Monday, August 17, 2009

Review - Face Stockholm Precision Eyeliner

Make your mark with our new eye ink Precision Eyeliner. Just like your favorite felt tip, this eyeliner was meticulously crafted in Japan to allow you to create signature eye designs with the ease and precision of a pen. Saturated liquid color dispenses automatically for consistent, fluid application. Precise, clean lines dry quickly, without streaks, smears or transfers. The tapered tip allows total control and precision for magnificently even and strikingly defined eyes.

Listen, I know the whole 60s thing is really hot right now because of the whole Mad Men* phenomenon, but I will have you all know that I have been rocking that look for ages. AGES! You really can't go wrong with a well-fitting knee-length shift, some killer pumps, a brooch, and an updo. And of course, the perfect cat-eye liquid liner. I've been on the hunt for the perfect liner for ages, and have been using Almay's version for a long time with great results, but it really takes a steady hand to get a thin line when you want one. So I was super-stoked to give this Face Stockholm Precision Liner a try. I wore it a couple of different ways and I found I got the best results when I wore it over a shadow to help the liner stay on most effectively - and stay on it did! I happened to crash at a friend's house one night while wearing it and it was still on the next morning. My friend was like "Oh my god, your eyes still look incredible." Then I did the walk-of-non-shame-because-all-I-did-was-sleep-on-my-friend's-couch. But it still easily came off with my makeup remover! Sweet! And y'all - the "precision" in "precision liner is NO JOKE. You can get a superthin line right at the lash line, or draw an outline for a cat-eye and fill it in (my favorite tutorial is here). I might even be willing to pony up the $36 this baby costs. Love it.

*I'm not contractually obligated to mention Mad Men in every post...I just like it a lot.

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