Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review - Got 2b Fat-tastic thickening Plumping Mousse

This revolutionary thickening mousse is infused with collagen to make your hair feel instantly thicker, denser and full of body and life. The collagen formula also adds elasticity for overall strong, lush hair that holds style all day long. Go from flat to all-that without the carb overload.

So, About 7 months ago, I dyed my hair back to its natural color. The only real problem I've realized is the level of body my hair has is wayyyyy worse now. I guess the dye used to make my hair feel thicker and look bouncier, because now it seems dull and kind of fuzzy, it's lost a lot of shine and seems stringy.
I stopped by the drug store and looked through the hair products, and decided to try this mousse out because Got 2b's other products had worked really well before. I have to say, I'm actually SHOCKED by how well this works. I washed my hair and put a big palm sized amount in my hair, and when it naturally dried, it looked at least 2 times thicker than the day before. Not only that, there wasn't a stiff or sticky feeling to it. I've always thought mousse would make my hair feel sticky and weird, and I prefer to have my hair look a little undone and natural. But I have to say, I am going to stockpile this stuff and recommend it to anyone that wants thicker hair. It's great!

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