Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review- DDF Non-Drying Gentle Cleanser

A non-drying gentle cleanser for ultra mild sensitive skin. Made without dyes that leaves skin hydrated while also removing makeup.

The reason why I like this product so much is because it delivers . It's truly a non-drying gentle cleanser. First though, I must take a step back and applaud their fantastic packaging and bottle. I’m a firm believer that a company should care about what a product does from the inside and out. Aside from looking sleek, the perforated edges that makes the package easy to open was pretty cool.

I tried the cleanser for two weeks to see if I could feel the difference. A little goes far with this cleanser. Just a nickel size amount covers my whole face. It has a nice texture and feels like it’s cleaning without stripping or burning my face. After my face dries, it feels moisturized and I don’t get that tight feeling. My face gets dry quickly and I've found that a lot of cleansers do even more damage .
The cleanser has jojoba oil and aloe and I think it does the trick! It just makes my face seem clean and refreshed. Overall, I really like this product and am going to keep it as my regular cleanser.

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