Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review - Curlisto Botanical Shampoo

A gentle shampoo for all curl types. This cleanser removes build-up and balances pH without stripping the natural moisture of your hair. Aloe, chamomile, cherry bark, henna and calendula help add moisture and shine. This shampoo is color safe.

If you look at my profile picture, you will see that my hair is about as far from curly as hair can get. My sister once accused me of using a straight iron when I had done was blown my hair dry. Still, I liked the Curlisto Botanical Shampoo enough that it didn't really matter that it's intended for curly hair - because it's formulated to remove build-up, that also meant it did a great job as removing the greasiness from my hair at the end of a long, hot day. I can see how this would be particularly helpful for my curly-headed sisters in arms, since all my friends with curls use a LOT of product and would definitely need something targeted at getting their locks totally clean. As far as scent goes (because you know you want your hair to smell nice), this shampoo is light and herbal, nothing special, but definitely likable. Curly girls should check it out!

Trish says: I'm a straight hair girl myself, but this shampoo was extra soft and delicate on my hair. I agree with Movie Maven, after using this shampoo I noticed that my hair felt much lighter and smoother and that any residual build-up was gently removed. A very clean and nice shampoo - nothing heavy here- but a soft and subtle botanical scent coupled with a clean wash that leaves your hair feeling lighter and softer all around!

Deedlejuse Says: I feel like the posts above are not quite as enthusiastic as I feel about the entire Curlisto line. Basically, I love everything I've tried, and I'm angry that I only received travel size portions of this Shampoo and the Botanical Rinse! Generally speaking I need to use very generous portions of HUGELY fortifying hair care. The stuff like Garnier Fructise, John Freida, Pantiene. You know the ones that you don't feel too bad about literally filling your entire hand with conditioner, because I need sooooo much moisture. I have chemically processed blond hair, which is not necessarily all that healthy all the time. It is also not curly at all so if your super curly listen to someone else! This Curlisto Shampoo is wonderful. You need about the size of a dime in your palm for your head to explode into wild lather. It is really gentle, and really cleans without leaving any residue. I can't say enough about this line, I want to try every product!

Hillary says: I found this shampoo to be very cleansing without stripping. I thought it was the perfect companion piece to the conditioner. I didn't feel at all that this was your typical "clarifying" shampoo because I usually equate that word w/ stripping-as-anything. I really liked the shampoo when used w/ the conditioner. However, don't get me started on the Masque (another review)!

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