Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review- Smashbox Cream Eye Liner

Doesn’t tug like a pencil, flake like a powder or run like a liquid, this top-selling putty will easily outlast 10 pencils. The innovative cream formula provides totally customizable eye definition. Wait 60 seconds for it to dry or immediately smudge with shadow for extra intensity.

I'm not too good with eyeliners, I know I've pointed it out before, that I lack in make-up applying skills, but I want everyone to be clear. Well, what I mean is, I don't do a great job applying them unless they're very smooth and easy to use. If they flake or get dried out, the situation turns potentially lethal and scary for people to watch, so I actually am not joking when I say I waited to try this when everyone was out of the house. The last thing people want to see on a day off is me storming around the apartment with a fist full of cotton balls jabbering about how I have to rub stuff off my face because it stinks and I hate my make up. Thankfully for those in my life, and for Smashbox, this stuff is easy to use! I looked at the harmless teeny little tin of cream and thought "YEA... RIGHT! hah!", with images of me having bronzy raccoon eyes danced across my mind. But with little to no major effort or tears on my part, I managed to slide this stuff across my lids with a teensy brush I had on hand. It also had pretty good staying power, through a sweaty day walking around Brooklyn in search of something fun to do.
I used the color "burnished bronze" which at first seemed at odds with my super pale blue-gray eyes, but as a finished product helped me pull off the pale pink eyeshadow I'd been desperately trying to work into my repertoire. I definitely recommend make-up fanatics give this a try, even the beginners who are a little iffy on their skills. It runs very soft and smooth and is fun and easy to apply!

Josephine says: I totally agree. I love this stuff with the passion of 10,000 fiery suns. I have the one in 'black plum' and the color is like an edgy cousin to charcoal grey. 'Twas easy as heck to apply and I am serious when I say that while I didn't get the chance to maintain it once through a gruelling 10 hour day, it didn't even move for a second! To reiterate what a feat in and of itself that was, it was easily one of NYC's Most. Humid. Days. Ever.

Melissa says: Like the other ladies, I was a bit skeptical about using this. I’ve been loyal to my Mac Ebony eyeliner for years and couldn’t think of using anything else. The case was kind of daunting as well, but I thought I’d give it a try. Especially since everyone had a great experience.

I had Blue Steel which is a great color because it makes you do a double take because it’s not exactly black, but it’s not really blue either.

I put it on and was pretty happy! First, I actually applied it correctly. It was really easy and went on well. I am definitely going to keep this in my make up arsenal. I think that after you get over the hump of applying it, you’ll be good to go. If you don’t have any reservations, then you will simply love this eyeliner! Plus, the color is super hot. Oh, this is the third day in a row that I'm using it.

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