelling deep conditioners I have tried. It left the entire bathroom smelling amazing throughout my shower, and even for a few hours after. I can't really give a super-happy review, only because the sample packet was so small, and it really only worked for one deep-condition. I have a feeling that after a few more uses this Deep Conditioner would really be more amazing. For the one use I had though I will say I really liked it. My hair looked and felt very soft and shiny, and the thickness of the suspension was just right to really get down into my locks. I would reccomend getting this product and trying it, even if you don't re-purchase, because it has amazing potential to be a star!

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    Review- DDF Non-Drying Gentle Cleanser

    A non-drying gentle cleanser for ultra mild sensitive skin. Made without dyes that leaves skin hydrated while also removing makeup.

    The reason why I like this product so much is because it delivers . It's truly a non-drying gentle cleanser. First though, I must take a step back and applaud their fantastic packaging and bottle. I’m a firm believer that a company should care about what a product does from the inside and out. Aside from looking sleek, the perforated edges that makes the package easy to open was pretty cool.

    I tried the cleanser for two weeks to see if I could feel the difference. A little goes far with this cleanser. Just a nickel size amount covers my whole face. It has a nice texture and feels like it’s cleaning without stripping or burning my face. After my face dries, it feels moisturized and I don’t get that tight feeling. My face gets dry quickly and I've found that a lot of cleansers do even more damage .
    The cleanser has jojoba oil and aloe and I think it does the trick! It just makes my face seem clean and refreshed. Overall, I really like this product and am going to keep it as my regular cleanser.

    Review- Obliphica Treatment Hair Shampoo

    A professional and exclusive formula for treating and restoring dry or damaged hair. $14.95 for 14.4 oz.

    I got a little sample of this shamp and what basically happened is that it teased the h*ll out of me because it's so awesome and the one time I used it, I fell in love and mourned the loss of it all within one shower. But aside from the low level depression that set in after the packet was empty, my hair looked freakishly incredible and by the way, it's because this "shampoo" is basically oil that lightly cleans your hair to soft shiny perfection. It's kinda like the face cleaners that are made entirely of oil yet they remove makeup and clean your face unlike anything else. Anyway, back to the shampoo... it smells unlike any beauty product made and sold in the United States. I am super psyched it isn't impossible to get, too, because anyone with chemically-challenged hair needs to try this.

    Malikah says: This shampoo really is amazing. I kept expecting it to lather up a lot like most shampoos do, but it really doesn't. It is a very gentle, moisturizing cleanser - it easily removes all the dirt, grit, and excess oil from your hair, while still leaving it incredibly soft, shiny, and manageable. It was ridiculous how smooth my hair was after just one shampoo!

    Review- Curlisto Repair Styling Cream

    A protein-based, leave in conditioner that protects hair from breakage and styling heat. Infuses hair with aloe, honey, lecithin, hydrolyzed wheat protein and vitamins A and E, leaving hair soft and frizz free. Great for chemically treated hair. $29 for 8oz.

    Curlisto's products are really amazing for curly, frizzy, hair, and anyone concerned about damage to their mane. The Repair Styling Cream is a lightweight leave in conditioner enriched with proteins, B vitamins, and natural fatty acids to protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments. Apply to damp hair after shampooing but before styling. It left my hair noticeably softer without weighing down my style. You can also rub a bit of it in your hair to add moisture throughout the day.

    Review - Smashbox Eyelights Eyeshadow Palette

    Inspired by bright studio lights, our EYELIGHTS palettes contain color-coordinated mega-watt shades to light up your eyes. Each mirrored compact contains three metallic shadows that can be applied wet or dry, and a double-ended brush for lining and smudging. For a beautiful wash of shimmering color, apply the shadows with a dry brush. Apply them wet, and get vivid color with high metallic shine.

    Yes. This is the stuff, people. Smashbox has never failed to disappoint me, and these eyeshadows make me want to go to their headquarters and kiss someone. Yes, they stay on really well. Yes, the compact is classy-looking and comes with a sweet dual-head brush so you can apply it multiple ways. Yes, you can use this shadow wet or dry. But my favorite thing about this set is that somehow, they have provided me with the exact colors I want for a great smoky eye. I have the set in "Smokebox," which is described as metallic warm beige, soft pewter, and intense black. I'd probably call the lightest color "ivory" instead of "beige," since it's closer to white than tan, but I am basically obsessed with these colors. You can do SO MANY things with just these three shades. The other color options don't look quite as versatile - none of the other color options have a dark enough color for me to use as a liner - but if they are as long-lasting as the Smokebox, I'm in.

