Monday, June 30, 2008

Review - Smashbox Wicked Lovely Blush

This pressed powder BLUSH brushes on easily and is virtually streak-proof. Formulated for longer wear, this blush is essential for a picture-perfect glow all day long.

What a fun little compact, though it took a moment to figure out how to open it (mirror swings out; press slotted button to lift the lid). The Rush Charm color is like a light pinkish-bronzer, which means if applied well, it effects a natural sun-kissed glow (always sexy and romantic). I also used it on the sides of my nose, bottom of chin, and temple area to frame my face. It stayed put until I took it off, which is a good thing. I’m old enough to remember Yardley’s Love cosmetics from the 60s, and this product line brings me right back to the joy of good products in fun packaging.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Review- Rosie Jane Eye Define Eyeliner

These revolutionary eye liners are a collection of richly hued pencils designed to give contrast to the soft colors of the already loved Rosie Jane Eye Hints. The luscious formula glides on perfectly, without dragging across the fragile skin of the eye area.
They deliver bold, clear, true color that easily blends and defines. With a wind up, slanted top it makes the application of eye liner seem effortless.

I've got this pencil in Beech Tree. It's a nice medium brown with a bit (not too much) of shimmer. It goes on smoothly and is easily blendable. It goes great with my hazel eyes. The design is a little different than most pencils as it doesn't come to a point but to a slant. It's still possible to angle it any way you want. This pencil comes in 3 colors- Beech Tree- medium brown with a little shimmer, Fern- green and Grape which is of course- purple. It never needs to be sharpened which is an added bonus.

Review - Finesse BeautiFull Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

True beauty is more than skin deep. But tell that to your hair. The surface ~ the cuticle more precisely is where your hair's beauty is more evident. Enter the Finesse exclusive silk and soy protein formulas that smooth and improve the cuticle, strengthening every strand to leave hair more soft and naturally shiny. For hair that's irresistibly alluring to the eye and beautiful to the touch.

So I don't know about the rest of you, but recently I have been scouting out the most affordable toiletries that actually Work. When you are bargain shopping it is sort of tantalizing to see all of those shampoos and conditioners that are advertised as $1, or $.99 or even to go to the dollar store and find the biggest bottle possible so that you won't have to think about it for a while. Unfortunately, most of those discount shampoos and conditioners leave you wondering why your hair looks like a dull, super-frizzy, tangled mess.

The other day I found this Finesse Soy and Silk Protein volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I have to say I was skeptical at first, my hair needs lots of moisture and new brands tend to be sort of scary for me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this brand is cheap AND does an amazing job on my very long very dry hair. The smell is a 5. Sort of like Ivory soap, not amazing but certainly not terrible. The shampoo lathers really well, just a small amount works in to even the longest thickest hair. The conditioner, for me is the true test. This one passed with flying colors. I left it on for a good three minutes, just to be sure, but at the end of it my hair felt very soft and hydrated. The best surprise was after it dried ( I usually allow my hair to air dry at night) it was soo soft and full of volume and super shiny. I would say that this duo is comparable to much more expensive brands.

Sheba says:

I use this volume shampoo and conditioner off and on. They are some of the best on the market for the price. I also usually let my hair dry on its own if I have the time and these products leave them feeling very clean, healthy, smooth, and with more body than when I started. How can I go wrong? I have had results that are not even close to these with much more expensive products. The main thing is that these work very well and the cost is so very reasonable for such results.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Review - L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

A super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Texturally pleasing balm glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning. $25.00

CitySlicker Says:

This is a thick rich hand cream that really coats my hands. It absorbs pretty quickly but does leave behind a feeling of weight, like they are coated. My hands aren't greasy or slippery. This is great for weathered, hard working or super dry hands. I find that the scent reminds me of a baby, it's got that babies bum cream kind of scent. It's light and lofting once it's on. I can wash and it's still there too.. This is great for putting on before bed & if you wear the night gloves you wake up with a super soft hydrated hand.. For me it's like they are someone elses.. This is a great remedy for people like me who don't wear gloves in winter. My paws get red, dry and raw! This is the kind of cream I will use on occasion, when needed. My hands feel transformed after only a few days of use..

Hillary says:

I can't say enough good things about this hand cream! I've been using it for years. I haven't found another hand cream as rich as L'Occitane's; it's like wearing protective gloves overnight. I'm an obsessive hand washer but no matter how dry my hands get, one night of this cream does the trick. It has a pleasant, not at all overpowering scent. I don't generally use it during the day because I find it too rich for that purpose. Overall this is one of my beauty must-haves. The price may seem steep ($25) but I've been using the same tube for over a year. Highly recommended.

Sheba says:

This cream is miraculous, especially as an overnight cream as suggested by both City Slicker and Hillary. I am one of those people who rarely uses gloves in the winter (stupid-yes) and never wears them when working in the garden (another stupid). I think I just have a difficult time maneuvering with anything on my hands so I never wear gloves. This cream repairs all the damage I do to my hands. It does have that 'clean baby' scent which is not overpowering at all. I prefer this cream in the colder months, but then I pull it out often when working in the yard. I have mentioned before I have a dog. He is a licker and I need to wash my hands countless times a day. Of course, they get dry from all of that. Now the little darling is coming in with ticks. I manage to get them off of him but I don't just use soap and water them -- I actually use rubbing alcohol to make sure all germs are killed. That does a job on the skin. The cream reverses the damage completely. The cost is up there -- but you don't need a lot. . . it will last. Unless you are as bad as me -- washing your hands 20 or more times a day due to a very adorable dog. I feel that I do get my money's worth from this cream.

Review - St. Ives Apricot Scrub, blemish & blackhead control

  • Oily/Acne prone.
  • Oil free.
  • 2% Salicylic acid.
  • Gently exfoliates to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells that can clog pores.
  • Discover the Swiss secrets for visibly healthy skin.
I got a little travel size of this stuff to take on a business trip to D.C. in April. Honestly, it was the only travel size under 3 oz. (the airline won't allow any bigger!) that I could find in the drug store, so I said to myself, 'it can't be that bad, right?' figuring it would at least do the job to get my make up off. I was really surprised by this stuff, having used super expensive exfoliating and micro-dermabrasion products, I found my skin to be comparably smooth and soft, without being red and irritated. I came home and bought a bigger bottle of it to use 2-3 times a week during the summer when my skin gets a little oilier and I tend to get blackheads on my nose and chin. So far I'm really pleased with it, and the usual amanda double usage bonus is that it's cheap enough to use as a whole body scrub, especially for shaving or after getting a wax.

Sheba says:

Amanda is so right about this scrub. It does the job without irritating my skin. Sometimes the scrubs can be just a bit harsh. This is gentle enough to use several times a week without fear of any excess drying, etc. I had originally gotten a small sample of this and it worked. So I bought some and have found it to be a pleasant alternative to some of my other scrubs. The scent is certainly nice enough. All in all, it does its job. It leaves your face clean and smooth with all the dead cells gone. She mentioned the price being so reasonable and that is a definite factor. It works as well as some of the much more expensive ones. You can usually find this on sale at your local beauty supply places. It is a very good investment for a minimal price.

