Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review- Face Stockholm Creme Lipstick in Flirt

A "face lift" in a tube! Perfect rich creme coverage in a multitude of delectable sheer, shimmer and non-shimmer shades, for everyday, evening or a special event. Wear one at a time or couple to create a shade that is uniquely you. Pair with FACE Stockholm Lip Pencil or Lip Gloss to intensify color or add high-voltage shine. With over 100 colors to choose from, the possibilities seem endless. $22 per tube.

I had been looking for the perfect tangerine lipstick all summer, figuring I would make it my new signature shade. Face Stockholm's creme lipstick in Flirt was certaintly orange. No hints of coral or peach, just bold, almost jarring orange. I applied it fearlessly (in the safety of my home), painting my lips in the rich color. I do have a pretty full pout, and the strong color was a bit too much, but I think that this application technique would look amazing on someone with smaller lips. I tried it again, this time treating the color as a stain - apply a little bit, blot it in, add a second layer, top with a dab of clear gloss. Voila! It really was a face-lift in a tube! With a swipe of shimmery beige shadow and a coat of black mascara, I had the perfect summer day to night look.

The color stayed put for about 3 hours and I only reapplied once after cocktails. Best of all? The loads of compliments I got all night! And not just even on my daring, sexy lipstick. Apparently it made my skin look warmer, my eyes brighter, and yes - my cheekbones higher. I would go so far as to call it a miracle in a tube. I'm definitely going to wear this baby out, and come Fall, mix it up with a deeper shade for a look that will change with the seasons.

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