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    Review - Face Stockholm Precision Eyeliner

    Make your mark with our new eye ink Precision Eyeliner. Just like your favorite felt tip, this eyeliner was meticulously crafted in Japan to allow you to create signature eye designs with the ease and precision of a pen. Saturated liquid color dispenses automatically for consistent, fluid application. Precise, clean lines dry quickly, without streaks, smears or transfers. The tapered tip allows total control and precision for magnificently even and strikingly defined eyes.

    Listen, I know the whole 60s thing is really hot right now because of the whole Mad Men* phenomenon, but I will have you all know that I have been rocking that look for ages. AGES! You really can't go wrong with a well-fitting knee-length shift, some killer pumps, a brooch, and an updo. And of course, the perfect cat-eye liquid liner. I've been on the hunt for the perfect liner for ages, and have been using Almay's version for a long time with great results, but it really takes a steady hand to get a thin line when you want one. So I was super-stoked to give this Face Stockholm Precision Liner a try. I wore it a couple of different ways and I found I got the best results when I wore it over a shadow to help the liner stay on most effectively - and stay on it did! I happened to crash at a friend's house one night while wearing it and it was still on the next morning. My friend was like "Oh my god, your eyes still look incredible." Then I did the walk-of-non-shame-because-all-I-did-was-sleep-on-my-friend's-couch. But it still easily came off with my makeup remover! Sweet! And y'all - the "precision" in "precision liner is NO JOKE. You can get a superthin line right at the lash line, or draw an outline for a cat-eye and fill it in (my favorite tutorial is here). I might even be willing to pony up the $36 this baby costs. Love it.

    *I'm not contractually obligated to mention Mad Men in every post...I just like it a lot.

    Review- Makeup 101 Class by The Powder Group, NYC

    August 1-3. 3 day makeup class taught by Michael Devillis, James Vincent & Orlando Santiago.

    The main thing I have to say about this 3 day seminar is WOW! I never knew how much I didn't know. For a long time now I've considered myself a lay-guru when it comes to make-up and it's application. These 3 days have opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Sure I've had make-up training before and without that I don't think I could have absorbed so much from Makeup 101, but these seminars far expanded my knowledge of color theory, different applications for different looks and what look fits what person for what occasion. It has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Not only do they teach you application and hygiene, they give you tons of information about the industry itself and what niches of make-up artistry exist. If you came into this class with some education and a modicum of experience under your belt, you could easily gain the confidence to say- start doing bridal make-up. It sounds a little far-fetched that after 3 days you could go out and make money doing make-up, but the 3 days are incredibly intense (in a light spirited way) and jam packed with information.

    No 3 people are better at putting you at ease than Michael, James and Orlando. They have a knack for making every student feel like they count and will answer any question in a non-judgemental way. I cannot stress enough that if you are starting off in make-up or if you feel you are on the fence as to whether or not make-up artistry is for you, this class is the perfect vehicle for flushing out your options. I highly recommend anyone in this position sign up for this class when it come to an area near you next. You couldn't ask for a more user- friendly forum to get your feet wet in the world of make-up artistry.

    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Review- Smashbox Reign Lip Gloss in Crowned

    The Smashbox Reign Collection is inspired by the ruling era of the English Tudors—an imperial court mired in salacious scandal and royal indulgence. The products featured in this collection are luxe, sexy, and indulgently sensorial, giving a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of royalty.

    Ok, I give them props for creativity, but honestly where did that come from? I'm not English..... Just kidding! I think that the packaging actually looks a lot like the Juicy Couture line, which I really like the look of. So I love this little tube! It's so cute, and it has a cute little tassel and everything! Very cute. The gloss itself is deceptively luxurious. At first it really doesn't feel like anything special, just like a good quality gloss that you spent $19 on. The nice thing is that it stays feeling like that for hours. Usually a gloss either wears off pretty quickly or starts feeling gummy and weird after an hour or so. This one stays strong and not thick, which is why it's deceptive. It doesn't feel like your wearing a lot of sticky gloss, but when you check out your pout it looks super shiny, and awesome! The color I have is called Crowned, and it is a perfectly beautiful dusty rose with hints of gold shimmer. I feel like most glosses have silver, so the gold is a nice touch. The shade worked perfectly for my pale blond complexion Smashbox makes some of my most favorite glosses, and this is my favorite that they have made so far. So that means its really awesome gloss!