Review - jane Be Pure Mineral Crushed Blush, Mink

Lightweight crushed mineral powder for soft, natural color Minerals minimize fine lines for a youthful effect. Talc free, oil free, fragrance free, won't clog pores.
Gentle, ultra fine powders minimizes risk of irritation and allows skin to breathe!

I happened upon this blush because I fell in love with one of the colors. I find it to be comprable to many of the higher end cosmetic lines. It goes on as smoothly and looks very natural. Because it is mineral it does not irritate my skin and it doesn't clog the pores. I am definitely a return buyer. You cannot go wrong -- you get an excellent product for the price.

Review- Healing Garden Lavender Therapy Relax

Aromatherapies for your mind + body + spirit Set includes: cleanse & calm bath & shower gel (1.85 fl oz/54 ml) silken serenity body lotion (1.85 fl oz/54 ml) relaxation body mist (1.5 fl oz/45 ml) relax & refine exfoliating body...

I bought this at CVS quite a while ago, and really love the product. The smell is truly relaxing, and although I like the lotions and shower gels etc, I find myself going back mostly to buy the relaxation body mist. I spray this in my hair and on my arms, neck and chest about 30 minutes before bed and I really am more likely to fall asleep faster and feel more relaxed. I also do the same if I know I am going to have a stressful day at work, or something to that effect. It's so cheap too, about $6 for a little package of them all, probably less for a bottle of just the spray. You can probably find it at any drug store, or else order it online at the link above.

Review - White Barn New York Fresh Linen Scented Candle

Crisp and cleanýlike just-washed linen drying in the sun.
  • Our 3-wick, irresistibly fragrant candle fills your home with rich, lavish aroma and ambiance
  • Twice the fragrance of most competitors' candles
  • 4" x 3 1/2" tall
  • Burns between 40-65 hours

I got this candle as a gift, and I really like it. Fresh linen is not necessarily the first scent idea that I gravitate towards in a store, but after the way that it makes my house smell, I just might. It is like there is a dryer going in my living room! It has the three wicks so it really is quite strong. It fills a good-sized room up in just minutes. I also really like the way the packaging looks, very country cottage. It says it has a 40-65 hour burn time, which I totally believe.

CitySlicker Says:

I have one of the candle also, in Pineapple Mango.. Let me tell you this is a tropical dream, sweet, fruity and warm.. The scent is enveloping in the home, it throws throughout once it's been burning for a while.. I find that the 3 wicks burn fairly evenly, it seems that one is always a little less burnt so I cut it low so I get an even burn the next time. I also use the lid to smout it out so I get no blown wicks. If you like Pina Coladas then you will love this, it's a juicy mouth watering pineapple blend that leaves me salivating when I think of it.. Perfect for guests, I have it in the kitchen, it works wonders for masking the scents of dinner too.

Sheba says:

I use the Fresh Linen as it helps disguise the pet smell that comes along with a pet. I use Febreze almost daily but this just fills the room with a fresh scent. Even if the room needs cleaning it smells clean!!! I am for anything that enables me to put off cleaning. I thoroughly enjoy this candle and have a small supply handy. It burns for a long time and I put it out when I go out and burn it again another day. It lasts a good amount of time. I have bought some other candles with this scent that did not smell as good or last as long. Some of them actually cost more and that makes them even more disappointing. I guess they thought me a lesson - if something is really good -- stick with it!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review- Chi Nano Technology Hair Dryer

  • Ceramic Heat = Moisturizing heat and shine

  • Extremely light weighted and quiet

  • Negative Ions = 50% faster drying time, reduces frizz and static electricity

  • Far Infra Red = Dries the hair from inside to outside and dries hair faster

  • Dual air flow – faster drying 2 vents suck in 2x more air

  • Dual air flow Low output of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)

You must have noticed by now that your hair comes out much better when it's blown out at the salon then when you do it at home, right? I've learned the secret. Half the battle is in the hair dryer! I had never been able to even vaguely replicate what was done at the salon until I got this hair dryer. I can't beleive the difference it makes! This dryer utilizes ceramic, ionic and far infrared technology to dry your hair in half the time with great results. I had always thought it was my lack of God given hair talent that had kept me from the "fresh-from-the-salon" look, but now I acheive it all the time. This dryer is hotter than my old Revlon dryer so I have to move it around a lot while I'm drying my hair, but my drying time has been cut in half. That's especially good news for someone like me who hates drying their hair. The Chi weighs practically nothing which is surprising given the power of the blowing action. Apparently, this hair dryer is also better for your health as well. How? With a low output of Electro Magnetic Frequency. It seems that regular dryers have a high EMF output, exposure to which some experts feel causes various ailments. This makes the low EMF output essential for people in the hair industry. Now that I've got this dryer, I'm spoiled for life. Never again will I be able to buy a hair dryer at the drugstore. It's professional tools for me from here on in!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Review - Nexxus Headress Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

HEADRESS VOLUMIZING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER is a superb hairdressing that increases body, improves combability, instantly releases tangles and adds incredible lustre. Time released Antioxidants, UVA and UVB Protectors guard against harsh environmental elements so hair continuously shines with radiant health.
Size : 150 ml / 5 Fl.Oz. $11.99

I cannot believe that I almost forgot how wonderful this conditioner is! It is just amazing. I cannot even imagine leaving most conditioners in my hair -- they would weigh the hair down or make it look wet or greasy. This conditioner is truly weightless as they claim. You can put it on wet or dry hair. It works its magic on on either. My hair actually has some terrific body and looks more healthy than I have seen it look for a while. They have an excellent reputation in the hair care industry and I can see why. Their products definitely enhance your hair. They cost a little more than the average product -- but then they are much better than the average product. However, you might be lucky enough to find them on EBay at fantastic savings. This conditioner is only one item out of a package of Nexxus products I got at an unbelievably low price.

Review - Earth's Beauty Natural Make-Up

The Earth's Beauty line of pure loose powder makeup was developed for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional cosmetics. Because we use minimal ingredients, the products are in the loose powder form. The base of the products is organic and wildcrafted arrowroot with added natural colorings. Because of the use of arrowroot, our powders are feathery lightweight on the face and do not irritate the skin. Due to the very fine particles of arrowroot, the makeup gives the skin a refined and natural look....the look you want, the ingredients you trust!

