Monday, April 26, 2010

Deal- Ecotools Free Product Deal 2

Click on the link above to see the details of another Ecotools deal. Send in your used make-up brushes, body washes, body scrubs, body lotions, hand creams, body mists or bath sponges to be recycled and Ecotools will send you a coupon for a free Ecotools item (up to $7.99 value). Ecotools has a new bath & body line as well as their fabulous brushes. Limit 2 coupons per person. Now get rid of those grubby old brushes and products and get some new stuff from Ecotools.

Deal- Ecotools BOGO Product Deal

Click on the link above to see the details of this deal from Ecotools. Buy any Ecotools product between April 22, 2010 - May 31, 2010, send in your receipt and youy'll get a coupon for a FREE Ecotools product valued at up to $7.99! If you really want to maximize this deal and you live near a Rite Aid, this week they are having but one get one free on Ecotools brushes. Don't forget, if they are out of the brushes, you can always get a raincheck at Rite Aid. Then you would have 3 products for the price of 1!

Review- Beauty Through Balance Acai Power Repair Moisturizer

Beauty Through Balance ™ Acai Power Repair Moisturizer protects the skin against free radical damage while targeting signs of age with the dual action of Organic Acai Berry & Olivate from pure olive oil found in this advanced formula. Dry & environmentally damaged skin will be infused with omega fatty acids and nutrients to reveal a fresher, brighter complextion. A luxurious rich texture that leaves the skin with a smooth, silky texture without any greasy residue. 60 ml / 2 oz

I didn't think my skin was starting to show signs of aging - but whoa, after using this lovely Acai Power Repair Moisturizer by Beauty Through Balance - I'm starting to see a noticeable (ahem, much younger) difference to my skin - in a good way! The repair moisturizer is made with organic Acai berries and pure olive oil, which further adds to the highly moisturizing and hydrating power behind this effective product. My skin really does look softer and younger with a dewy and overall lighter complexion and glow to it. While guarding against free radicals and damaging pollutants, the rich and creamy moisturizer also adds a layer of hydrating power protecting the skin and nourishing it at the same time. If your skin is dry or if it's starting to show signs of premature aging - then this is the kind of moisturizer you would want in your beauty arsenal!

Review - Smashbox Halo Eyeshadow

Smashbox's Halo Eyeshadow Duo is a revolutionary perfecting eye shadow duo that dramatically minimizes the signs of aging:

Ok, so you all know me; I love Smashbox! I love how innovative they are with beauty products, how they tend towards inexpensive though high quality, and how fabulously scrumptious their colors usually are.
Unfortunately, I just didn't feel the love with this odd newcomer to the pack. It is moisturizing and firming eyeshadow. eh. I feel tepid about that idea, I mean isn't that what your eye cream is for??? Don't get me wrong if some people really need A LOT of support in the eye wrinkle area, I understand, and please give it a try. For this 25 year old face I didn't notice enough difference for the $36 price tag to really be worth it. The colors are nice and neutral, but neither the base or the darker color meant for the crease was really dark enough to be noticeable or anything like their normal va-va-voom loveliness. They looked drab, and very matte on my super pale and pink complexion. I (as you all might know) am not a makeup artist like many of my colleagues on this site, so I brought it to work where there are plenty of makeup artists just waiting to critique something new. We all agreed that the packaging is a bit difficult. It is basically a shaver so when you run out of powder you sort of turn the dial and more is shaved off. Unlike me everyone loved it! We all agree it would be best for a woman who doesn't want too much variance in their shadow color (wants to almost look like they aren't wearing color) and has a lot of trouble with wrinkles. All in all I really hope someone else from this site has another one so they can give you more imput. I would say I'm up in the air, but again props to Smashbox. I for one had never thought of the concept of firming eyeshadow before! I can't wait to see what they think of next.

