Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review- Obliphica Hair Serum Treatment (

A unique serum produced from the Obliphica fruit (also known as the Sea Buckthorn Berry), known for its wonderful effect on hair and skin. Rich in vitamins, with an especially large proportion of natural Vitamin E, Obliphica Serum restores damaged hair, brings back the luster to your hair, and makes combing a breeze. It can be used before or after blow-drying, on damp or dry hair. The effect of using Obliphica hair serum is proven and immediate.

This item is, hands down, my favorite all time hair treatment ever used, ever in the entire time my teensy head of hair has been on this planet. SERIOUSLY. It's not easy to find, (click on the header of this entry to find a store), but it's worth it. My hair has been, (as below in my Hair Date review) semi-fried and mangled as of late by triple+ bleaching and then redying brown trying to reach my natural color. When I started using this Serum after I received a sample at the International Beauty Show (several months ago), I began harassing Hillary to find me more and to find out where people can get this stuff. After digging, we've found it online. I can hear people now saying, REALLY? 20-something dollars for 4 ounces? But let me tell you, I got a sample that was under 1 oz, and it has lasted me for at least 4 months and there is still about 80% left in the bottle! (using with literally every wash of my hair). I'm telling you, it's so worth it. Since the first time I used the Obliphica treatment, my hair went from sort of scraggly and fighting against style to laying nice, shiny and frizzlessly atop my head doing everything I'd hoped it would ever do. You know those obnoxious hair product commercials where the girl has computer-enhanced super mega shiny hair and you're thinking "YEA RIGHT!!"? My hair feels that shiny and nice!
Alas, no, my hair didn't magically turn into something it could never have been before, but now it behaves. And by behaves I mean, it doesn't dry out, frizz out, or get dull and sad looking on me. I feel like I can trust this product in my hair under any conditions. The only time I've needed to call in back up was one day of literal 85% humidity here in NYC, torrentially downpouring, when I dabbed on a bit of frizz-proof serum after 7+hours of being stuck in the city-sauna fuzzin-ating my hair. This was after 3 months of use, and was absolutely the only time I needed another product. I also hadn't washed my hair in 2 days and hadn't therefore applied this product in 2 days.
So, If you hate using multiple products or do not have the money for buckets of fancy cleansers and treatments, buy THIS. I feel like it's *almost* magical. No matter the insanity I have subjected my hair to in the past 3 months... it's bounced back and looks strangely smug about having survived.

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