So the other day I was reading the back of my bottle of lotion, and I couldn't pronounce a few of the words. The inquiring mind that I have was wondering what on earth the mystery ingredients could be, so I Googled them. Completely freaked out by the information at the end of that quest I began looking for a more natural alternative. For lotions and creams and butters there are many, many sites and stores that one can hit up, even the grocery store nowadays carries Burt's Bee's and Avalon Organics but trying to find a really nice natural make-up line is super hard. Even harder to find is a make-up line that you actually want to wear, my mind jumps back to disastrous purchases at the health food store of waxy foundations and eye-liners that are so hard that you almost hurt yourself before any of the crayon actually sticks to your eyelid. So, when my "Green Guide" National Geographic mentioned a synthetics free make up site that they had dubbed "eco-friendly" I decided to take a look.
This site will send you samples of their products for $1.00 each (I know, kinda steep) but they are definitely worth a try. My absolute favorite product I have is the Wild Rose Lip Glaze, it is a beautiful shade and stays put for hours, but it isn't too sticky so my hair doesn't get stuck in it! All of the other products work like normal products, my only complaint is that I'm a rubber and by the end of the day my mascara had me looking pretty tired. Everything else worked really well though. Give it a try if your in the mood for a more natural solution.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review - DuWop Realipstick Katerine

DuWop's timeless lipsticks for any occasion. Available in four modern shades, these simple, yet sophisticated colors transform blah into beautiful.

So... When I bought this lipstick it was in different packaging, but I'm sure it is similar on the inside! I absolutely love it, the shade I got is the Katherine (I believe) but back then it had a different name. It is really a wonderful shade and a wonderful lipstick. Personally, I am not a lipstick wearer. I don't like my lips to be completely covered in color with no shine. Of course there are lipsticks that don't wear like that, but I find gloss much easier. This lipstick is one of those exceptions, it glides on smooth and easily, lasts forever, and is shiny enough that it really looks more like a gloss than a stuffy ol' lipstick. It is a little tingly when you put it on, which makes my lips look a little poutier and prettier. Honestly I really love this lipstick, and I think that if you are afraid of LIPSTICK because it is so much more formal you should definitely try DuWop. It is cool and trendy and actually really works!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Review - Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara

Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. Now in waterproof, too!

I think we can all appreciate the joy of getting something for free, right? If you're like me, you will literally accept pretty much anything if it's being handed out gratis, particularly if there are some sort of skimpily-costumed dancer boys doing the handing. Once, someone gave me an energy drink on the sidewalk outside my office. I took it, put it in the office fridge, and forgot about it - it looked gross. But what about the times when you get something for free that you actually want? Those are the best. This is a story about one of those times.

A few months back, when I started writing for, there was a link to a site where you could request a sample of some new mascara, Cover Girl's LashBlast. The thing was, you had to be a teenager to get it. Fortunately, there was no ID checking of any sort, so if anyone asks, my birthday is December 25, 1989. I, of course, promptly forgot that I'd done that, so when I received a package the other day, I had no clue what it could be. To my delight and surprise, it was the LashBlast mascara.

Overall, this mascara is fairly standard: the color (black) is deep and rich, it doesn't smudge much (I did get the non-waterproof version), and its lengthening and volumizing properties are average or a little above average. But what makes this mascara a stand-out is the brush. As opposed to traditional mascara brushes, made of fibers or hair or whatever they are, this brush is made of some sort of space-age rubber stuff that does an amazing job of separating your lashes, which is always my biggest complaint about mascara. You're left with lashes that are full and long, but not clumpy - hooray! $7.99 @

CitySlicker Says:

I am on board with the mascara brush with the rubbery bristles. I love them. This is a good mascara, it lengthens and give me full lashes. When I first opened the mascara, there was so much on the bristles that I had to wipe away a ton of product so as not to overwhelm my lashes. The bristles are so tiny, they can't handle too much product. It's my opinion and I am sticking to it. I have been using this off and on for about a month and the product is finally at the point where I don't have to dry the bristles. I do wear contacts & I've had no adverse reaction and love the long lengthy results. Worth every penny!

Review - Frederic Fekkai Coiff Defense UV/ Thermal Protectant

A heat-activated leave-in conditioner. - $25.00

CitySlicker Says:

I am a girl who over-processes her doo on the daily. I wash, condition, and then it begins, and I dry, iron and go. I know this is bad for the doo, but I can’t help but desire a smooth, sleek, shiny doesn’t come from nature for me! I have to dry the doo with tools that I am sure promote split ends, then ironing. I swear I could run my shirt sleeve through and it would come out pressed, so I can’t imagine what my poor hair goes through. I do my best to take care of if though, and luckily I had the opportunity to give this a test drive. I am in love after a week of usage.
This spray has a nice large nozzle that delivers ample spritzes. I use only about 4-5 - I don’t need more. It’s got a light floral scent that is pretty and once I am done drying, can’t be smelled unless I bring it to my nose, and even then it's light. It’s actually a nice light perfume for the doo. It doesn’t cause any reactions with my skin either - if my skin isn’t liking a product, I tend to break out around my hairline and that isn't the case, so this is a seal of approval for me. I love how this is coined “the foundation for your hair.” I am so in love with this! Since I use foundation on my face, why shouldn’t I provide my hair a daily foundation to protect and renew the doo?? Well, I am leaving this in my regimen. It’s amazing. When I am done drying, I can see that my hair is lying flatter, not because it’s weighed down in the least, it’s light, airy and shiny. This is great to use alone and go, but for me that only happens when the doo goes into a ponytail. So on the daily, I dry then iron. Amazing, my ends look held together and I might be able to go longer in between cuts. I am a 6 week regular girl but going 7 would be great. I also have color treated hair. I use Technician Color line also... The scents are harmonious together also... I think I will be revisiting this product in the warmer months when I am outside more often and can report on the effects with the sun... I am sure if this can stand up to my iron then the sun won’t be a problem! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!

deedlejuse says:

I totally agree with City Slicker, this stuff is wonderful. I must confess I do not always bother blow-drying my long (chemically processed) blond hair. So I used it both ways; after styling with heat, and leaving brushed to air dry on its own. I noticed a wonderful difference both ways. I loved the smell, I loved the look, and I loved the lack of buildup. Honestly, I just loved this product. The ends of my hair sort of just stayed in unified harmony for the entire day, and this is not a normal happening. I think that the most dramatic result would have to have been when I used the blow dryer, but when I didn’t I still noticed it looking healthier and shinier. Very good stuff, I recommend it highly.

Movie Maven says:

Here's a third "hear, hear" for the protectant spray! The smell was beautifully light and wasn't battling any of the other scents normally on my bod. I didn't initially notice any extreme results myself, since my hair tends to be fairly tame on its own, but I got an unsolicited compliment from a friend after the first use of this stuff: "your hair looks so shiny and healthy!" Since my hair hasn't been cut in, oh, eight weeks, I was astonished that it would garner that kind of attention! That compliment alone was enough to sell me on it. Like Deedlejuse, I'm a little lax in the daily blow-drying department, but I've been using it even when I've gone au naturale and the shine, for me, is the real benefit. Two pigtails up!

