Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review-Smashbox Double Ended Eye Brightener

This double-ended brightener instantly highlights and brightens for eyes that roar for attention. Use one end to brighten the inner corners of eyes and the other to highlight brow bones, bridge of nose, over brows and on the cupid’s bow. The easily blendable, lightweight formula has vitamins C & E for added healthy-skin benefits. $22.

This nifty little pencil is a true beauty essential. There are dozens of ways to use it and each one equally gorgeous. I tried it as the site suggested, applying it to the inner corner of my eyes. That really is a magic spot - my eyes instantly looked super bright and shapely, almost like a sultry cat eye but without the dramatic winged liner. I also tried lining my entire eye with it, then smudging gently. The effect was a soft, subtle shimmer that made my eyes look big and dewy. It was a little bit 80's, but in an awesome way. I wore it like that all day yesterday, and it even stayed put through my afternoon nap.

The "brow" side of the pencil was lots of fun too. I tried dabbing a bit under the arch of my eyebrow, which was pretty, but it really highlighted the fact that I was due for a brow wax, so keep that in mind when using that side! If you want to make your lips look fuller, apply it to your Cupid's bow (a.k.a. the little dip in the middle of your mouth, just above your upper lip) and blend! It also really brings out your cheekbones when blended across them and out towards your earlobes. This multi-purpose pencil is an asset to any girl's makeup box - easy to apply, long wearing, and leaves you simply gorgeous.

Trish says: This handy brow/eye pencil can perform so many basic beauty tricks, it's a cosmetic miracle! After layering on some heavy eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, and thick mascara, this eye brightening pencil managed to pull the whole look together magically. Instead of having my eye makeup look all over the place, the light nude tone of this pencil neatly connected each component and created an overall harmonious look. I lined the bottom of my eyelid with it and was surprised at how smoothly it glided on and how it really pulled my eye make-up together, making my eyes look more defined and sophisticated. Also, by using it below the brow, I noticed how beautifully it opened the eye area, highlighting just the right parts. Even more so, by applying it on top of the bridge of my nose, I created a much more elegant and defined look with the use of one simple move! This pencil defines, shapes and elongates in so many different ways, you really can transform or play up your best features easier than ever!


Yelowdimond said...

I found this information to be informative. Do you think that this eyeliner would work for any skin tone?

Malikah said...

Yes, it will definitely work on any complexion but if you are really dark skinned you may want to blend it more carefully so it doesn't appear chalky or give too much contrast.