Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review- Priori Smooth Lines

The focused, high-performance anti-aging treatment. PRIORI Smooth Lines with 0.5% Idebenone excels at helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles as it protects skin from environmental oxidative stress. 1 fl. oz. $95 (price taken from an online discount site)

This is one of the oddest product recommendations you’re likely to read, but the truth is important. I’d been testing this product for four days when I received word my father had passed away. This product was the correct size for travel, so I took it with me. We’re looking at a high-level stress event, lack of sleep, and one other key matter: effects of travel. Any time I’ve ever flown, it didn’t matter how much I hydrated or if I used heavy grease on my skin . . . when I arrived at my destination, my skin was seriously lined and stayed that way for one or two days. So, when I went to the restroom immediately after landing, I was astonished to see in the mirror that my skin was unlined. And, despite more stress and lack of sleep during the week I was home for my father’s funeral, my skin was perfect. This Smooth Lines product even defeated the change of climate effects. All I can say is if a product can have this kind of effect against these odds on a woman in her fifties, that’s Skin Care in the truest context. Priori, you created something remarkable. Thank you.

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