Hillary says:

This is one of those products that when you see what it does for your hair you feel like your hair has looked sub-standard for a long time. In other words, it's so good, it gave me a complex! The way my hair looks with this spray is one thing, but the smell...heavenly! It's not an overpowering smell like it's going to duke it out with your shampoo, it's just gorgeous and subtle. I love the fact that I can mist my hair with this spray and comb right through it with no snags. It really does improve the look of my hair, which is vaguely dry and processed, leaving it silky and shiny. I don't dare ever run out! But I suggest you run out and buy some.

Barbara says:

All "color-assisted" redheads (polite way of saying you owe everything to your hairdresser!) know the truth- red fades the fastest. Blow drying your hair is like committing pre-meditated murder on your hair color. I’ve had to settle for air drying but what to do about my bangs? The curly, frizzy bang look only worked for Mamie Eisenhower. And my bangs had to be battled nearly every morning.
Fekkai Coiff Defense UV/ Thermal Protectant has taken the worry out of the morning blow dry bang attack. I’ve noticed minimal to no change in color compared to the rest of my non-blow dried hair. And best of all, it seems to have tamed a cowlick at the hairline and made my bangs behave. Perfect!

Joyce says:

I second everything said in the other posts. After the fourth day of using and loving it, I decided to test it by drying my hair without this product. Oy! What a difference, and not the one I wanted to see. My hair is thin and fine, so using a product that gives it so much bounce, fullness, and style when it’s not even touted as doing that really impresses me.

Amanda S Says:

I just want to say that I agree with everyone here. After using this on my hair (which has been depressing me lately with it's limp and fuzzy attitude) it has been so soft and fuller, with way less stringy-ness and no greasy heavy feel. I really adore this stuff, I can't think of a better leave in product all-around, it's also easy to apply and doesn't make your hands sticky which is an added bonus!.

Sheba says:

This is a very different product in my hair care arsenal. I thought I might like to see if it does help protect the hair from the heat and drying elements. It does!! My hair ended up incredibly soft and shiney after using this with electric rollers and a curling iron at different times. My hair felt even better than when I started as though it might have received some real hair therapy. It feels like it has more texture to it -- but not with a heavy or greasey feel. I did not expect such great results --I thought it would just give me some added protection -- but it does a lot more. It is meant to be used when using your heating elements on your hair as the heat activates it. To be quite honest I also tried it when I let my hair air dry and I got some pretty good results even then. $25 is the suggested price but you will find it for less and might find a sale. Their website has suggested stores but you can locate it in others if you check around. I just happened across several of their products on Ebay @ approximately half price. Fekkai has a very good reputation and you will see why.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Review - Nexxus Diametress Luscious Hair Thickening Shampoo

Features• Salon-quality shampoo is "couture for your hair"• Shampoo gives volume and revitalizes while protecting and nourishing• Made with the finest natural and botanical ingredients to create healthier, more beautiful hair• For best results, use with Nexxus conditioner and styling products (sold separately)• NEXXUS was founded on the principles of combining superior natural and botanical ingredients with state of the art scientific breakthroughs to create extremely gentle yet highly effective customized problem solving therapies. The secret to Nexxus' success? It works.

Nexxus Diametress Shampoo - 13.5 oz. $11.39 (at Target

Once again I have fallen back on one of my old stand-bys. I cannot go wrong with any Nexxus product--they just work wonders for me. To be honest I got an excellent deal on Ebay for a package which happened to include my favorites at an incredible discount price!!! My hair is now thanking me for returning to Nexxus. It cleans and hydrates while it also imbues my hair with volume and manageablilty. It is a real treat for my hair and I will go back to it often. My hair feels so soft, silky, manageable and full of body. You will find it to be quite expensive at salons and many beauty supply shops. . . but check Target and Ebay.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Review - Marc Jacobs Violet Eau De Toilette Spray

Marc Jacobs Violet Perfume by Marc Jacobs, It has top notes of sparkling bergamot and peony; a heart of delicate violet, orchid, orris and creamy cashmere accord, and its drydown is of cedarwood, vanilla, musk and gingerbread.

This fragrance is very interesting. It doesn't smell like anything I have ever smelled before, even though all of the parts of it are familiar. I find the combination to be so warming and endearing, it is definitely a feel good perfume. It is interesting and alluring. Violet is a throw-back to my grandmother's house, so for me it is one fragrance that I dearly love. This fragrance makes me want to wear it, all the time. Well maybe just in the wintertime, but definitely a lot in the winter! I don't think that it is a particularly spicy fragrance, more of a warm one to me, but it would be spicy for light floral wearers. The fragrance lasts for a good long time, but just delicately, not over the top strong.

Review - Prada Perfume for women

Prada brings its unique fusion of tradition and innovation to the world of fragrance, reinventing the ancient art of perfumery by creating a fragrance of yesterday and tomorrow, a scent inspired by the past, that embodies the future. It is a fragrance that intertwines memory, reality, and possibility.

Bergamot Oil Italian, Orange Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Mandarin Flower, Mimosa India, Rose Absolute ABS, Schinus Molle ABS LMR, Peru Balsam, Patchouli Oil LMR, Raspberry Flower, Labdanum Resinoide LMR, Tonka Bean ABS LMR, Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Sandalwood Oil

When it comes to perfume I have smelled many. I am a perfumer, sort of, at least I work at a perfume bar and I create fragrances for people every day. So, not that my opinion matters any more or any less than the next person, but I have without a doubt smelled a lot more fragrances than the normal Joe off the street. This perfume is one of my all time favorites. I decided to include what the notes are so that people can see sort of what it might smell like, but words cannot really grasp this beautiful, delectable fragrance. It is an ambery, rich and woodier version of Thierry Mugler's very famous Angel perfume, you have smelled it even if you don't know it. It is the "star" bottle.
Prada tones down the chocolate, I think a really good choice, and tones up the citrus. This isn't a citrusy fragrance, however, it is more woody. It is sultry and sophisticated and when I want to feel sexy and decadent it is always the one I gravitate towards.... and the best part is it is Prada (that we can actually afford!!) it is only about $70 for 1.7oz, and the fragrance lasts wonderfully and delicately for hours and hours! Please at least go to Sephora and spray it on yourself. You will not be sorry!

Review: Abrione Clean Slate Cleanser - Normal to Oily

Not your ordinary facial wash, Clean Slate Facial Cleanser contains bioactive ingredients to help purify, clarify, exfoliate and revitalize your complexion. Aloe vera gel helps prevent inflammation and botanical extracts help brighten and protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment.