Malikah says: I tried this in Pewter/Smoke and I have to say I love this as an eyeshadow, but didn't really think it lived up to its anti-aging claims. Yes, it blends easily and deposits smooth, crease-free color that wears beautifully for hours. The shades are a bit matte, but I guess that just helps them wear longer since shimmery hues tend to fade faster. Granted I'm only 24, so I don't have many wrinkles to speak of, but I didn't really notice any smoothing or firming after using it for a few days. This may be one of those products that you have to use daily for an extended period of time to really see results, but like many women, I don't wear the same shadow everyday. And the packaging was a bit weird in that its hard to control how much product you get, and it reminded a bit of birth control. Overall I'd say buy this if you want a great long-wearing shadow that will make for an easy, subdued smoky eye, but don't expect it to be a miracle powder for your eyelids.

Trish says: I actually really adore this eyeshadow by Smashbox! At first, it was tricky for me to figure out how to get to the shadow, but once I managed that small project, I could really appreciate how much this shadow goes the distance as far as smoothening out fine lines, little wrinkles and tiny creases. I tried it in the Soft Peach/Cocoa duo and feel that it's just the perfect shade for warmer skin tones. I didn't expect it to actually work in minimizing slight signs of aging - but it really did in my case!! Yikes, I am getting older. Best results for me was when I used just a light amount as a soft base - the peach truly matches the natural skin tone really nicely - and built my eyeshadow on top of it...and true to its claims, I got a really clear and smooth canvas to work with, and my eyeshadow and eye make-up looked a lot better and silkier than usual. My only warning is that when I used too much shadow, it did end up looking cakey - but a soft touch worked wonders for me! In my case, it definitely worked. If you're thinking you may need that little extra eye care (like me) - then this is just the right shadow to complement and upgrade your beauty and eye-makeup routine. I truly love it!

Sultana says: I agree with Trish! I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get this open! I actually gave up and was giving it back to Hillary. Ironically enough, I was turning it in the wrong direction. OOPS! (Thanks Hillary). After the whole debacle of not being able to open it, I finally was able to try it. I have the shade Buff/Ivy. The colors blend well with my complexion, a little too well. I guess the shade is meant to be more on the subtler side.
So I am approaching my 30's, and I am much more aware of wrinkles. But wrinkles on my eyelids? I don't understand that part. It does make your eyelids smoother. I love Smashbox but this eyeshadow product and shade didn't cut it for me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review - Got 2b Fat-tastic thickening Plumping Mousse

This revolutionary thickening mousse is infused with collagen to make your hair feel instantly thicker, denser and full of body and life. The collagen formula also adds elasticity for overall strong, lush hair that holds style all day long. Go from flat to all-that without the carb overload.

So, About 7 months ago, I dyed my hair back to its natural color. The only real problem I've realized is the level of body my hair has is wayyyyy worse now. I guess the dye used to make my hair feel thicker and look bouncier, because now it seems dull and kind of fuzzy, it's lost a lot of shine and seems stringy.
I stopped by the drug store and looked through the hair products, and decided to try this mousse out because Got 2b's other products had worked really well before. I have to say, I'm actually SHOCKED by how well this works. I washed my hair and put a big palm sized amount in my hair, and when it naturally dried, it looked at least 2 times thicker than the day before. Not only that, there wasn't a stiff or sticky feeling to it. I've always thought mousse would make my hair feel sticky and weird, and I prefer to have my hair look a little undone and natural. But I have to say, I am going to stockpile this stuff and recommend it to anyone that wants thicker hair. It's great!

Review- Beauty Through Balance Glacial Purifying Cleanser

Beauty Through Balance ™ Glacial Purifying Cleanser for face & body is a sulfate free, gentle yet effective re-balancing cleanser that can be used for all skin types to correct and balance dry skin as well as oily/acne prone skin while effectively removing excess dirt, impurities and makeup residue.

This cleanser would be a product junkie's nightmare. I mean really, if you like to have various cleansers stocking your bathroom cabinet be my guest. But if you're looking for one cleanser that will keep your skin balanced year round, whether it is dry or oily this one is perfect for you. It is super gentle, free of skin-harming sulfates, leaving your skin clean and refreshed after washing with just a pea-sized blob. It even doubles as a body wash, which is perfect for travel. Canadian Glacial Clay, Green Tea and Chamomile remove impurities, kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation, and moisturize the skin. This cleanser is perfect for anyone who has moody skin that flucuates with the weather, and doesn't care to change her products every season.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel

Spread love, not germs. This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that, wherever you go, get hands clean and lightly scented with fresh coconut, lime, and fragrant verbena warmed by vanilla and musk.
I'm gonna be straight with you guys. Antibacterial gel? FREAKS ME OUT. There is something about "cleaning" your hands without actually cleaning them that does not sit right with me. Yes, I realize it has its place (hospitals, petting zoos, etc.), but for my own self? I would rather kick it old-school with soap and water. That said, I know many of you (fellow authors of this blog included) are antibacterial gel fiends, so I will review it on what I see as its one merit: its scent.

