Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review- Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse

A lightly foaming, non-stripping face wash with the refreshment of a built-in natural witch hazel toner. Quickly melts makeup including waterproof mascara without irritation, eliminates debris, dead skin cells, and pollutants, soothes, purifies, and refines skin, tightens pores, and maintains skin's normal pH levels. 5oz bottle, $30.

This cleanser is amazing! With one small pump, you get enough of the fluffy foam to remove all of your makeup and completely cleanse your face. You can skip your eye makeup remover, cause this stuff gets it all off and it doesn't irritate your eyes. It also cleanses and tones in one step, so if you like to keep your beauty routine simple, this is perfect for you. I have combination to oily skin, and in the summer heat the oil can get a little crazy, but this cleanser really keeps it under control. I've been using it once daily for a week, and my skin already looks and feels much healthier. And this product is soooo refreshing to use after the end of a hot summer day - your face instantly feels fresh and bright.

One thing to remember is that a little bit of foam goes a long way, so don't waste your product. The foam does feel really light and fluffy, and as you massage it in some of it disappears. I didn't think it was substantial enough to remove all my makeup, but it really surprised me.

Trish Says: Foamy cleansers are so much fun to use! My favorite part being that you can better apply where and how much to use all over your face, plus the foamy suds lather up to a pretty nice wash. This Cosmedicine Healthy Cleanse really gets deep into your pores and washes away many of the impurities that seem to collect during the day. I agree with Malikah, my skin also looked so much brighter and fresher after every use - a little bit does go a long way! Also to add, the toner provides an extra flawless matte-like finish on top of the skin after each cleansing, tightening and purifying the skin at the same time. While not harsh at all, I noticed this facial cleanser isn't super super gentle, either, so you know it really does do some heavy pore-cleaning action on your skin. As a make-up remover, it works pretty well, except not everything washed away seamlessly - but the best part is that while you're scrubbing off the day's mascara there's not a sting to the eyes at all! A great cleanser for purifying and toning, especially for an oily build-up on a notoriously hot and humid summer day - this cleanser gets down to business and strips away all the impurities, but does slightly dry out the skin a little in the process, which can be helpful when the weather's humid and the skin's oily!

Sultana says: I have oily skin, acne and my skin is sensitive. I am always skeptical when I use cleansers. This foam is so gentle. I didn't have any kind of irritation at all. I agree with both ladies that this does make your face brighter and tighten up your pores. After a few uses I knew that this is something that I would stick with in the long run. I love the fact that it doesn't burn or irritate my eyes too. I can use this with my contact lenses on!
This comes in a very generously sized bottle. It will last since you do not need a lot to wash your face. This is one of those purchases that pays for itself.

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