You know that gel they put in a tray at the dentist's office and then put on your teeth? The intense fluoride treatment stuff? Imagine using that as a facial cleanser, and you will get the approximate experience of Abrione's Clean Slate Facial Cleanser. It smells exactly like the mint flavor of that fluoride stuff, so much so that I wanted to have a suction tube in my mouth to get rid of the excess spit. It's a moderately-foaming cleanser, which is fine, but the main thing that happens after you use it is a weird, cool feeling on your face. It feels so bizarre, especially in the eye area, for about five minutes or so after washing. I don't know if that means it's working or what, but it's kind of amazing/disturbing. The best feature of the cleanser was that although it's formulated for normal/oily skin, it wasn't over-drying, which can sometimes be an issue. Overall, I liked it, but the dentist's office smell really got to me, so I don't know if I'd like using it on a regular basis.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Review - Escada - Moon Sparkle For Men

Moon Sparkle for Men evokes memories of hot summer party nights filled with a sexy, magical intensity where anything is possible. Aromatic citrus notes and cool spice, washed by an invigorating aquatic accord, mingle to create a fragrance of extreme masculine freshness.
Notes:Bergamot, Mandarin, Pepper, Ginger, Marine Accord, Violet, Green Grape, Floral Aquatic, Georgywood, Cedarwood, Marine Amber, Vetyver.Style: Invigorating. Fresh. Cool.
1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray $45.00

So what if I am not a man -- I got a sample of this stuff and I had to try it. I have had such great luck with many of the fragrances from Escada. They know what they are doing. This is no exception -- l love this. Hey, I'll let the guys use it - after all it claims to be for them and says "a fragrance of extreme masculine freshness". I beg to differ: I swear it can be used by men or women. It definitely gives the 'fresh' scent that they claim. It contains citrus notes so right away it grabbed my nose. I do get a whiff of the Mandarin as well as the ginger along with the many other scents. It really is not heavy or overpowering. It is a terrific summer scent. . . but stock up if you like it. They have a habit of pulling scents after a while. I have had some great luck in finding Escada at Marshalls and TJMaxx for discounted prices. It doesn't hurt to look around - you might save some money while you get some exercise walking around the stores. Seriously, this is a nice fresh scent -- but they also make it specifically for women. I haven't tried that as I did not get a sample of that. I got a sample of this so I tried it. I can stretch this sample out for quite a while.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Review - Cute as Hell Lip Balm (Pomegranate)

All natural pomegranate lip delight from de lovlies dwelling in the dark down under.

I got this awesome little lip balm (it comes in a stick like a chapstick) made by Miso Pretty from my Mom for my birthday. It smells and tastes so great and comes in a cute kitschy little package with funky low brow art on it. I like it because unlike some other stick lip glosses, it isn't hard and difficult to rub in, it's soft and glides on and stays put, keeping my lips soft when I opt out on colored gloss/lipstick. It's such a cute present, I loved getting it and I think it's a perfect gift for a friend.

Review - Bohemian Body Butter

Bohemian Body Butter by Vermont Bee Balm Company is the ultimate solution for problem dry skin. This 100 percent natural body butter is handmade in Craftsbury, Vermont. The combination of pure olive oil, water, cocoa butter, pure Vermont beeswax, lemongrass & citrus essential oils and sodium borate creates a long lasting moisturizer that will soften your skin all over. Luxurious!

This body butter is really wonderful. It is quite thick and waxy, so not the best for all over use in the summertime, but in the winter I think it might be a staple. Right now I have just been using it on "tough" areas like my elbows and knees. I love it. I don't think my elbow has ever been so smooth ever! The smell is heavenly, sort of citrusy with a rosewood base maybe. The smell really is lovely, very natural and soothing. The best part for me is that the butter leaves your skin looking sort of shiney (but your skin can still breath) so you look like your glowing. This body butter for an all natural organic product is great, you should give it a try!

Review - Caress Body Wash Exotic Oil Infusions Brazilian

Want to discover a Brazilian inspired beauty secret? Caress Exotic Oil Infusions captures the magnificence of exotic oils in a body wash! Enliven your skin with the vivacious charm of Brazil in this authentic Cream Oil formula. The unique fusion with a blend of Passion Flower Cream and Acai Fruit Oil silkens skin, leaving a luscious, irresistible sheen. With skin this sensuous - you'll mesmerize everyone around you!

This body wash really does leave your skin silky smooth, and moisturized. In the summer I don't' necessarily need an extra layer of lotion all the time because it is so humid. This is the perfect answer: A body-wash with oil and moisturizers enough to actually work by itself! I love it, of course many other companies have come up with the same idea, and I'm sure some of them work very well, but Caress makes one that is only $5.99 for 15 oz. Such a great deal!
My only two problems with this body wash is that the smell is just ok. I just wasn't blown over with the smell like I thought I would be. It was light, and sort of fruity, sort of a passion fruit with some spicy notes as well. The other thing was that I didn't think it lathered particularly well, like it cleaned and felt slick and nice, but the huge bubbles that other body washes yield was almost disturbingly absent. Perhaps the fact that there is so much essential oil in the mixture is the reason that it couldn't suds up the way I thought it was going to. Regardless, I love the way my skin feels after I use it. The scent doesn't last on your skin, which I think is a definite plus. I would buy it again, just because my skin feels so smooth!

Amanda Says: I just got a little sample of this product and I love the smell so much! I have reviewed previously a bottle of another scent, but I like this one more, it's so light and perfect for summer, and the price is right!

Review - Fragonard éclat eau de parfum

With scintillating top notes of fresh bergamot, zesty lemon and freesia, ECLAT has a glowing heart of frangipane and gardenia all on a sensual yet sweet base of marshmallow.

100 ml refillable spray $ 34.00
200 ml refillable spray $ 50.00

This is the second of a set of perfumes I have been using. This fragrance includes more of those 'notes' that I look for in a scent. Anything citrusy will usually catch my nose pretty quickly. It is a very nice and light scent and I actually love the little bit of marshmallow I caught in it. It just surrounds you with its lovely combination without overpowering you. It does survive throughout the day but it will need to be revived if you want to wear it the same evening. It can go from day to evening very easily and you can give yourself an extra dab for the evening if you feel like it. It has captured my nose for sure. I enjoy the combination of all the ingredients -- it is so captivating. The price seems to be in line with most good perfumes. You can use just a dab or two and be set for the day so this will last for you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Review - Avalon Organics Tea Tree oil Shampoo

· Balances the scalp's delicate chemistry and gently cleanses as restorative Beta Glucan helps reduce dryness and irritation
· Enriched with Vitamin E, Panthenol & Arginine
· Paraben Free

My scalp gets so dry and itchy sometimes it drives me completely crazy. I found that not washing my hair every day helps a lot, in fact I wash it only about twice a week. When I do wash it however, I've still found that the wrong shampoo can really cause some major issues with drying my scalp out and also making my dyed and heat styled hair super dry and dull looking. This SLS free shampoo is so gentle and cool smelling, it's pH balanced and leaves my hair shiny and not overly stripped. It's also not so weak that I find my hair still greasy or limp when I just wash it. I highly recommend it for people who have sensitive scalps or who just want organic non-chemically laden hair products.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Review - Treat Sweet Butter Sugared Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Super sheer baby pink lip balm sweetened with creamy vanilla & rose• Sweet Butter heals dry chapped lips and locks in moisture with sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin e and cocoa butter• Nourishes, protects and softens dry chapped lips. This product is a very sheer baby pink lip balm, flavored with roses and creamy vanilla. Not only will you love the healthy pink color, you can feel the mix of shea butter, honey and other essential oils

