Monday, August 3, 2009

Review - Priori Radical Defense SPF 30 Sunscreen/EPF 95 Enviornmental Protector

PRIORI Radical Defense with Idebenone is the ultimate anti-aging compound. It sets a new standard in topical skin protection against premature aging. Radical Defense is the first two in one topical skin protector that offers dual protection against premature aging. SPF 30 broad spectrum UV photo-protection from sun exposure and EPF 95 (Environmental Protection Factor) broad spectrum environmental protection from oxidative stress and free radicals.
1 fl. oz.

OK, so I am pretty young, 25, with no real sun damage to speak of so this Sunscreen was just so-so in my book. If I were older, and had more issues with my skin I might look past the irky little problems and hail it as a very powerful Sunscreen that completely protected my skin for hours and hours. It was much, much more effective than many 50+ sunblocks I have used in the past. So really, If you are looking for a really effective sunblock, and have $110 to blow for 1oz of it, knock yourself out, you have my recommendation.

My problems were with it's functionality, it is a double barreled pump applicator, and the white stuff (sunscreen) comes out WAY easier than the neon yellow stuff (Idebenone) so I had to pump it alot to get any of the yellow stuff, which wasted a good amount of the sunsrceen. It is like SO not waterproof/sweatproof. That being said, perhaps those of you who woud be buying something like this don't actually go swimming/play volley ball at the beach. If you do though, be aware it will definitely wash into your eyes instantly, and it really hurts. My last problem is the smell, it is a lingering, very strong smell of zinc oxide. It does rub in well, and like I said above lasts for hours with a great potency. So, all in all, I would not repurchase this sunscreen, but I can see it being the perfect fit for some people.

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