    Review- DDF Mattifying Oil Control Moisturizer

    A daily protective moisturizer that controls exterior oils to instantly minimize shine on contact while also helping to protect against harmful UVA/UVB sun damage. SPF 15. 1.7 oz $42

    Right now this is the moisturizer for me. I'm not sure what it was - maybe a combination of the humidity mixed with me wearing some heavy products - but my skin was on a very fast track to break out central! Usually in the past, I just succumed to it and let nature take its course, suffering through a week-long misery of pimples and a resulting scar. Until I discovered this DDF Mattifying Oil Control Moisturizer! Wow, what a huge difference this product has made on my life and my skin! It started to work right away, even within the first use, to control the oily buildup and any potential of a breakout. I was amazed at how quickly it remedied the threat of acne, and still manage to make my skin look better than ever! This moisturizer controls excessive oiliness and shine, in a way that fully hydrates your skin, making it look smoother and more matted than before. The best part is that you can still safely wear UVA/UVB protectant moisturizer in the summer heat and not worry about clogging your pores or tempting your skin with an unsightly breakout. This miracle of a moisturizer fully lived up to all its claims by minimizing oil and shine, mattifying the skin, and guarding against new pimples. I won't go a day without using this because it truly, truly works. My skin looks and feels better than ever! Plus I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and not worry about those scary breakouts too!

    Sultana says: This the best moisturizer ever! Not only do I have acne & oily skin, but I have some large pores on my face from sun damage. If I don't wear the right moisturizer, I look like I have giant craters on my face. Yuck! You can wear this before you apply your makeup because it goes on super smooth and makes for a good base.
    Acne control and protection from the sun? What more could a girl want?

    Josephine says: Count me in as a fan. Um, I am pretty dubious about mattifying 'anything' but under makeup this lotion has gotten me looks of sheer envy, even incredulousness from other women on the NYC subway with their makeup halfway down their face while mine looks pristine. At 9am, no less. Anyway, I am digging the SPF which you 'know' is good when the product smells like some old school Coppertone suntan lotion. Love it.*

    *The last 6 or so reviews I have done have been under the influence of the hottest flipping days this city has seen in years in my recollection.

    Movie Maven says: I'll join the chorus here! I love Josephine's point about the Coppertone suntan lotion - there is something really comforting about that smell. When I use this moisturizer (which is great, great, great), I always feel like I'm off to a day on the beach instead of slogging through subway traffic to get to my office. But for those first few moments of the day, it's nice to pretend. In any event, this moisturizer is perfect for us ladies with less-than-perfect skin that likes to break out! Since it's made to control oil, it leaves my face de-greased (for a little while, at least). Yes to DDF!

    Review- Face Stockholm Eye Liner in Disa

    A collection of soft, smooth, rich colors to define, enhance and compliment our Eye Shadow shades. Perfect for lining top, bottom and inner eye, as well as brow coloring. $17

    Who calls an eyeliner "Disa?" I don't even care about the odd name. This green is a hybrid of military and forest green and it's cra-mazing. The pencil is so thick and creamy that the desired smudge-y effect that one generally has to work for to make sultry is instantaneous. I lined my entire eye with it and just left the rest to chance. It travelled like a good pencil should but never needed a cotton swab to clean or maintain. I will absolutely purchase other colors when I need new pencils.

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Review - Smashbox Reign Eyeshadow Palette in Monarch

    Decadent mirrored compacts with 6 baked shadows in both matte and shimmer for higher pigmentation and longer wear. Wear the shimmery shades wet for a metallic, smoky look or dry for a gorgeous wash of luminous color. Use the matte shades as a base, or in the outer corners and crease to intensify a smoky eye. $42 each

    I have a lot of different eye shadows and palettes. This is probably one of the most unique ones that I own. The presentation is simply stunning. A brown leather compact with a mirror and three different shades that can be worn in various ways. This palette is so versatile, wear it dry or wet for a more dramatic look. The middle of each shade is matte while the outside circle is metallic. The colors are so pretty. One of the hottest trends for fall is smoky eyes with contours and this palette will give you that and much more. This is a must have for your fall makeup collection.

    Malikah says: I am so in love with this eyeshadow palette! The rich brown leather compact is so luxurious, it really makes your beauty routine feel special. The shadows have really strong pigments, helping you create a variety of sexy, chic, or dramatic looks. I especially love the daring burgundy shade. If the traditional black smoky eye is too much for your taste, the matte and metallic burgundy hues create a really modern take that look, giving you warm, rich, and sultry eyes. I've been wearing the shimmery champagne shade this summer, but I can't wait to start experimenting with more intense looks come Fall.