I must have dozens of lip balms and I only use a few of the best regularly. This is one of them. It goes on very smoothly and stays silky smooth all the time it is on. There is no waxiness or wax taste that many balms do have. Ithink the combination of shea butter and honey is an important part of the reason that it is so silky. It has the slightest tint but it is a very natural one. It simply looks like you have a 'shine' product on. The tint gives your lips a slightly more healthy appearance that you don't get with an untinted balm. It does work on the chapped lips and they are soon very smooth and soft. It will also prevent chapped lips when in use as it keeps the lips nice and hydrated. It seems that $10 is around the price for most of your decent lip balms. . . and you do get a pretty good sized little container. It should last a while. . . so you get your money's worth.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Review - Bath & Body Works Orange Ginger Nourishing Body Lotion

Experience the power of essential oils every time you moisturize. In this blend, bright, rejuvenating Italian Orange essential oil is matched with fresh, stimulating Ginger to invigorate your senses. Domestic.

SIZE: 6.5 fl. oz./192 mL $13.00 Currently (6/10/08) on sale -Buy 2/Get 2 Free

I have been using this lotion for some time. I've bought some very fake or imitation scents from Bath and Body but also they have some very genuine ones. This is one of the 'real' ones. It is a very good lotion as it does get absorbed pretty quickly. The scent is pretty powerful but I like it. It is not overpowering but it is strong. Since I enjoy the fragrance I do not mind and it does fade a little after a while. I would not use it with another fragrance as there would be a real conflict. However, I really do like it as it gives my skin very nice moisture - leaving it very soft and silky smooth.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Review - Eau Thermale Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream

Light green cream neutralizes redness as a trio of ingredients help minimize redness. Sun protection helps protect against environmental exposure.
• Formulate with Avène Thermal spring water to soothe and soften• Ruscus extract combined with other redness reducing ingredients helps minimize redness and blotchiness• Sun protection helps prevent future rednessLight green tint offers redness neutralization.

One of my friends gave me several samples of this cream. It is an extremely pale green cream which you can use over any red that you are trying to offset. I use green concealer so I know that green is used for the purpose of covering up red areas. I find that it blends in more than my concealers so that it doesn't cover as well. However, it does soothe the skin as it says while at the same time protecting it with its spf 25. In their line of products they carry spf 50 which I intend to investigate further. My only problem with this cream is its scent which is rather strong. It does die down a bit after a while. I am not sure how to describe it -- sort of like a medicine smell, perhaps. It is a drawback to me as I am using it on my forehead -- how much closer to my nose can I get?? - it is just too close to the old sniffer!! I would love to be able to continue to use it as it works wonderfully but the scent just gets to me. If there is a way to neutralize the scent that anyone knows -- please pass it along. I bet the scent would not be a detraction to many people. I am super sensitive to different scents.

Review - Nanette Lepore Eau de Parfum

Notes: Moonstone Rose, White Peach, White Cranberry Juices, Magenta Nectar, Black Currant, Orange Jasmine, Persian Lime Juice, Velvet Violet, Amber, Indian Sandalwood. Style: Delicate. Colorful. Warm.
1 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $38.00
1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $58.00 (Free shipping with this size @ Sephora)

I have been very carefully using a sample of this perfume as I do not want to waste even a drop. This just captures such an amazing combination of scents that I love and the result is absolutely beautiful. It is unique for me as it is the first really nice perfume I have found with Lime Juice. I am a 'lime' nut. I fell in love with it before I even realized it had one of my favorite scents. Don't get me wrong -- I love the other 'notes' in it but the lime just grabbed me. It is a very light scent and it is far from overpowering. I find it to be delicate as they describe it. It does last for the whole day or evening. I would refresh it after wearing it all day if I was going to wear it out at night. Everyone has their own tastes in fragrances but you might want to give this a try. The price is very reasonable for such a gorgeous fragrance. It will last!!

Re: Stila jade blossom eau de parfumview

The delicious jade blossom fragrance is a fresh, crisp blend of green tea, cucumber, and lemon verbena! Each glass bottle is decorated with hand-pressed, dried flowers that represent the floral elements inside. Wherever you choose to spray it, you're guaranteed to come out smelling fresh. 1.7 oz. $50.00

I received a generous sample of this perfume. It is positively a very fresh scent. I would not normally pick a scent with cucumber in it, however, I will make an exception for this one. It is lightly infused with it so it is not overpowering. I do get a little tang of it but I smell the lemon verbena a bit more. Anything with citrus is usually a sure seller for me. Somehow the combination, including the cucumber, is very clean and fresh. It does last throughout the day and can definitely be used for night also. I find it to be a very refreshing fragrance. I did notice that they also have a Mandarin Mist which I would love to get my hands on a sample of. There were other very nice sounding scents to choose from. All in all, I would definitely invest in this scent.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review - Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion

The pairing of two of the most powerful moisturizers -- skin-nourishing oil and rich hydrating cream. The result? The ultimate moisture from Dove for extra dry skin.

It's a deeply-penetrating and fast absorbing cream for those two very hard-working parts of your body, your hands. If there were any doubt that extra-dry hands could be extra beautiful, this proves it. Hands down.

So, I just got a sample of this Cream Oil by Dove in the mail the other day, and I think it is awesome!! I love the smell. In fact I would probably say it is the nicest smelling Dove product I have ever had. Often the smell of Dove creams is just over-the-top rich for me. They really smell creamy and thick, and this one doesn't. It just smells light and sort of sweet. Then the texture is also very light and soaks in super quickly. I really enjoyed this product, and I would probably get it again. It leaves your skin so soft and moisturized and silky feeling. For under $6, how can you go wrong!

Sheba says: I totally agree. I am not sure if it is because this is a combination of their oil and cream but it works very well. Like Deedlejuse said it is light and absorbs almost as you apply it. . . so fast! Maybe the oil takes away some of the usual heaviness but whatever it is this combination really does work. I am also enjoying the very light scent. I cannot put my finger on it but it is sort of sweet as Deedlejuse mentioned and she is the scent expert. Your hands feel very soft, smooth and hydrated. I believe you would find it difficult to locate a product that works as well for the reasonable cost of this lotion.

Review - Fragonard Eau de Toilette

Fragonard is a radiant floral fragrance, a delicate bouquet of white flowers – jasmine, lily and honeysuckle – flourishing against a mellow background of amber and bergamot. The very essence of femininity and Fragonard classic.
100 ml refillable spray-$ 34.00
200 ml refillable spray$ 50.00

This is the first scent I have tried from a package of their different perfumes. I think it is very feminine and sophisticated. The fragrance is delicate and soft. It lasts through the day or evening. It is not overpowering or heavy as a lot of perfumes can be. I am a person who loves many perfumes and colognes and I cannot tell you what 'type' I like except to say I do not care for heavy or overpowering ones. I found the mix of the flower scents to be very light and airy. It envelops you in its beautiful fragrance and if you love the flowers in the ingredients you cannot go wrong. The price is just about what you expect for a very nice French perfume. Also, you barely need a few drops so you will have it for a while.