OH MY GOD Y'ALL THIS STUFF IS STRONG. Coconut Lime Verbena, by its name alone, should be a delightful, breezy, tropical scent, wafting along past a palm tree and a sarong, putting visions of pina coladas and shirtless cabin boys in your head. But what it actually made me think of was, "Holy Christ my nostrils." It's like they took the breezy tropical scent and put it on whatever Ronnie from Jersey Shore is on (Jersey Shore, so topical), so it was a hulking mass of scent that got into fights in the boardwalk of your nose. All I'm trying to say here is: if you want to smell like SERIOUS coconut and SERIOUS verbena (the lime was negligible), go for it. But if I were you, I wouldn't.

Sultana says: I am a Mommy of three, so I always have hand sanitizer in my purse. Of course washing your hands is the sure fire way to go, but when you can't you need hand sanitizer.
I have this in Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love Vanilla scents. I know for some people, its too much but for me its just right. I really like this because its small enough to toss in your bag and go. But at the same time, it packs a loud punch when it comes to the scent. Its a nice way to cleanse and smell good all at the same time.

Melissa says: I agree with everyone else, the sanitizer is really strong. I had Sea Island Cotton that smelled fresh but was also powerful. However, the scent lasted just for a bit, so it didn't matter too much to me. Plus, this is a Bath & Bodyworks product, so it must smell (good). I actually like it because I'm running all over the city everyday and need a little hand sanitizer when I can't wash my hands. I think it's great because it's small and good to use every now and then as we can rely on sanitizer to kill germs all of the time!

Trish says: I am one of the "germaphobes" as described above! So yes, any kind of anti-bacterial agent, hand gel, wash, cloth etc - I will use and adore. Unfortunately, sometimes the germ-fighting alcohol can leave my hands too dry or scratchy feeling. The best part of the Bath&Body Works PocketBac gel is that it doesn't strip my skin too harshly - even with 68% alcohol! It dries rather quickly and smoothly enough and leaves a clean feeling... I tried the Sweet Pea scent, which is pretty and floral and packs a nice punch as the others have mentioned. If you already are a fan of Bath&Body products and love antibacterial gels, then this is a good one to have handy in your bag!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review- Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss

Fall in love with color, all over again. Sophisticated color and shine from pure pigment. Luxurious feel from nourishing honey nectar.

I tried this lip gloss in a new shade, Strawberry Glaze, a cheerful, shimmery sheer pink. It looks pretty bold in the tube, but on your lips it really is the perfect summer pink - you can see the hint of color, but its light enough to look like a natural flush. The shelf-life of the formula is average for a lip gloss, and the only thing that turned me off about it was the artificial strawberry smell. I am super-anal about scented and flavored lip glosses, but if that won't bother you, then you shouldn't have any beef with this product.

Trish says: I adore this sweet lip gloss from Maybelline! I tried it in a coral pink shade called "Triple Yum" and love layering it on top of my current lipstick. The consistency is really nice, not too thick nor too wimpy. There is a soft subtle fruity taste, but I don't mind it so much. Plus it goes away rather quickly. As a result, my lips feel so much more moisturized and look a lot more plumper than usual, so I can't complain! I would definitely recommend this to a friend who wanted a nice, light and affordable lip gloss that wears easily and effortlessly and looks pretty and soft at the same time!

Sultana says: I have this in Sweet Caramel. Oddly enough, it does not look or smell like Caramel. The color is like a pale pink & the smell is peachy. Besides, the odd name and color combo, the color is very pretty. Its the perfect summer color to me. However, its doesn't match so well with my skin tone. To make this work for me, I had to use it over a dark lipstick. The staying power is good, considering its a gloss. It leaves behind a very pretty shimmer of pink.