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Review - Lancome Magnifique Perfume

    Audacious. Passionate. Utterly Magnifique.

    The fragrance that celebrates her vibrant femininity, her joie de vivre. Infused with the spicy impertinence of saffron, the warmth of roses and the smoky embrace of exotic nagarmotâ wood.

    So perfume is my thing. I love it, and I work at an oil perfume bar so I definitely get to smell a lot of it. I went to the Lancome counter today to pick up some moisturizer, and was given a sample of Magnifique. It is definitely a more mature fruity oriental fragrance. It is very nice, but I feel like it has been done before. It It smells a lot like a Givenchy, or older Lancomes. Definitely a nice fall fragrance, but it isn't one that knocks my socks off. The staying power is really good though, at least 6 hours of subtle fragrance.

    Above is actually a review I did, about a year ago (my goodness I've been doing this a while!) and I wanted to specify the difference between the Eau de Toilette I tried last year, and the Eau de Parfum I received a few days ago. While I vividly remember this fragrance being rather like most others in department stores in the fall, a little more mature, perhaps, but really quite familiar. When you go for the Eau de Parfum the fragrance, while similar is stunnigly bold and vibrant. The woodieness of this woody oriental explode on your skin, and the berries are so much more powerful! It stays where it is, but closer, so the smell is quiet, but quietly there. I have never tried an Eau de Parfum before, though goodness knows I've tried my share of perfumes, but I have to say it is like SOOOOO worth the extra bucks. The Eau de Parfume is heavy cream, so luxurious and decadent, while the Eau de Toilette is the skim milk, its good but there's gotta be something better. And Magnifique really is when you tone down the alcohol content, I'm impressed!

    Review - Pevonia Sensitive Skin Line

    Pevonia's Sensitive Skin kit provides a complete regimen against sensitive skin, helping alleviate redness, discomfort and inflammation. Rich in natural plant extracts and essential oils, these soothing formulas are perfect for use on the road or in the comfort of your own home.

    After trying out the DDF sensitive skin products I figured, would I luck out and get a few good cleansers or was I in for trouble this time? In this kit there is a cleanser, eye make up remover, sensitive skin lotion, and sensitive skin cream. So, I admit it. I guinea pigged my friend with this kit first, and had her try it out twice. I figure, her skin gets red and sensitive too and why not see how the both of us react to it? Well... apparently she just went and BOUGHT one of these kits, so that should tell you something. I think this whole line of products is really great. I really have a bad routine set up when I'm traveling, I constantly forget things and end up making due. That translates to my skin suffering miserably until I get home, look in the mirror, and get a look of shock and horror on my face. But this weekend when I travel to Massachusetts, I'll be taking this with me and I'll come back to New York feeling nice and pretty like when I left.

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Review - DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel

    A gentle water-activated sudsing cleanser for dry, sensitive or mature skin. Ideal for individuals who like the feeling of soap and water without drying. Leaves soothing hydration to alleviate the feeling of tightness and/or dryness after washing.

    When I first opened this cleanser, I was afraid maybe it wouldn't work well enough. When I see "gentle" and "sensitive skin" on the label of a product, a lot of times this means it is too milquetoast, and will leave make up and dirt residue on my face because it's not a strong enough cleanser to get the job done. When you live in a big city (or really if you work outside anywhere) your skin can get SO grimy so fast over the course of a day. Add to this a layer of make up and then top it off with my being the type of person that's always touching their face... well, you get the idea. My skin can get messy. But this is actually a pretty great facial cleanser considering I didn't even feel like I needed to moisturizer after using it. Usually my skin is desert dry and gets tight and itchy if I don't immediately apply moisturizer, so that truly says something. Just like the website describes, it really does have a 'soap and water' feel to it, but no after-effect that soap might leave you regretting. I even tried this out on a very sensitive skinned friend who swears she can only use cetaphil, and she now wants to buy her own bottle (because... well, I'm not handing this one over).

