Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel

Spread love, not germs. This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that, wherever you go, get hands clean and lightly scented with fresh coconut, lime, and fragrant verbena warmed by vanilla and musk.
I'm gonna be straight with you guys. Antibacterial gel? FREAKS ME OUT. There is something about "cleaning" your hands without actually cleaning them that does not sit right with me. Yes, I realize it has its place (hospitals, petting zoos, etc.), but for my own self? I would rather kick it old-school with soap and water. That said, I know many of you (fellow authors of this blog included) are antibacterial gel fiends, so I will review it on what I see as its one merit: its scent.

OH MY GOD Y'ALL THIS STUFF IS STRONG. Coconut Lime Verbena, by its name alone, should be a delightful, breezy, tropical scent, wafting along past a palm tree and a sarong, putting visions of pina coladas and shirtless cabin boys in your head. But what it actually made me think of was, "Holy Christ my nostrils." It's like they took the breezy tropical scent and put it on whatever Ronnie from Jersey Shore is on (Jersey Shore, so topical), so it was a hulking mass of scent that got into fights in the boardwalk of your nose. All I'm trying to say here is: if you want to smell like SERIOUS coconut and SERIOUS verbena (the lime was negligible), go for it. But if I were you, I wouldn't.

Sultana says: I am a Mommy of three, so I always have hand sanitizer in my purse. Of course washing your hands is the sure fire way to go, but when you can't you need hand sanitizer.
I have this in Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love Vanilla scents. I know for some people, its too much but for me its just right. I really like this because its small enough to toss in your bag and go. But at the same time, it packs a loud punch when it comes to the scent. Its a nice way to cleanse and smell good all at the same time.

Melissa says: I agree with everyone else, the sanitizer is really strong. I had Sea Island Cotton that smelled fresh but was also powerful. However, the scent lasted just for a bit, so it didn't matter too much to me. Plus, this is a Bath & Bodyworks product, so it must smell (good). I actually like it because I'm running all over the city everyday and need a little hand sanitizer when I can't wash my hands. I think it's great because it's small and good to use every now and then as we can rely on sanitizer to kill germs all of the time!

Trish says: I am one of the "germaphobes" as described above! So yes, any kind of anti-bacterial agent, hand gel, wash, cloth etc - I will use and adore. Unfortunately, sometimes the germ-fighting alcohol can leave my hands too dry or scratchy feeling. The best part of the Bath&Body Works PocketBac gel is that it doesn't strip my skin too harshly - even with 68% alcohol! It dries rather quickly and smoothly enough and leaves a clean feeling... I tried the Sweet Pea scent, which is pretty and floral and packs a nice punch as the others have mentioned. If you already are a fan of Bath&Body products and love antibacterial gels, then this is a good one to have handy in your bag!

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