Deedlejuse Says: Sweet & Sassy! Ok, so I just have to say I know the name might be way over-used, but I love the gloss. It is a flirty pink that doesn't have too much glitter or sparkle. It doesn't neccessarily have much pigment, and is perfect over a lip stick.
The wear is quite good and stays on for at least half an hour before you want to reapply. The nice thing about it is that the gloss is not sticky or glossy really. It is more like a lipstick feel with more moisture. All in all for the price it is a good gloss, and it sounds like it comes in great colors. I like it a lot and would definitely repurchase when it is gone.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review- Aveda Foot Relief

If your feet have it rough, treat them to a soothing creme blended with active herbs, exfoliating fruit acids and plant-derived oils like jojoba and castor. Even tough, stressed feet are smoothed, cooled and moisture-charged.

This foot cream is a miracle worker, just in time for summer. The cream has a wonderful, gentle fragrance of rosemary and lavender and will keep your feet soft and silky all day. I use it twice daily, in the morning and night, and it keeps my feet smooth 24-7. The longer you use it the better your feet will look. The texture is rich and creamy, but not at all greasy, and absorbs quickly. It also has a slight cooling sensation which feels like heaven after walking around in heels all day. Give your feet a mini-massage each time you use it for extra pampering.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Review - Skin MD Natural

Skin MD is actually a shielding lotion which “keeps moisture-robbing irritants away from the skin." It claims to absorb quickly and hydrate the outer layer of the skin. They suggest applying the lotion every 2-8 hours so moisture levels improve.

My skin is extremely dry and I need a good moisturizer to keep my hands hydrated. I followed the directions and used the lotion for a week. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel that it kept my hands hydrated. It may be due to the fact that I wash my hands frequently and suffer from extremely dry skin. However, what I like about Skin MD is that it does soak up quickly so it doesn’t leave my hands greasy. I think this product is good for everyday use for someone that needs minimal moisture, but if you are on the extreme end, it may not suffice.

Trish says: I really like this lotion - alot! It's pretty thin and dries quickly, and yet my skin still feels really silky and soft afterwards! As a hand lotion - the moisturizing power doesn't stay on too long - but as an overall body lotion, I can't get enough of this stuff! It's super thin and lightweight (my favorite kind) and wearable during the summer, yet fully hydrating enough to get through a tough winter, making this the perfect lotion year round! I especially like using this after a shower as the moisture seems to stay locked in for hours. If you're like me and like super thin lotions with a highly silkening effect - then this lotion could be just your type!

Review - Clarisonic Classic

Developed by the lead inventor of Sonicare®, CLARISONIC® uses patented sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria—without abrasion or harsh chemicals. Unlike superficial cleansing, CLARISONIC® removes greater than six times more makeup and actually increases product absorption—making skin more receptive to skincare ingredients (up to 61% in a recent clinical study). Skin is demonstrably hydrated, more even-textured and suffused with a beautiful glow.

So, here is the truth of the matter....from my perspective of course! I work at a major department store, and the Clarisonic is touted as one of the best products we carry, as it is supposed to cleanse your skin up to six times better than your normal regimen. I believed that, had been getting pimples WAY more often than ever before, and am the first to admit that some nights I just blank on washing my face. Soooo, I bought one. Yes, a little tax day present to myself, and I will tell you I do not get a lot off the $195 price tag, so this investment had been thought about ALOT. First of all I will tell you there are a number of different types you can buy: the Mia (travel) the Classic ( two speeds) and the Pro ( two speeds, and body brush). I selected the Classic, I figured that the second speed might come in handy for when my very sensitive skin got more used to the sensation, and I could not justify spending an extra $40 on having smooth elbows when I could very easily buy another washcloth.....
I will tell you the effects of this machine on my skin have been amazing! It is a "smart" machine, so basically it tells you how long you need to spend on each section of your face. For me this is perfect, I am the worst offender of rushing through something and not being able to figure out why it didn't work.... Also, the guilt of spending nearly $200 on any one thing... especially any one thing for my face... makes me feel that I have to use it every day, sometimes twice a day. The effects are wonderful. My skin is glowing, and very clean. The pores are much smaller on my cheeks and nose, and it took almost a month and a half, but the breakouts have stopped (it basically purges everything that has been building up in your skin forever, so you will notice pimples, but they clear out in close to a day so do not be alarmed when it happens.) Even my face cream is absorbed quicker, and my very sensitive skin is much less irritated now-a-days.
All in all I will tell you: I have reviewed some very pricey things on this site, none of which I paid for, and this is by far the best product I have ever used. In fact my boyfriend and his mom and I are all going to chip in for one for his sister. It is that good. It sounds like a big investment, because it is a big investment, but unlike that serum which will be gone in four months this will be around forever (you do change brushheads every four months, but I don't think they cost too much;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Review - Essie Spring Collection

