Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Review - Face Stockholm Aloe Vera Gel

Our version of Mother Nature's healing and cooling serum. This premium, all-purpose blend combines Aloe, with Cucumber, Arnica and Sambucus to stimulate circulation, hydrate and sooth. For face and body, it is the prefect travel companion; quick to relieve sunburn sting.

Confession #23124: As I type this, I am sort of looking over my shoulder waiting for Hillary to grab me by the ear and drag me to my room telling me I'm grounded. And she doesn't even live here! But I can hear her saying "YOU WHAT!?!?". So yes, I'm a sun baby. I go to the beach in the summer (Brighton Beach is lovely as is the Coney one.. I swear!) and I do get some sun. *Cringe*. I know, not cool. Sun damage etc, blah blah blah, and I am getting up there in years. I know. But at least I'm honest right? So with the confession that I have and will spend a few days at the beach this steamy summer in NYC, I also confess that I am a borderline addict about the proper aloe vera gel to use after sun exposure. I'm a big proponent of aloe gel for skin that tends to feel tight and irritated anyway, I even use it during the winter when my skin is fed up with the heavy creams I gob onto it. But post-sun, nothing beats some coconut scented cocoa butter lotion with a dab of aloe vera gel on top.
The problem with a lot of aloe gel creams you find in your local stores is they have too many additives that smell or feel wierd and are totally unnecessary. Never mind the added unnecessary medicinal fragrances I often find tucked into the bottles. Face Stockholm does however have a great crystal clear (read: no dyes! yay!) bottle of gel with a touch of cooling cucumber stashed in it. It goes on more smoothly than others that I've tried and avoids the amanda-stigma of over doing unnecessary additives. I highly recommend this for the confessed / secret sun lovers out there.

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