Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review- PowderPuff Squad Double Agent Creme

You'll find our products are designed to support your makeup creativity with unique, professional quality cosmetics and tools. Our makeup features colors and pigments created for the industry makeup artist, yet are friendly to the casual user. All the palettes are refillable and allow you to have everything compact, whether on set, at home or traveling.

I think I may have a new beauty best-friend and it's this Double Agent Creme from PowderPuff Squad! I love this dual-acting lip/cheek cream! I tried the "Fantastish" color, which is a deep maroonish/dark wine shade and it's just the right one for me (as well as other beauty fans with darker hair and medium skin tones). Firstly, it comes in a well-crafted case with a small mirror and magnetic enclosure. The sturdy packaging fits easily into your purse or handbag and is a great beauty tool to have wherever you go! There are two ways I've used the cheek cream: one as a standalone blush. It does the job nicely - perfect for the summer months when you don't want to wear anything too heavy. (Unfortunately, for me it doesn't seem to last too long though.) Secondly, I also like to use the Double Agent Creme on top of the blush or lipstick I'm already wearing. This is a wonderful tool that refreshes your make-up, especially if you're going straight from the office to a night out or any other time when you need to "glam" up real fast. This handy tool will make your cheeks pop instantly with a beautiful glow and color your lips with a quick shine! The best part is that you can take it wherever you go and have a instant glow whenever you need it...a secret tool indeed and a best-friend forever!

Sultana says: Flirty, Functional & Fabulous! That is Powderpuff's motto. The color is flirty, the palette is functional and the product is overall fabulous! I have this in the Berry Bash. It is a wonderful color that can be worn day or night. It is a little too much for my cheeks but on my lips it works wonderfully. The best part about this is that it keeps your lips soft and it stays on for longer than I expected. One con is that it doesn't come with a brush. Since this is a darker color, it left a little stain on my finger. But if that is the only con, I'll take it!

Movie Maven says: Cream blush is always so tempting to me - I have plenty of friends who use it frequently and it always looks so great with so little effort, so I was really excited to use this Powderpuff Squad Double Agent Creme. I got it in Mabel, a very subdued peachy pink that's great for everyday use as a blush. As a lip color, it's a bit too subtle for me, but for regular lipstick-wearers, I think it would be great. The main issue I had with this cream blush is that it's...cream blush. I know that sounds crazy, but I think in using Powderpuff Squad's product, I discovered that cream blush is not my friend. I'm sure the fact that I'm testing this product in the highest heat of summer has something to do with it as well, but it just wouldn't stay on my face! For someone who doesn't have such a slick surface to work with (I am a longtime greasy-face), I can see this being a great product - the color selection is good, and the packaging is GREAT. My favorite thing about Powderpuff Squad is that you can buy empty palettes and fill them with whatever colors you like, since the eye, lip, and cheek colors all come in the same sizes. But for me, the dream of cream blush is still just that - a dream.

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