Chic and modern, this dreamy coral is an artistic burst of color. $8

Essie's new Spring Collection is full of beautiful & artistic colors. These colors are exactly what Spring is about. I have the Tart deco. Its very similar to the shade of this font. It is a really pretty color that pops. Think coral mixed with pink. Its like your old pastel pink revamped. This looks great on my skin tone, but it might be one of those colors that look good on anyone's skin tone. Of course, my daughter had to try it & she loved it. I allow her to wear subtle polishes like this one & Essie makes so many of them. I love Essie because they always are coming out with new collections and keep things interesting.

Deedlejuse Says: I got the new Essie Spring Collection in "In Stitches" a bold beautiful pink that, while isn't my ideal shade for fingers in the winter looks awesome on my toesies! I have had it on now for two weeks and it is still going strong. I will say that the longevity will be quite less long on the fingers, but for me it works. I can't wait to look at all the rest of the beautiful shades. Off to my local salon to take a look!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review- Beauty Through Balance Glacial Revitalizing Mist

A treatment mist for face & body to help re-balance, refresh, protect the skin and target signs of age. Created with green tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other revitalizing actives. $28 for 5 oz.

I used every single drop of this mist--and in less than a month! Hopefully that statement says nearly everything it needs to in order to convey that I heart this toner a whole lot. I have used it to wake myself up first thing in the morning, as a midday refresher, at night after washing off the day... oh, you get the scene. I generally have some moisture spray on hand because it's a phenomenal enhancement to any makeup application and this one feels as energizing and dewy as any I have tried. Plus, there is ginger in it, which incidentally is the scent that dominates the other ingredients and it smells divine, imo.

Review - Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Beauty Bar

  • Flaunt your gorgeous even skin tone with confidence
  • Warm Burnt brown sugar & Karite butter
  • Gently exfoliates and moisturizes to reveal even toned skin.
  • Having even skin tone is liberating allowing you to reveal your playful, daring attitude.
  • Also available in Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash
I swear, this soap smells so good I want to eat it! t But no really folks, toned skin is important, not only for your face but for your entire body. I grew up with my Mom always using skin toning soaps. So this wasn't new to me. When you have darker skin, one uneven spot shows dramatically. When you use this on your skin, you can feel the burnt sugar scrubbing deep down in your pores. Its a good, clean feeling. What woman doesn't want even & sexy skin?

Josephine says: I couldn't get with the smell myself. Weird because I tried the body wash of the same name and scent and it was pretty hot. Other than that though, I have no complaints. How does Caress make great shaped bars of soap (are they ergonomically designed or something?) that don't ever strip the skin of moisture anyway? Well, no matter, this bar is good stuff.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Review- Brocato Curl Calming Balm

No matter how thick, curly, kinky your hair is, Sam Brocato's Curlinterrupted Curl Calming Balm has you covered. A small amount turns coarse, frizzy curls into soft, smooth spirals. This formula provides perfect balance of moisture to leave your locks feeling super soft, shiny and frizz-free in even the most hot and humid climates.

My hair is naturally very wild and kinky with super-tight curls, so I had high hopes for Brocato's Curl Calming Balm, especially since it claims to work wonders even for the most coarse, kinky hair textures. However I was pretty disappointed with the results. I used just as directed, but it really didn't do much to smooth out my curls, just left it the same old frizzy mass it usually is when I don't use any products. I tried it on my hair twice, once wet, and once when it was already dry, but the results were the same both times. It might work better if your curls aren't as tight as mine, but in my case it was really not a success.