Saturday, August 22, 2009

Review- Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 contains light-diffusing mineral pigments that help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while providing protection against UVA/UVB rays. This products is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and suitable for all skin types. $30 for 1.25 oz.

There's a little letter from Laura inside the packaging for the "tinty," as my son calls it. In it, she extols the virtues of this "lightweight wash of color with sunscreen" with simple and effective composition. The letter mirrors this product perfectly. I wouldn't say it's your run-of-the-mill tinted moisturizer though. It's a lot more soft, blendable and lush. There is more coverage per pump than I have seen in some department store liquid foundations. Plus, if you apply with a sponge and spackle where you need a little more cover, you are now working with an elite formulation capable of much more than its competition. She also suggest using it over foundation for another layer of spf which is genius. There are a half dozen anti-oxidants in it, too. And now for the cool factor: I remember hearing the Laura Geller name associated with Madonna back when Madonna started elevating hair and makeup people to rockstar status, which just plain rules, in my book.

Trish says: I'm a hard sell when it comes to tinted moisturizers. I like my moisturizers to moisturize, and my coverage to, well, cover! Having said that, I'm 100% sold on this Laura Geller Barely There Tinted Moisturizer! I tried it in "Medium" tone, which was completely perfect for me! I was surprised at how well it blended and how natural it looked on my skin - it matched my skin tone so well that I couldn't see, or feel, any difference between the tinted shading and my own skin. As a result, I had the most natural looking glow ever! Plus major points for the SPF 20 protection, antioxidants, and overall minimal, yet amazing coverage. I did apply just a little bit of powder to even out my skin tone in some areas, but then again, I would have been just as fine without it. I can imagine this being the perfect tinted moisturizer for those with nice and clear skin already - and if not, it still works just as wonderfully as well- especially on those lazy hot days, when you want to run out the door with the least amount of work required, this tinted moisturizer delivers all the goods in one easy step. Two thumbs up from a picky consumer like me - my skin looked so radiant that I didn't want to apply anything else on top of it. Who knew that looking this minimal and bare could feel so sexy!

Movie Maven says: I love tinted moisturizers, especially in the summer, because I always feel like wearing a lot of makeup in the summer is not only uncomfortable, but a futile effort - it's all just going to slide off eventually anyway. This tinted moisturizer is great, because it truly is a moisturizer, and a good one at that. Too many tinted moisturizers I've tried don't actually give my skin the right amount of moisture - it's either too greasy, or doesn't moisturize at all. The Laura Geller Barely There was, in the words of Goldilocks, just right. It provided just enough coverage for a day when I was feeling good about my skin (or, like Trish points out, when I'm feeling lazy), and was completed with a touch of powder. Plus, hello SPF 20! Nice.

Deedlejuse Says: So I guess I have to just agree with all above! I am a Tinted Moisturizer girl, I prefer it to foundation 100%. I'm young and don't really need too much covering, because I don't have too many problems with my skin. However, I did have one pimple, and it was a doosey, when this product arrived. It really did not do anything to the discoloration. If you have issues like acne you might need to invest in a bit more fire-power, but for a light covering I think this might have been my favorite one I've tried so far. It is a wonderful consistency, as stated above, and really applies like a dream. The color will add a bit of a bronze to your skin, which on me was really lovely. In the winter, when I'm not a bit tan it might be too much, but for now I'll take it! Really I must give this product my full endorsement, I really really liked it!

Melissa says: I love this product! I am a creature of habit and was perfectly fine with my powder until I tried this. I am not a big makeup user and always feel a bit self-conscious trying new foundation, crèmes or powders. I have Laura Geller’s Deep color and it blended in perfectly. It was enough to even out my skin tone and keep my skin looking natural and moisturized. I also love that it has spf 20. The funny thing is that the day I tried this moisturizer, I dropped my powder and because this is so great, I haven’t replaced it!

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