Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review - Pevonia Dry Skin Travel Kit

Dry skin is often dehydrated, lacking luster and vitality. Revitalize what the passing of time and the environment quickly strip away. Complete with Dry Skin Cleanser, Lotion, Cream, and Eye Make-Up Remover, this TSA-approved travel kit (sizes comply with air travel 3-1-1 carry-on rule) contains all of the essentials for treating dry skin and is perfect on the go. Hydrate and age-defy with Pear Seed Extract, Royal Jelly, Microemulsified Vitamin A, E & C, and Hyaluronic Acid. Your complexion is rendered visibly rejuvenated, firmer with increased suppleness and elasticity

Deedlejuse Says: I'm not gonna lie, I probably wouldn't classify myself as "dry." Or perhaps "sometimes dry, but not terribly so in the summer." I don't know, it really is difficult to box yourself in, but luckily that doesn't really matter with this travel kit! I tend to be a bit sensitive, and this didn't irritate one bit. So I feel like it is just so versatile. You can have pretty much any kind of skin, but oily, and be very happy with this combo of products. The cleanser is, like I said, non-irritating but effective. The eye make up remover is ver good, and again not irritating. The lotion is baisically like an astringent, wich isn't irritating in the least, or drying. So I guess nothing like a normal astringent except that it is liquid. It really fortifies the moisture level, and works really well, all while removing the residue from the cleanser. The Cream really is the best part. It is thick and creamy, but not overly so. It sucks in instantly, and doesn't over-perfom (which can be an issue for me in the humid summer months). Aaannndd the whole thing comes in this lovely little travel case! I would say that this is great for traveling, but also if you want to get 4 amazing products for around $45 you are in the right place!

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