    Review- Hair Rules Salon, NYC

    Announcing the first ever multi-textural salon!
    828 9th Ave. btwn 54th & 55th St.
    Hair Cut- $100-$250
    Full Highlights- $205

    Hair Rules Salon is a brand-spanking-new (it opened in July '09) set on the west side of Manhattan in Hell's Kitchen, which is nothing like it sounds. My first impression was that I loved the shiny newness of the salon, yet it felt comfortable. I was greeted at reception and met the owner, Anthony Dickey, who goes simply by Dickey. He was very cordial and promised me a great cut and color. Hair Rules delivered on that promise.

    Katiria who did my highlights is a total sweetheart. She did not approve of the highlights I had and told me that lowlights are basically a waste of time because they fade out so quickly (who knew?). Since I'm not one to schedule my hair appointments like a drill sergeant, I guess I won't be getting any more lowlights. She did a great job giving me the brown- not blonde!- highlights I requested and my hair looks very natural. It's been a few weeks and the highlights are still holding up beautifully.

    For the cut, Dickey himself cut my hair (I was so excited!) Even though the salon specializes in wavy, curly or kinky hair, Dickey is obviously a master of all hair types because he cut my pin straight hair meticulously and beautifully. I have a lot of layers in my hair, especially framing my face. Dickey skillfully took care of all the dead ends on my layers without making my hair look too thin (which is a real magic trick if you ask me). I highly recommend a haircut with Dickey if you can't stand sitting too long in a hairstylist's chair. He did an excellent, thorough job in about 30 minutes. The only thing I'm not thrilled with are my bangs, but I blame myself for that. I should have told him in advance that I wasn't happy with the shape of my bangs before the cut.

    Overall my experience at Hair Rules was a pleasant one. They gave me some of their signature products to take home and try, so keep an eye out for those reviews.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    Review- PowderPuff Squad Double Agent Creme

    You'll find our products are designed to support your makeup creativity with unique, professional quality cosmetics and tools. Our makeup features colors and pigments created for the industry makeup artist, yet are friendly to the casual user. All the palettes are refillable and allow you to have everything compact, whether on set, at home or traveling.

    I think I may have a new beauty best-friend and it's this Double Agent Creme from PowderPuff Squad! I love this dual-acting lip/cheek cream! I tried the "Fantastish" color, which is a deep maroonish/dark wine shade and it's just the right one for me (as well as other beauty fans with darker hair and medium skin tones). Firstly, it comes in a well-crafted case with a small mirror and magnetic enclosure. The sturdy packaging fits easily into your purse or handbag and is a great beauty tool to have wherever you go! There are two ways I've used the cheek cream: one as a standalone blush. It does the job nicely - perfect for the summer months when you don't want to wear anything too heavy. (Unfortunately, for me it doesn't seem to last too long though.) Secondly, I also like to use the Double Agent Creme on top of the blush or lipstick I'm already wearing. This is a wonderful tool that refreshes your make-up, especially if you're going straight from the office to a night out or any other time when you need to "glam" up real fast. This handy tool will make your cheeks pop instantly with a beautiful glow and color your lips with a quick shine! The best part is that you can take it wherever you go and have a instant glow whenever you need it...a secret tool indeed and a best-friend forever!

    Sultana says: Flirty, Functional & Fabulous! That is Powderpuff's motto. The color is flirty, the palette is functional and the product is overall fabulous! I have this in the Berry Bash. It is a wonderful color that can be worn day or night. It is a little too much for my cheeks but on my lips it works wonderfully. The best part about this is that it keeps your lips soft and it stays on for longer than I expected. One con is that it doesn't come with a brush. Since this is a darker color, it left a little stain on my finger. But if that is the only con, I'll take it!

    Movie Maven says: Cream blush is always so tempting to me - I have plenty of friends who use it frequently and it always looks so great with so little effort, so I was really excited to use this Powderpuff Squad Double Agent Creme. I got it in Mabel, a very subdued peachy pink that's great for everyday use as a blush. As a lip color, it's a bit too subtle for me, but for regular lipstick-wearers, I think it would be great. The main issue I had with this cream blush is that it's...cream blush. I know that sounds crazy, but I think in using Powderpuff Squad's product, I discovered that cream blush is not my friend. I'm sure the fact that I'm testing this product in the highest heat of summer has something to do with it as well, but it just wouldn't stay on my face! For someone who doesn't have such a slick surface to work with (I am a longtime greasy-face), I can see this being a great product - the color selection is good, and the packaging is GREAT. My favorite thing about Powderpuff Squad is that you can buy empty palettes and fill them with whatever colors you like, since the eye, lip, and cheek colors all come in the same sizes. But for me, the dream of cream blush is still just that - a dream.