Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review- Smashbox eye shadow Quad

Create Beautiful eyes effortlessly with this AWARD WINNING Eye Shadow Quad. Each container has four perfectly coordinated hues to take the guesswork out of choosing what shades to wear together.

This thing is BIG. I have a feeling it's going to last forever, it's a little bigger than the palm of my hand! So if anyone has been apprehensive about buying one, rest assured, there's a lot of shadow in here and it's going to last you a very long time! On first use, I decided to just try the shades out in stripes on my lids to see how it went with my eyes. I cannot begin to explain the texture of this shadow. It's like the softest, finest, most silky powder I've ever used. I know it's not exactly sanitary, but I had to have friends touch it to believe it! Everyone agrees it's silky smooth. I'm wearing it as I type this, and have been religiously using it as my shadow of choice for over two weeks. It has extremely reliable staying power and can go on VERY bold *or* very soft, whichever you'd like. I highly recommend this to someone who wants ONE quad to carry around with them that will last forever. As an added bonus, it has not flaked, chipped or fallen to pieces knocking around in my make up bag all this time.

Trish says: This really really is one of the softest, silkiest, easiest eye shadows ever! I was surprised at how smooth it glided on and how sophisticated all the pigments looked! I tried the GlamourEyesBrown quad - which consisted of a charcoal gray, deep brown, nude beige, and soft tan shade. The beautiful part being that if you're anything like me, matching single shades can be a bit tricky sometimes, but with this quad everything is meant to blend perfectly together- so that you can build each shade on top of the other and look as if you know exactly what you're doing! No more guessing work and trying to figure out what shade goes where and how well it will match. Plus, as an added bonus, this quad in particular makes the ever elusive smokey eyes a simple breeze! Instant sexiness in one simple package! If you're at all short on time, space, and skill - this is the best quad ever for an all-in-one easy look!

Hillary says: Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I am a huge Smashbox fan. This eyeshadow quad has done nothing to dampen my "rah-rah" spirit. This is a quad for hazel eyes and it brings them out beautifully. Honestly, looking at the four colors together you sort of scratch your head and think "How is this going to work?". But on, they are gorgeous. I read somewhere that Smashbox eyeshadows don't offer a full "color payoff" meaning they are more of a medium coverage, but I tend to disagree. I feel that you can apply their eyeshadows for anything from sheer to full coverage, which is one of the things I love about them.

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