Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review - FACE Stockholm Matte Lipstick in Bordeaux

Intensely color saturated coverage with no shine. A collection of classic and dramatic matte pigments that are long-wearing and non-drying, so that each gorgeous, feminine shade glides on and stays put.
0.12oz (3.4g) | $22.00

There is a FACE Stockholm store right on Prince street where I work in Soho. It is always very busy and crowded and now I know why. As I browsed the site, I didn't know what to choose. Alas, I came across the Matte Lipstick in Bordeaux. I started remembering how as a teenager the matte look was so in. I used to use regular lipstick and then apply baby powder over it to get a very intense matted look. Then along came the wet look and the matted lipsticks faded. Guess what ladies...........Matte is back and its better than ever!!!!
As soon as I got this, I knew I would love it. It goes on so smoothly and it feels so great. It didn't bleed or feather and it stayed put for a long time.
The casing is chrome and so pretty. You can almost use the cover as a mirror! For $22 you cant lose, because this purchase will go a long way.

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