Saturday, June 28, 2008

Review - White Barn New York Fresh Linen Scented Candle

Crisp and cleanýlike just-washed linen drying in the sun.
  • Our 3-wick, irresistibly fragrant candle fills your home with rich, lavish aroma and ambiance
  • Twice the fragrance of most competitors' candles
  • 4" x 3 1/2" tall
  • Burns between 40-65 hours

I got this candle as a gift, and I really like it. Fresh linen is not necessarily the first scent idea that I gravitate towards in a store, but after the way that it makes my house smell, I just might. It is like there is a dryer going in my living room! It has the three wicks so it really is quite strong. It fills a good-sized room up in just minutes. I also really like the way the packaging looks, very country cottage. It says it has a 40-65 hour burn time, which I totally believe.

CitySlicker Says:

I have one of the candle also, in Pineapple Mango.. Let me tell you this is a tropical dream, sweet, fruity and warm.. The scent is enveloping in the home, it throws throughout once it's been burning for a while.. I find that the 3 wicks burn fairly evenly, it seems that one is always a little less burnt so I cut it low so I get an even burn the next time. I also use the lid to smout it out so I get no blown wicks. If you like Pina Coladas then you will love this, it's a juicy mouth watering pineapple blend that leaves me salivating when I think of it.. Perfect for guests, I have it in the kitchen, it works wonders for masking the scents of dinner too.

Sheba says:

I use the Fresh Linen as it helps disguise the pet smell that comes along with a pet. I use Febreze almost daily but this just fills the room with a fresh scent. Even if the room needs cleaning it smells clean!!! I am for anything that enables me to put off cleaning. I thoroughly enjoy this candle and have a small supply handy. It burns for a long time and I put it out when I go out and burn it again another day. It lasts a good amount of time. I have bought some other candles with this scent that did not smell as good or last as long. Some of them actually cost more and that makes them even more disappointing. I guess they thought me a lesson - if something is really good -- stick with it!!

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