Free Sample of Frizz-Ease Weather Works or Over-Nite Repair Serum

Free Sample of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Review - Bath & Body Goldfish in a Bag Soap

This bar of Tangerine Grapefruit scented soap looks just like a real goldfish from the pet store. When you're done with the soap you have a cute little goldfish toy to play with. Imported. Natural glycerin soap
Fun for all ages
Great gift idea
3 wide X 3 1/2 h


Okay, okay, I know I am not a child -- but I cannot resist cute items like this. I leave it out on display for a while and it does give off a really clean scent. Then when I am bored with the visual effects I will use it. It is a glycerine soap and lathers up like one and cleans like one. However, it does have that great scent. So first I get decorative value, plus a nicely scented bathroom, and now I have an unusual soap. So I feel I get my $7.50 worth of value. I have picked up a few similar ones in gift shops for more money when I didn't know this was available. However, the ones if the gift shops were Beta Fish and the blue looked fantastic -- but they did not have any scent. I hate to admit it but I will probably buy more in the future. I cannot pass up such an adorable deal.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Review - Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Mousse

Full Volume® Mousse is made with advanced body building proteins and rich botanicals that help thickens each hair strand. Leaves hair full of volume and shine that lasts all day.

I'm never, ever faithful to hair styling products. If something sounds good, then I'm on it...I happened to be in Bath and Body when I saw this and since I typically buy volume products for my hair - I thought I'd give this a shot . (Plus I had a $10 off coupon). When I got home and was tooling around on the computer, I checked a well-known review site to see what other people thought and my first reaction after reading was "uh oh, I made a mistake buying this" as the reviews were mixed to say the least - however, as with everything else, your mileage may vary - and for me, this has turned into a lovely product that not only gives my hair body that lasts for the day, but doesn't make it feel weighed down or limp - it just makes my hair feel bouncy, with body, and manageable. I really like it! I don't like the smell as much as the Thermafuse Mousse I just got finished with (to be reviewed later - def. repurchase there!) and for the price, after this is gone, I'll go back to the ThermaFuse (unless something better comes along!) but this was a pleasant surprise and I'm glad I got it. Soft, volumized hair - not sticky, it's all good!

Review - Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet & Matifying Foundation

A shine controlling, oil-free, water-resistant, complete coverage liquid foundation. $34

I usually don’t wear heavier foundations but with the warm weather coming I started to notice my skin was looking a little oily from the sunscreen I switched to so I decided to give this a go... There are a good number of choices to pick from so there is a shade for everyone. I am happy with my choice. This is a thick foundation that is easy to apply. I use a foundation brush for an even coverage. I think this requires more blending to spread out and into the skin. I want a natural finish... I wanted the matte finish to counteract the oiliness from the sunscreen and it’s doing a great job. The finish isn’t china doll matte but matte enough to not show shine... I think it’s more of a natural finish. My skin feels like it breathes and isn’t masked under makeup like some heavier foundations can. I think this is an all day foundation; I never have to touch up... It’s apply & go and it’s there when I get home!

Review - Laura Mercier Mosaic Shimmer Bloc

A bronzing/luminizing palette made of a unique, baked formula containing light-reflecting properties. $38

I have this in peach. I love the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks but decided to give LM a try. I am very pleased with the results. I am very fair so I need a boost to give me a healthy glow that doesn’t look fake, many bronzers are to brown for me... Well, this is fool-proof to apply. I sweep over my cheeks then dust my forehead, nose and chin, voila all done. It really warms up my complexion and gives a touch of iridescence without looking overly glowy. I am wearing daily and for evening I swipe on a little extra for an extra touch. This is very gentle on my skin; I have had no break outs even on the really warm days. I am very happy and this will surely last into the fall. If you are a fair skinned and want a boost, I recommend looking into this bloc!

Skin by Monica - Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner


I have the shampoo & conditioner from this kit and I love them. I was happily surprised with the results and quality of the items. In all honesty, I had never heard of this line. I would totally compare to Pureology. The shampoo is a thick rich pearly shampoo that has an herbal scent; it does a great job of cleaning the doo without drying it out. I found that my hair styled easily after use and the scent doesn’t carry heavily in my hair so I could add product without scents colliding.
The conditioner is my favorite; it too is thick and rich but with a cool minty scent. When applied it made my scalp all tingly and cold. It was very refreshing when I rinsed with warm water. It’s not heavy and didn’t make my hair limp at all. When styling I had volume and manageability... I know this sounds like a commercial but this is a great treasure with very pleasing results!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Review - Lotta Body Texturizing Setting Lotion—Extra Body

For maximum body, use Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion, Extra Bodyformula to create a firm hold, that is easy to comb and results in a silkysmooth glossy set.

This is another 'ethnic' product that I happened to stumble upon. It is one of the best products I have found for my hair. It is a liquid that you need to comb or brush through your hair while damp (or I use it on dry also) and then go about your styling or setting or whatever. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable but with much added texture and body. My hair feels incredible when I use this. Other products that add the body will sometimes leave a sort of sticky residue or feel on your hair but not this one. It works its wonders while leaving your hair with that squeaky clean feel. I find its results to exceed those of a lot of the higher priced texturizing products I have used. I have been lucky enough to find this product in Walmart and Target at incredibly reasonable prices. My last purchase was on sale at Walmart and it had 50% more in it as a bonus at no extra cost. I just wish I had grabbed several at the time. This will remain a staple in my hair care.

Review - LUCA Intense Solar Protection with Moisturizer

SPF-30The most advanced UVA/UVB protection. Hypo-allergenic. Daily Moisturizer. Water Resistent.Fragrance Free.Formulated for sensitive skin especially children. $30 / 3.5 oz. (free shipping)

I’m never entirely sure how to comment on the effectiveness of a sunscreen product especially when all I'm using it for now is when I go for walks, so I'll focus on its attributes. There are two things I love about this product: The texture of the cream and its scent. Whenever I buy a sunscreen product off the shelf, I usually don’t like how it feels or smells. This sunscreen has the delicate scent of nearing a swimming pool. By this I mean it gets me in the mood for fun in the sun. This pool scent (and I really do mean delicate) doesn’t last long and is quickly replaced by a clean, slightly floral scent. I’d definitely buy it.

Review - Plum Island Soap Co. Body Oil

made from high quality olive oil and scented with only pure essential oils which are imported from all over the world. These body oils are the perfect light moisturizer for all over especially after showering or bathing and also make wonderful massage oils.

