Friday, April 16, 2010

Review - Clarisonic Classic

Developed by the lead inventor of Sonicare®, CLARISONIC® uses patented sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria—without abrasion or harsh chemicals. Unlike superficial cleansing, CLARISONIC® removes greater than six times more makeup and actually increases product absorption—making skin more receptive to skincare ingredients (up to 61% in a recent clinical study). Skin is demonstrably hydrated, more even-textured and suffused with a beautiful glow.

So, here is the truth of the matter....from my perspective of course! I work at a major department store, and the Clarisonic is touted as one of the best products we carry, as it is supposed to cleanse your skin up to six times better than your normal regimen. I believed that, had been getting pimples WAY more often than ever before, and am the first to admit that some nights I just blank on washing my face. Soooo, I bought one. Yes, a little tax day present to myself, and I will tell you I do not get a lot off the $195 price tag, so this investment had been thought about ALOT. First of all I will tell you there are a number of different types you can buy: the Mia (travel) the Classic ( two speeds) and the Pro ( two speeds, and body brush). I selected the Classic, I figured that the second speed might come in handy for when my very sensitive skin got more used to the sensation, and I could not justify spending an extra $40 on having smooth elbows when I could very easily buy another washcloth.....
I will tell you the effects of this machine on my skin have been amazing! It is a "smart" machine, so basically it tells you how long you need to spend on each section of your face. For me this is perfect, I am the worst offender of rushing through something and not being able to figure out why it didn't work.... Also, the guilt of spending nearly $200 on any one thing... especially any one thing for my face... makes me feel that I have to use it every day, sometimes twice a day. The effects are wonderful. My skin is glowing, and very clean. The pores are much smaller on my cheeks and nose, and it took almost a month and a half, but the breakouts have stopped (it basically purges everything that has been building up in your skin forever, so you will notice pimples, but they clear out in close to a day so do not be alarmed when it happens.) Even my face cream is absorbed quicker, and my very sensitive skin is much less irritated now-a-days.
All in all I will tell you: I have reviewed some very pricey things on this site, none of which I paid for, and this is by far the best product I have ever used. In fact my boyfriend and his mom and I are all going to chip in for one for his sister. It is that good. It sounds like a big investment, because it is a big investment, but unlike that serum which will be gone in four months this will be around forever (you do change brushheads every four months, but I don't think they cost too much;)

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