Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review- Obliphica Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream

Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream maximizes nutrition for your hair, combining styling features that help sculpt your hair, without it feeling greasy or sticky. Made from unique, natural ingredients, minerals and a range of moisturizers, the cream improves the look and styling of your hair, while nurturing and strengthening it. Especially developed to combat harsh sun, hard water and rough weather conditions, it is a versatile product that adds sheen, texture, and control to all hair types. 5 oz, $17.95.

An obliphica is a rare fruit found in the Himalayas and Siberia, known for its natural healing powers and nutrient rich properties. If you're not exactly up for a trek through Siberia to hunt for a mysterious fruit, take comfort in Obliphica's line of beauty products, all touting the benefits of the super-fruit without the hassle of trying to find one. Obliphica's Hair Treatment Moisturizing Cream is a rich hair cream that is perfect for dry, damaged, frizzy hair. It leaves hair smooth, shiny, and conditioned, without weighing down your style or looking greasy. If you don't wash your hair daily, like many of us damaged hair girls, the product is amazing in that it won't build up and look gross after skipping a few shampoos, and it leaves your hair smelling absolutely divine. I would highly recommend this product to anyone concerned about dry damaged hair, as it really works wonders!

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