Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review- Smashbox Reign Lip Gloss in Crowned

The Smashbox Reign Collection is inspired by the ruling era of the English Tudors—an imperial court mired in salacious scandal and royal indulgence. The products featured in this collection are luxe, sexy, and indulgently sensorial, giving a glimpse into the extravagant lifestyle of royalty.

Ok, I give them props for creativity, but honestly where did that come from? I'm not English..... Just kidding! I think that the packaging actually looks a lot like the Juicy Couture line, which I really like the look of. So I love this little tube! It's so cute, and it has a cute little tassel and everything! Very cute. The gloss itself is deceptively luxurious. At first it really doesn't feel like anything special, just like a good quality gloss that you spent $19 on. The nice thing is that it stays feeling like that for hours. Usually a gloss either wears off pretty quickly or starts feeling gummy and weird after an hour or so. This one stays strong and not thick, which is why it's deceptive. It doesn't feel like your wearing a lot of sticky gloss, but when you check out your pout it looks super shiny, and awesome! The color I have is called Crowned, and it is a perfectly beautiful dusty rose with hints of gold shimmer. I feel like most glosses have silver, so the gold is a nice touch. The shade worked perfectly for my pale blond complexion Smashbox makes some of my most favorite glosses, and this is my favorite that they have made so far. So that means its really awesome gloss!


Stephanie said...

this review was really helpful! there are not many on this particular lip gloss. thanks!

Hillary said...

Thanks, Stephanie. We aim to please! Keep the comments coming!