Saturday, June 28, 2008

Review- Healing Garden Lavender Therapy Relax

Aromatherapies for your mind + body + spirit Set includes: cleanse & calm bath & shower gel (1.85 fl oz/54 ml) silken serenity body lotion (1.85 fl oz/54 ml) relaxation body mist (1.5 fl oz/45 ml) relax & refine exfoliating body...

I bought this at CVS quite a while ago, and really love the product. The smell is truly relaxing, and although I like the lotions and shower gels etc, I find myself going back mostly to buy the relaxation body mist. I spray this in my hair and on my arms, neck and chest about 30 minutes before bed and I really am more likely to fall asleep faster and feel more relaxed. I also do the same if I know I am going to have a stressful day at work, or something to that effect. It's so cheap too, about $6 for a little package of them all, probably less for a bottle of just the spray. You can probably find it at any drug store, or else order it online at the link above.

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