Monday, June 23, 2008

Review - Earth's Beauty Natural Make-Up

The Earth's Beauty line of pure loose powder makeup was developed for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional cosmetics. Because we use minimal ingredients, the products are in the loose powder form. The base of the products is organic and wildcrafted arrowroot with added natural colorings. Because of the use of arrowroot, our powders are feathery lightweight on the face and do not irritate the skin. Due to the very fine particles of arrowroot, the makeup gives the skin a refined and natural look....the look you want, the ingredients you trust!

So the other day I was reading the back of my bottle of lotion, and I couldn't pronounce a few of the words. The inquiring mind that I have was wondering what on earth the mystery ingredients could be, so I Googled them. Completely freaked out by the information at the end of that quest I began looking for a more natural alternative. For lotions and creams and butters there are many, many sites and stores that one can hit up, even the grocery store nowadays carries Burt's Bee's and Avalon Organics but trying to find a really nice natural make-up line is super hard. Even harder to find is a make-up line that you actually want to wear, my mind jumps back to disastrous purchases at the health food store of waxy foundations and eye-liners that are so hard that you almost hurt yourself before any of the crayon actually sticks to your eyelid. So, when my "Green Guide" National Geographic mentioned a synthetics free make up site that they had dubbed "eco-friendly" I decided to take a look.
This site will send you samples of their products for $1.00 each (I know, kinda steep) but they are definitely worth a try. My absolute favorite product I have is the Wild Rose Lip Glaze, it is a beautiful shade and stays put for hours, but it isn't too sticky so my hair doesn't get stuck in it! All of the other products work like normal products, my only complaint is that I'm a rubber and by the end of the day my mascara had me looking pretty tired. Everything else worked really well though. Give it a try if your in the mood for a more natural solution.

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