My store, which is an all natural perfume oil store, has been on the search for really superior all natural body products. This search has taken us in many directions, but the one that surprised me most was this one. This company is so cool, their products are awesome, and they are located exactly 10 minutes away from my store on a little island on the North Shore of MA. Amazing that such goodness can be right under your nose!
I have been using their body oil for the last week, and the skin on my arms is difficult to recognize. Like seriously I don't think it has ever felt this wonderfully silky smooth ever! I was even in a rush this morning and I forgot to apply it, but they are still as smooth and silky as when I have it on. That is the healing power of olive oil I guess. You use it just as you would a body lotion, of course you might think that you are a lotion wearer and oil is not your style. I 100% understand, and until last week would have agreed with you. I think I might be a convert. It is pure oil, all natural oil by the way, so that means it is runny and you can't use too much. It all soaks in in seconds and leaves me feeling moisturized and happy.
I have the Anise scent and also the orange ginger. Of the two I prefer the Orange Ginger, but I think that all of them are delectable and I will probably go with the Ocean Mist next time. I really, really like this product, so there definitely will be a next time.

Amanda S. Says: I used Ylang Ylang in this body oil and all I can say is, HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS! I am a body oil fanatic. Frankly speaking, I believe oil can be one of the best moisturizers, and who doesn't love having some around so you can ask for a back rub and back it up with a product like "see? I've got this stuff so why not just give me a back rub???". I have been terribly sick all week too, (feeling a little better today) and using this on my chest and back has made a big difference, helping me relax and such. The smell is fantastic, even the boys like the smell and don't feel it's too feminine or masculine. It goes on so smoothly and absorbs well too. And at a great price. I will definitely be buying this.

Review - Vermont Soap Organics Soap Company- Oatmeal Lavender Bar Soap

Dry Skin - A superior face and body bar - Our most popular!

Bar soap is something that is really easy to find, and sort of hard to make too badly. For one, I find it difficult to actually tell the difference between some higher-end bar soaps. It is good and works well or it doesn't. Usually it's sort of hard for them to be so much better that it gets my attention.
This one did. I absolutely love this bar, it is all natural, vegan, and all but one of the ingredients is organic. The soap itself is so gentle and soothing. There is none of that hard, icky feeling you can get after using a bar soap. The lather is delicate, granted, but it works and cleans. The oatmeal, I guess, and the essential oils leave your skin so hydrated I almost didn't have to use lotion after the shower! It is definitely gentle enough to be trusted on delicate skin, and especially good for people who can get irritated from soaps (like me). And the best part.... $3.99 for a generous sized bar. I love it.

Review: Nantucket Natural Oils Organic Spa Shea Butter & Olive Intensive Therapy Cream

More than 70% Certified Organic Ingredients. This buttery-rich, therapeutic emollient contains an extremely effective 20% level of Certified Organic African Shea Butter, proven to heal and transform super-dry and parched areas into supple and revitalized skin. Shea Butter is combined with Certified Organic olive & jojoba oils, plus grapeseed to provide silky moisturization. We've also infused age-defying extracts of organic white tea and fruit acids, plus organic lavender, calendula and oat to keep skin looking young, smooth and soothed. Workes wonders on hands, callused feet and anywhere skin needs an extra dose of hydration.

When I tried my Egyptian Jasmine-scented hand cream (and bath gel), the first whiff took me right back to Southern summers at twilight when fireflies ruled and honeysuckle vines dripped over fence-tops. I admit the scent ignited in me something akin to an olfactory orgasm. Every time I sniffed the scent on the back of my hand, I moaned aloud; and this went on for an hour. The products do what they’re supposed to; but in this case (for me), they do even more. I have an event coming up and intend to wear this scent so I feel absolutely delicious. I’ll just have to be careful not to moan—or maybe I should and see what happens. Now, if a man picks up my scent and moans…well, maybe I’ll get back to you on that.

Amanda S. Says:

I have the green tea scented version of this cream and I absolutely adore it. It smells so subtle but delicious and I love green tea scented ANYTHING. The cream is nice and thick, perfect for hands and elbows and rough spots, or after shaving/waxing. I love the natural nature of their products too which really leans me toward buying them as they seem, bottles and all, to be very DIY which is my thing.

CitySlicker Says:
I am amazed at the effects when using this cream. I got mine scented to resemble Marc Jacobs Daisy. It is absolutely to die for. It’s sweet, fruity and a delight to wear. This cream is whipped to its light texture. It is easy to apply but the moisturizing ability runs deep. It absorbs well leaving a non greasey feel. I can instantly pick up a pen. I brought it into work and the people in my office enjoy using it too. I ended up bringing it home because I started to get greedy and didn’t want to share. This cream seems to last on my hands till I wash off. You won’t believe how soft and smooth your skin can be!

Sheba says: I cannot go wrong with any of their products and this is no exception. I use the one scented like 'Fresh Laundry'. I love the way it smells -- just like the original and I love the way it feels. It works wonders wherever you use it. I have applied it to my elbows and they enjoy the moisture relief it brings them. Of course, my hands love it -- they feel amazing -- soft, smooth, and fragranced with one of my favorite scents. It is very reasonably priced for a product that works so well - and smells so good while doing the job!!

Movie Maven says: Yes, yes, yes. So thick, so rich, it seems like a different class of cream than your garden-variety drugstore lotions, a princess among peasants. The insane variety of scents opens up a whole world of olfactory pleasure. I chose a delicious grapefruit/rosemary combination - light, but with enough crisp punch to make you want to smell yourself. The shea butter really packs a lot of moisture in a small amount, so it'll last you a while!

Deedlejuse Says:
This cream is, I think, one of the absolute best that Nantucket Natural Oils sells. The difference in the cream is really noticeable, it is much thicker and creamier than a lot of the ones out there. Of course scenting it with your own favorite flavor is the best part, but I got an unscented sample and I have to say it is still wonderful that way, even though sometimes unscented creams can smell sort of rough. This one is almost like fresh olive oil, it is a really nice smell. If you have always wanted an unscented option for cream this is a wonderful choice!

Review - L'Occitane Mint Verbena Icy Powered Foot Gel

Enriched with organic verbena extract and invigorating mint essential oil, this gel gives a real feeling of freshness. It contains antibacterial sage essential oil and absorbent tapioca powder, which help purify skin while leaving a silky powder finish. Used daily, your feet will no longer feel hot and tired, but light and comfortable.
Size: 2.5 fl.oz $18.00

This gel works wonderfully on your feet. I have been addicted to my old standbys for years but this has really replaced them. It is absorbed before you even finish applying it -- your skin just drinks it in immediately. To be honest, I thought it would leave a powdery coating over my skin but there is no indication that this has been applied. My feet feel powdery smooth but don't have any powdery residue. They do feel hydrated and comfortable, even after a long day. This is nothing short of a miracle as my feet are resistant to moisture. . . they usually require another coat later on. It has such a fresh fragrance. It is the combination of the vebena and mint -- I am not sure if that is it exactly but it is very refreshing and it does last for quite a while. It costs more than my usuals, but it lasts longer, and I don't need to use as much so it is worth the price.