Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review - John Frieda Ease Night Cream Serum

  • Transform.
  • Lightweight hair treatment.
  • Mends dry, damaged, frizzy hair for a visibly smooth, silky-soft texture.
  • This lightweight midnight-mender leaves no residue on the pillow.
  • Restores hair health.
  • Repairs damage overnight. 1.69 oz $9.99

  • I've been using John Frieda's line since I was in high school. I always look forward to his new products. My hair can be down right unruly & very frizzy. Cremes don't usually work for me, I usually have to use serums. This is a combination of serum & cream. I was very surprised. I put this on my hair at night while my hair is wet. When I wake up in the morning, my hair is soft and so smooth.
    It is definitely true to its description of being light weight and not leaving behind any residue. The bottle is small but all you need is a dime sized amount each night. I love this so much I even use it in the day time!

    Malikah says: I love this stuff! I'm pretty much a John Freida newbie, except for the classic Frizz Ease Serum. The Cream Serum formula is a lightweight moisturizer that calms frizzies, and prevents breakage. I've been using it nightly for 3 weeks, and my hair is crazy soft and smooth and my style stays frizz free throughout the day, without having to load up on other products. I've even noticed less hair coming out of my comb since I've been using it, so its definitely been helping me manage my breakage.

    Deedlejuse says: I have to agree with all the above. John Freida is basically the go-to pharmacy grade product out there, in my book. It is always a great quality, sometimes it even works better than the same type of product only much more expensive. The same goes for this Ease Night Cream Serum. I have very long blond hair, which is chemically processed. That generally means that the ends of my hair are almost always fried. Blond hair just needs soooo much moisture. This serum makes the ends look like they were just cut! all over night, and it doesn't stain my sheets! As with all John Freida products, I had high expectations, and this product lived up to my demands!

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