Monday, June 23, 2008

Review - Nexxus Headress Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

HEADRESS VOLUMIZING LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER is a superb hairdressing that increases body, improves combability, instantly releases tangles and adds incredible lustre. Time released Antioxidants, UVA and UVB Protectors guard against harsh environmental elements so hair continuously shines with radiant health.
Size : 150 ml / 5 Fl.Oz. $11.99

I cannot believe that I almost forgot how wonderful this conditioner is! It is just amazing. I cannot even imagine leaving most conditioners in my hair -- they would weigh the hair down or make it look wet or greasy. This conditioner is truly weightless as they claim. You can put it on wet or dry hair. It works its magic on on either. My hair actually has some terrific body and looks more healthy than I have seen it look for a while. They have an excellent reputation in the hair care industry and I can see why. Their products definitely enhance your hair. They cost a little more than the average product -- but then they are much better than the average product. However, you might be lucky enough to find them on EBay at fantastic savings. This conditioner is only one item out of a package of Nexxus products I got at an unbelievably low price.

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