Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review- Beauty Through Balance Glacial Purifying Cleanser

Beauty Through Balance ™ Glacial Purifying Cleanser for face & body is a sulfate free, gentle yet effective re-balancing cleanser that can be used for all skin types to correct and balance dry skin as well as oily/acne prone skin while effectively removing excess dirt, impurities and makeup residue.

This cleanser would be a product junkie's nightmare. I mean really, if you like to have various cleansers stocking your bathroom cabinet be my guest. But if you're looking for one cleanser that will keep your skin balanced year round, whether it is dry or oily this one is perfect for you. It is super gentle, free of skin-harming sulfates, leaving your skin clean and refreshed after washing with just a pea-sized blob. It even doubles as a body wash, which is perfect for travel. Canadian Glacial Clay, Green Tea and Chamomile remove impurities, kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation, and moisturize the skin. This cleanser is perfect for anyone who has moody skin that flucuates with the weather, and doesn't care to change her products every season.

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